Fantasy Cricket Tips Mantra for Success

Fantasy Cricket Tips: Mantra for Success at BalleBaazi

Fantasy cricket is all the rage in today’s world, and it’s only rising in popularity day by day. It has become one of the most talked-about things not just in India but the world over. The theme of the game is simple.

Pick your favourite fantasy cricket platform, create a virtual team of players from a pool of cricketers and earn points according to their performances in a live match. However, being aware of a few tips and tricks should help you enjoy consistent wins.

The following fantasy cricket tips and tricks we are about to share will help you understand how to approach team building and player selection in fantasy cricket in the best possible way.

Pro or Noob?

So, you’ve set yourself up, signed into the fantasy cricket app, selected a fantasy league and assembled a bunch of players for your fantasy team. You wait for the result and turns out you fared rather poorly. Maybe a few in-form players saved you from a complete loss. But that’s just luck.

You start the process all over again but this time you’re determined to perform. Put on your thinking cap, because if you want to win big, you need to put in the effort and analyze the finer details to pick the team accordingly. It is all about picking the perfect 11 players for that particular match who have the best chance of performing well and in turn increasing your point tally.

Here are some of the fantasy cricket winning tips that you should definitely use while creating your fantasy team.

Inspect Player Performance

The first and foremost research you need to do is to check on players’ form in the recent actual cricket games. Its a rookie mistake to pick a player just because he has been a good performer for a few months at stretch. Fresh performances and current form matter here more than a player’s overall career record since your earnings will depend on the performance in a one-off match. However, if it is a league that you are selecting the team for, then go for class players as they are likely to perform better in the long run.

Again, one match equals current performance, league match equals overall performance.

Top-order Batters

Selecting capable top-order batters is one of the best fantasy cricket tips to apply to winning big in fantasy cricket. The current norm in cricket matches suggest that the top 3 players in order are the best batters in any given team who get to face the maximum number of deliveries and are naturally expected to score big runs. The probability of them hitting big numbers is high.

Choose your Captain and Vice-Captain Wisely

One of the most important fantasy league cricket tips is to choose the right Captain and Vice Captain. These two decisions can actually be the difference between winning and losing the game or the league. The captain of each fantasy XI team gets 2x points and the vice-captain gets 1.5x points, so if you manage to select the two best performers of the game as your Captain and Vice-Captain, it will be very difficult for anyone to beat you from that position.

What’s the Weather like?

Unbeknownst to many fantasy cricket players, weather plays a huge factor in the outcome of a game. Clear weather conditions can help batters to score more runs as the ball usually doesn’t swing much. In overcast conditions when there is a little bit of wind around, the ball swings a little bit more and can makes things harder for the batting side.

When the ground gets wet in rain, it slows the ball’s travelling speed and so, it’s hard to score runs. The dew slows the ball travelling speed. Therefore, it becomes challenging for bowlers to have a good grip on the ball. However, this can be prevented by a collective effort from the team drying out the ball with their towels. These fantasy cricket tips can help you analyze your line up quickly.

Pitch Report

The pitch report typically includes information like the presence of grass and moisture on the cricket pitch, whether the pitch is hard, if it has footmarks or cracks and so on. It works in your favour to research regarding the performance of the pitch during the last couple of matches and also take into account weather predictions as it also affects the condition of the pitch.

Usually, flat pitches are batter-friendly and don’t favour bowlers much. As such, matches played on a dead pitch are high scoring. The top 3 order performing batters in good shape would do the job.

Dusty pitches have a soft unrolled surface and this hugely favours spin bowlers, hence, avoid swing bowlers for such pitches. Conversely, green pitches allow seam bowlers to showcase their class by both swing and pace deliveries.

All in all, all-rounders are the key to success here. They’ll help you score big and maybe even win you the league.

Fantasy cricket is a a lot like playing actual cricket but on your laptop or other mobile devices. Hence, the basic dynamics around which the game works remain the same. Even factors affecting player selection for your team remain the same but you must take note of the fantasy cricket rules and scoring system.

You have to stay up-to-date with the current form of the players and accordingly select them for your team. If you select players for your fantasy team who are not performing well at the moment, you will not be scoring high fantasy points. Moreover, the conditions of the pitch are another vital factor to keep in mind when deciding on your player lineup for any upcoming fantasy cricket league.

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