10 Reasons to Play Fantasy Cricket

10 Reasons to Play Fantasy Cricket

Every fan would agree that cricket is not just a pass-time game, but a perfect blend of mental and physical synchronization where stakes are always high. While gully cricket may help perfect your physical stance, fantasy cricket offers you a chance to partake in the thrill and earn cash prizes with your skills by developing strategies and using your knowledge to outperform the competition.

With the advancement in technology and a major boom in internet services, fantasy gaming has become the most fast-growing industry worldwide. The Indian fantasy market as per FICCI-EY reports calculates its growth at 32% CAGR and is estimated to touch 2.5 billion in 2022.

If you haven’t tried playing fantasy cricket or not been really active, let us shed light on what you’ve been really missing so far.

We give you 10 legit reasons to play fantasy cricket today.

You love Cricket

Let’s just say you’re a die-hard fan of the game and would like to take it online. You can play umpteen games, contests, and tournaments choosing real players on our fantasy cricket platform. Enjoy playing a variety of matches for stakes you like on the Ballebaazi app.

Win cash, rewards, and bonus

Playing fantasy cricket lets you win cash prizes that you can easily and instantly withdraw on the BalleBaazi app. You also get rewards and bonuses for playing games which you can use to play more cash games and unlock awesome loyalty rewards.

Learn the sport better

Even if you’re not a seasoned player, or don’t really know what a dolly or a beamer means in cricket, playing fantasy cricket will help you get a deeper understanding of the game as you move along.

Connect with friends

It is easy to stay connected with your friends and loved ones by playing fantasy cricket with them. You can build a better conversation with others who love this sport as much as you do and what’s better than sharing the excitement for the exact thing you love so damn much

Exciting experience

Fantasy cricket adds another layer of excitement to the game with its detailed and indulging user interface.  

Improvise Strategy

You can experiment with a lot of strategies when playing fantasy cricket on BalleBaazi and understand the deciding elements that shape the outcome of the game.

Full Control

You have absolute control over every aspect of the game. You can choose the player, teams, pitch, tournaments, matches, and more and create an entire team to play and enjoy the game on your terms. Building a team from scratch and commanding the same all the way to the finish line is a satisfying experience that even transcends the aspects of winning real money.

Defeat opponents

That sweet victory is an instant boost to your mood, happiness and contentment all while earning cash.  Fantasy cricket may just be the therapy you’re looking for.

Low-risk investment

You can invest in playing leagues without worrying about money as they have a low rate of investment. Safe to say you won’t find this hobby making a hole in your wallet if you are being smart about your choices.

It’s the season of Cricket!

Fantasy cricket is emerging as a trend for those who are fans of cricket and want to be a part of such an enthusiastic and interesting game. It is a popular trend in today’s modern and digital world. With the IPL running wild still and more big leagues coming up such as the Hundred, there’s perhaps no better time than now to soak in the fever and connect with the ever growing staggering community of fantasy gamers on India’s most trusted fantasy gaming platform.

Start From Scratch on BalleBaazi and Still Win!

Ballebaazi is a one-stop shop to get you started with all things fantasy cricket. Build team, choose leagues, deploy strategies and rake in those awesome rewards and cash prizes. You can eve win bonus money on free contests that you can use later to play cash games on BalleBaazi.

What’s the hold up? Download the app today to earn ₹50 sign up bonus and enjoy your first cash league for free!