5 Personality Traits That Prove You are the ‘Yuvraj Singh’ of Your Gang!

Yuvraj Singh
5 Personality Traits that prove you are the Yuvraj Singh

In a career of 300+ matches in white ball cricket, Yuvraj Singh – our one & only BalleBaazi fantasy sports Baazigar, is arguably one of the most influential personalities in world cricket. While Yuvi fans around the world have been missing him dearly post retirement, the swashbuckling left-hander always leaves his fans craving for more. Fantasy cricket lovers who are also Yuvi fans have been inspired by Yuvraj Singh for over a decade now & while we miss his iconic flicks, here is something fun for you.

Yuvi has had a personality people get inspired from but he definitely has a funny side that we have always loved whether he’s on field or off it. So what are the personality traits that you might have picked from the southpaw that make you ‘Yuvraj Singh’ of your universe:

  •  The Prankster of the Group
Yuvraj Singh
The Prankster – Yuvraj Singh

There are many tales of Yuvi Paa playing pranks on his teammates in the Indian dressing room. As many would say in fantasy cricket, he was the ‘Captain’ & Bhajji used to be the ‘Vice Captain’ when it came to play pranks within the team. A famous incident goes when Yuvi Paa got a made up news article made from a newspaper to play a prank on the now BCCI President Dada Sourav Ganguly. The article read that Ganguly had criticised a few players from the team which made him very embarrassed in front of the boys. The whole team left the dressing room and Dada was seen pleading that he hadn’t said any of that. After seeing his Captain in such a sorry situation, Rahul Dravid finally ended the scenario saying it was an April fool’s prank. Yuvi quoted in an interview, “Dada ended up running after us with his bat and we eventually bursted out into laughter.” The prank was closed when the entire team warmed their Captain’s heart by writing a note to him saying, “Dada, we love you!”

  •  You love ‘Kadhi-Chawal’
Yuvraj Singh
Kadhi-Chawal lover – Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh is a kadhi chawal junkie and has claimed it to be his favorite go-to-dish when he’s willing to cheat on his fitness-oriented diet. Yuvi loves this dish so much that back in 2009 when he was asked what kind of girl is he looking for marriage, he went on to say, “If any girl knows how to make kadhi chawal, we can definitely talk about marriage.

  •  Life of the Party
Yuvraj Singh
Party Animal – Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh loves to party and wherever he goes, he makes his presence felt. Whether it is an Indian T20 season party, a chat show, a formal interview or even a routine tete-a-tete he makes sure the excitement levels are always up. Yuvi is a ‘happy go lucky guy’ and every teammate in the dressing room of the golden days of Indian cricket agrees with this statement.

  •   Take no s*** & give it back
Yuvraj Singh
Sixer King – Yuvraj Singh

Well, let’s just hope this reaches out to Andrew Flintoff who has had a first hand experience of Yuvi Paa’s aggression. We all know how Yuvi hit 6 sixes to one of the best modern day bowlers: Stuart Broad, but do you know what fired him to do that? Andrew Flintoff had sledged Yuvi after he hit 2 fours to the England all-rounder, this was not taken in very well by the Baazigar as he took those words and replied in style with 6 sixes to Stuart Broad. Yuvi actually personified the quote, “Take no s*** & reply in style!”

  •  Never Give Up
Yuvraj Singh
The Fighter – Yuvraj Singh

The epic and inspirational story of Yuvi battling cancer during the 2011 Cricket World Cup is nothing but absolute poetry. Yuvraj Singh has become an immortal cricketing figure who gave us the best memory of all times with his series winning performance in the World Cup. If you’re the one who never gives up even when the biggest of challenges come across, you surely are the Yuvi of your universe!

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