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Top 10 Greatest player in Cadiz CF History

Cadiz CF
The dawn of a new era is upon the Cadiz CF, so now seems like a perfect time to look back at the best 10 players in the history of the Andalusia club. Cadiz Club de Futbol is one of the most celebrated football clubs...

10 Arsenal FC Players you simply cannot miss

Arsenal FC player
Did you know that Ian Wright held the goalscoring record for over 5 years before Thierry Henry knocked him off the perch?  Here is a curated list of the top Arsenal footballers in history. We bet you couldn’t guess who is at number 1. Arsenal Football...

VAR: The Technology that changed the world of football

Video Assistant Referee, or V.A.R as it’s more commonly referred to, is the recent controversial measure introduced by FIFA / IFAB in an attempt to, ironically, make the game less controversial and reduce human error within the game. The video assistant referee (VAR) is a...

100 Football Terms And Jargons Everyone Should Know

Football Terms And Football Jargons
There are hundreds of terms and phrases in football, but here's our top 100 list that will elevate your expertise. The world of football terminology is a fascinating one. Whether it's professional, amateur, school/college, or 7s or 5s in your backyard, football is one of...

Rules of Football: How to play, scoring and all you need to know

Rules of football
Since its invention in 1863, football’s popularity has soared globally and is one of the most popular sports in the world. Here are the rules of football. Football is one of the most celebrated sports in the modern era. Football is considered the most entertaining...
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