Fantasy Football on BalleBaazi: How to Play?

Live The Game!

The biggest sport in India might be cricket but a major chunk of Indians are not just fans but fanatics of Football. Easily, the most popular sport in the world Football is now available for the best fantasy experience on BalleBaazi. Are you ready for Fantasy Football on BalleBaazi?

In order to introduce the concept of Fantasy Football on our platform, we’d like to instruct all our ‘BalleBaazs’ on how to play the new and exciting format on BalleBaazi.

Select a match:

Select a match from any of the current or upcoming football matches.

Team Formation:

Make a team of 11 players

  • Choose your specialist players for specialist positions
  • Maximum 1 Goal-Keeper
  • Minimum 1, Maximum 3 Forwards
  • Minimum 3, Maximum 5 Defenders
  • Minimum 3, Maximum 5 Midfielders
  • Maximum 7 players are allowed from one team
  • Choose the Captain and Vice-Captain for your Fantasy Football squad.


Captain – Get 2x points scored by the Individual.
Vice-Captain – Get 1.5x points scored by the individual.

Game Play 

  • Points would be provided only on a successful tackle, successful assist and shots on target.
  • For details of how we define the above criterias visit <link to football point system and guidelines>


  • Getting a disciplinary card for a player would attract points in a different manner.
  • These cards are Red, Yellow, and Green.
  • If a player receives any of one or more of these three cards, he would get a total of negative points for all the cards that he has received.
  • To understand the negative points system, better visit  football point system and guidelines on the website

Extra Time

  • Any event during the Extra Time that affects the game would attract points.
  • Events carried out during penalty shoot outs post extra time do not carry any points.

So now, play with them & earn like them only on BalleBaazi.

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