How to Play Fantasy Cricket Like a Professional?

How to Play Fantasy Cricket Like a Professional

Fantasy cricket is one of the fastest-growing skill-based games in India. The concept of fantasy cricket has been around the block for a couple of decades in India ever since the first official Super Selector league was introduced by Joy Bhattacharya in World Cup 2003. The league went on to become an instant hit among cricket fans and witnessed a massive engagement of 5 million fans in the tournament.

Today, with the latest tech development, the sport developed its online avatar with various Fantasy Cricket platforms offering multiple games where a user can create a virtual team consisting of real cricket players.

The players can be chosen from the upcoming match and points are scored depending on how the selected players performs in the real-life match. The higher your team scores, the better are your chances of winning. It’s that simple.

If you have never played fantasy cricket, now is the time to get started and learn how to play fantasy cricket like a pro.

Choose the Match You Wish to Play 

Once you’ve decided on the match you want to play in, you have the option of choosing from the different contests we have at the BalleBaazi app.

What are the different contests?

We have multiple contests to choose from. There are grand leagues or mega contests where thousands of players participate for a big cash reward, the entry feel is generally less in these contests.

For instance, you can join a mega league featuring a prize pool of 1Lakh for an entry fee of just ₹50.

  • Then there are small contests ranging from five players to a few hundred.
  • You can also choose to play head-to-head matches with just one opponent and win more rewards.
  • New players can taste the adrenaline packed cash races by joining leagues that cost you not more than just a single rupee!

In most of these contests, 50% of participants win, barring a few exceptions. And there’s more to, with a huge line of leaderboard rewards in each league, we have designed contests where we ensure the maximum chunk of players retire with winnings.

Team Selection Rules

Now you need to select the 11 best players out of the two teams playing in that match. To make things interesting, each user will have a total credit score of 100 with which they can build their fantasy team. Everyone starts with the same credit points but there is a cap on selecting the maximum number of players in order to make sure everyone has a unique team when learning how to play fantasy cricket.

For example, you can choose to spend your credits on Virat Kohli (10 credits) while someone chooses MS Dhoni (10 credits) or they can choose to have them both and spend less on bowlers (under 7 credits), keep in mind that your playing 11 should have at least 1 Wicketkeeper, 1 All-Rounder and minimum of 3 batsmen and 3 bowlers each.

You can have a maximum of 7 players from 1 team. Your score point depends on how well all your players perform in a real match. Each run they score, each wicket that is taken and each catch caught gets you different number of points according to fantasy cricket rules.

Now before you chose a team, it’s very important you get the basics right.

Tips to Choose a Strong Fantasy Cricket Team

A player sitting outside can not perform

So, make sure you pick only those players that are going to be in the playing 11. Thankfully, you can now edit the team to the last minute before the match starts on the BalleBaazi app.

Look for Batters in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions in both teams

The first 3 to 4 batters from each team gets maximum number of balls to score runs and that is the reason why someone like V Kohli or Rohit Sharma scores more runs for your fantasy team than a player like MS.Dhoni.

Player statistics

Choose players based on their form from recent couple of matches, selecting a player in form will benefit you more compared to going for batters with better career records but isn’t making the mark off late.

Pro tip: Check out how a player has performed against the same opponent or on the same pitch in the past matches.

Check pitch and weather report

Is it a bowling-friendly or batting-friendly pitch? Is the average score on that pitch above 190 on T20s? This will help you decide if you want to go for a batters heavy or bowler heavy team.

Bowler Eco doesn’t matter too much, Wickets do

So, pick your bowlers who are wicket-takers. For example, bowlers like Piyush Chawla and T. Mahmood will give you more points because they take a lot of wickets even if they get hit a lot. Once you’ve selected your best 11, it’s time to choose the captain and vice captain for your team.

As they say, a Captain should lead by example.

In fantasy cricket, the points your captain makes will be doubled and Vice-Captain will get 1.5x on his points. So, this is the most two important players you must pick wisely.

That’s it, you’re all set. Join the contest you like, make your team of best 11 and start your Fantasy cricket journey started on the right footing. It’s time to hone your skills and earn big bucks while you play.

With 80+ Lakh users and ₹400 crores+ prizes distributed and still counting, BalleBaazi has opened doors to countless opportunities for sports fans nationwide. Knock-knock, when are you joining the party?