Top 5 Coincidences in Fantasy Cricket That Will Blow Your Mind

Fantasy Cricket
Credits: CricTracker

Cricket is a funny game and even when it gets to the fantasy cricket side of things, the numbers just seem to agree to the core. There have been many instances where games have been lost from the verge of victory, victories have been snatched from the mouth of defeat and perhaps some of the most unbelievable incidents have happened on the cricket field that might just blow your cricket-loving head up.

BalleBaazi brings you a very interesting countdown in today’s BalleBaazi blog featuring the most ridiculous and mind-boggling incidents in the history of the game of cricket:

The Double Century Saga

Double Century
Credits: CricketCountry

India has been blessed with three double century makers in ODI cricket who have been arguably few of the best that have graced the game. While Sachin was the one who started the trend, Sehwag followed and his Mumbai mate Rohit Sharma took this to a whole another level. Reaching the milestone thrice with 209, 264 & 208*, Sharma always keeps our eyebrows up the moment he reaches a 100. What’s interesting here is that on all three occasions when Sachin scored 200*, Sehwag 219 & Rohit 264; India won by an exact margin of 153 runs!

The Alec Stewart Birthday Theory

Alec Stewart
Credits: Reddit

English cricketer Alec Stewart was one of the most influential test players in his times. He played for England in 133 tests and scored 15 hundreds and 45 fifties in an illustrious career. What’s interesting here is that he scored 8,463 runs in test match cricket and his date of birth is 8-04-63 as on 8th April 1963.

Score 183 and become the next Captain of India

Captain of India
Credits: Indiatimes

Sourav Ganguly, MS Dhoni & Virat Kohli are arguably three of the best Captains that have led the Indian Cricket team. Now, what’s common among the three of them is this magical figure of 183.

  • Sourav Ganguly highest score as a player: 183 vs Sri Lanka
  • MS Dhoni highest score as a player: 183* vs Sri Lanka
  • Virat Kohli highest score as a player: 183 vs Pakistan

Mother of all Nelsons

Credits: Sportskeeda

111 is considered as one of the most controversial numbers in cricket. At that score, most of the partnerships have broken. It’s just like how the Australians consider 87 as unlucky when you are 13 runs short of a century. Now what’s interesting here is that on the 11th of November, 2011 at 11:11 am South Africa needed exactly 111 runs to win a test match. The scoreboard read something like the picture above.

The Australia vs England MCG coincidence

Credits: Sportskeeda

The first test match between Australia and England happened on 15th March 1877 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Australia. Australia won the match by 45 runs. To mark 100 years of the occasion, Australia and England met on 15th March 1977. Now, what will make your mind boggle is the fact that Australia won this match by 45 runs again at the same MCG venue!

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