12 Key Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket on BalleBaazi App

12 Key Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket On BalleBaazi App

In India, it’s almost as close to religion with Cricket stars donning as gods of the land that is the stadium and fans as followers that worship every piece of performance by these committed entities. The advancement in technology has enabled this craze to reach followers that do not make it to the stadium but wish to experience the adrenaline rush of this action-packed game from anywhere they are. This has made cricket a household name in many countries and the game continues to rise in popularity, not just in prime cricketing countries, but in countries that do not carry much history with the game.

In the past decade or so, the IT revolution shaped and helped to take this to the next level by designing and introducing Fantasy Cricket Applications and platforms. Anyone who has the ability to read the game, create performing teams and predict match results on the basis of data has a opportunity to win big rewards and cash prizes on a credible fantasy cricket platform.

Let’s walk through some of the benefits of playing fantasy cricket on a mobile app or platform such as ours, BalleBaazi.

  • You can make your own fantasy team with the best performing players recently. Be the commander because now you have full control over your team. You can update the roster any time you’d like to before the game begins.
  • You need not stick to the same team of players always and can change the number of batters and bowlers with every next match. Check out live scores, analyze the stats and recent player performance and build your perfect team.
  • Playing fantasy cricket can be rewarding. Win cash prizes on each cash game and unlock premium loyalty rewards over time like gift vouchers, gadgets, paid vacations
  • Fantasy cricket platforms such as BalleBaazi lets you earn referral bonus on every complete referral you make to your friends and dear You can play cash games using these bonus money for free.
  • With over 80+ lakh users actively enjoying their favourite games on BalleBaazi, engaging with the community of like-minded people is one of a kind experience.
  • Enjoying your favourite leagues of the season turns more interesting as you not only observe the live match but also assess how it affects your fantasy cricket leagues in real-time.
  • Fantasy cricket enhances and helps you develop a deeper knowledge of the game by staying constantly updated with the ins and outs of the game.
  • Be the talk of the town and earn bragging rights with your friends and colleagues when you make legit money via your expertise on the sport.
  • It helps to improve your decision making and analytical abilities that have a positive effect on your everyday life.
  • With Paytm and other UPI services, BalleBaazi boasts an Instant withdrawal facility. No waiting for the next working day clearances, just type in an amount and hit withdraw!
  • Plenty of practice contests and events on the BalleBaazi app that lets you learn and level up your skills without spending a dime.
  • With plenty of leagues and competitions running live, there is never a dull moment on BalleBaazi. From weekly tasks and events and promotions that make your life easier, its time to level up your game.

We hope the above-mentioned points have given you a fair idea about the benefits of playing fantasy cricket. For the newbies who wish to grow as a fantasy cricket player, it is highly recommended that you participate in practice contests whenever you find the time before playing for stakes.

Game Ek, Benefits Anek!

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