BalleBaazi Success Stories: Success That Came The Other Way Round!

How Fantasy Cricket induced Cricket in Subhash's Life!

In a recent interview, Saurav Ganguly exclaimed, “Cricket is a game that is here to stay in India!” Having heard that and listening to this success story I cannot agree more on this with Dada. We always talk about a revolution that hits the globe and everything in the world gradually starts changing around it! It is safe to say that Fantasy Cricket is the upcoming revolution in world cricket. With more than 4 lakh players on the BalleBaazi App, it’s becoming a rage in the society of cricket experts you’ll find in every gully or office or tapri!

This is the story of Subhash Chandra Katariya, a regular Assistant Manager in Plant Maintenance from Najibabad, Bijnore. Subhash is our Mega League Winner from the Afghanistan v Ireland 3rd ODI which was won by the Irish Squad in a thriller of a contest. What makes his story intriguing is the fact that this was his first league where he had put his money into play. First League and Bull’s Eye!

Let’s see what he has to say on this amazing feat:

Q: An underdog game, an unlikely winner, what was your strategy before putting in your stake on this league?

A: Before putting in my stakes, I always look at the batting line up, what kind of all-rounders do I want to have in my team. Then I see what kind of pitch it is, fast or slow and according to that, I select what bowlers do I want in my team.

Q: Why did you choose Andrew Balbirnie as the Captain even though he was on the losing side throughout the tournament?

A: You call it a hunch or whatever, I believe it was my 6th sense telling me that it’s Balbirnie’s day today, he’ll deliver something big today. I also chose Zazai since he was scoring at a good rate but he’d already had his chances previously, so I didn’t choose him as Captain. Hence, it was something else that made me choose Balbirniea as the Captain.

Q: I ask this to everyone: What’s more important in Fantasy Cricket- Knowledge or chance?

A: I think it’s 60% destiny & 40% knowledge but having said that, without knowledge you cannot have a mindset or a map towards winning the game. That is what drives your strategy plus there are your guts that make you select the right person given the match conditions, there is no total dependency on one single factor both are always complimentary to each other.

Q: How did you get to know about the BalleBaazi App?

A: My friend referred me into BalleBaazi and before that, I had tried out a lot of other apps as well. My experience with BalleBaazi has been mind-blowing. I’ve simply loved the app and since it was my first league that I had joined and I ended up winning it so it was thrilling in it’s own way! It is safe to say that BalleBaazi is one of the Best Fantasy Sports App that you’ll find in the gaming industry as of now.

Q: Since when have you been following cricket?

A: Well, honestly speaking when I came to know that I can earn money through making my own team via this concept I started following the game very closely. So it was Fantasy Gaming, that made me follow Cricket and it was never the other way round!

Q: What are your future plans with Indian Premier League & World Cup coming in?

A: Khelenge Sir poora Khelenge! Even, in fact, I do a lot of referral to my friends since I love a lot of other features about the app given the fact that it’s a really User-Friendly Fantasy Cricket App, with Easy Withdrawal System within 24 hours! That is what I think makes BalleBaazi one of the best fantasy cricket apps.

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This is how Subhash’s Playing 11 looked like:

Total Fantasy Points: 435.25