BalleBaazi Success Stories: The Inspiring Journey From a Novice to a Champion!

INDW v ENGW Mega League Winner 3rd ODI

What are the basic elements that make a story intriguing? When I ask you this question I want you to imagine an iconic biopic, could be any…. From The Pursuit of Happyness to The Wolf of Street, from Bhaag Milkha Bhaag to MS Dhoni-The Untold Story! Now hold that screenplay in your head- where our Hero defies all odds, goes through daily life struggles & suddenly out of the box he gets a chance to try out something he has no idea about. He gets into his chosen field, practices day in and out until he finds his charm in the game & goes all guns blazing henceforth that incident. One such very interesting, rather ‘fantasy-inspiring’ story is of a boy from the land of Dreams- Mumbai (Maharashtra). A regular sales guy who finds his foot in the coding industry even though he’s a B.Com by degree & one fine day comes across the concept of fantasy cricket.

Well, if I tell you everything about Pritam Purohit- our Mega League Winner (₹18,000) for the India Women v England Women 3rd ODI; he would have nothing to say. Let’s ask him how does it feel to be in an extraordinary league of winners.

Q: Mega League Winner in a Women’s Match- I mean Women’s Cricket is something not many people follow, how did you manage to ace it?

A: Well, that came off as a blessing in disguise as you know in India most people follow men’s tournaments and not much heed is given on Women’s cricket. I sought that as an opportunity and I studied and researched on the match for 3 to 4 hours prior to making my team at 4 am. I had my office in the morning and by the time I woke up I saw that I had won the league, so thanks to BalleBaazi for making my morning so blissful!

Q: What was the reason behind making Katherine Brunt your Captain & Punam Raut your Vice Captain?

A: Katherine Brunt is usually a good player but she hadn’t really performed to her merit thus far, so I thought this would be a good time for her to prove herself. For Vice Captain I thought most people would choose iconic players like Mithali Raj, Smriti Mandhana but for me I thought Punam Raut made a good score in the previous match and before that she didn’t get a chance to play; prior to that she was performing in a very average manner so I thought she could be vital for this game! I did all my research through match previews on YouTube channel and also made a run through of blogs like the BalleBaazi blog itself where you do a short series analysis!

Q: How did you get to know about the BalleBaazi App!?

A: I have a friend, who used to keep playing on different Fantasy sites & he told me about this industry that I could earn some extra bucks out of it. So, through one of the YouTube videos, I came to know about the BalleBaazi App. Since the competition was much less & there were so many different options to play, I chose to give it a try and it turned out to be an amazing experience! I had never imagined I could win real good money just from some good research & analysis of the game!

Q: What is your favorite feature from BalleBaazi!?

A: I simply loved the concept of having a separate Batting & Bowling Fantasy League. I could easily choose 5 players in those categories and get a chance to win good money. Less competition & a great concept of engaging users to earn good money in a totally different category.

Q: Since when have you been following cricket!?

A: You might find it funny but it’s been only 2 months since I have started following the game diligently. This is after I came to know about the fantasy gaming industry. Before that, I was not into cricket at all, I have never picked a bat or a ball in my life! You can relate it with the fact that I come from a Commerce background but what I do is that I design code for Maps used in Automobiles. Prior to this, I was selling shoes for a shoe company so I’ve always been a person who likes to try out new things and they generally go in my favor! I believe in my gut & that has worked just fine for me. So far, so good!

Out of all the interviews that I have taken by far, the story of Pritam Chandan Purohit is not only a story out of the odds but it’s really something we all can get inspired from. Coming out of your comfort zone to pursue something that is really new to you but having the faith & belief in yourself that things will work out just fine, that’s what makes the concept of passion so beautiful. If a novice at cricket can study & analyze the game over a period of time; any single person can acquire the correct amount of knowledge & skill to prevail in the fantasy gaming industry. Passion prevails over the fear of failure. Always!

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