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Women’s Day Special III: Do It Because You Love It!

As children, often times we hide stuff from our parents and even our best of friends just to save ourselves an argument we don’t really wish for or for their own benefit until we’re really sure of the result. Mrinalini was definitely not prepared...

Women’s Day Special II: The Dilemma of New Roads!

A few months back, Mrinalini was struggling to keep her passion for cricket alive. And now, she’s doing whatever it takes to bring her only passion back to life through BalleBaazi, the online world of fantasy cricket. It’s played by using your knowledge of...

Women’s Day Special I: The Unconventional Cricket Fan!

Ever felt like you deserve to get paid for doing something you really love? Well, for most people it’s already true. For some unfortunate ones, who let their degree take over their passion, it’s really not the case. But here, we’re going to introduce...

IPL 2018: Top 3 bowlers to watch out for

The Indian Premier League edition of 2018 starts in earnest from 7th April and as always the fantasy cricket format is best suited to the batsmen, it is crucially the bowlers of each team that help defend the team’s pride and most importantly, reach...
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