ICYMI: The 5 Key Announcements from BalleBaazi for May 2019!

It's What You Were Waiting For!

At BalleBaazi, we look for new ways to make online fantasy cricket an awesome experience for the craziest cricket fans in the world. Each month, we aim to push the envelope to ensure that we continue to surprise and amaze you, just like the game. Ahead of the World Cup, we have come up with some exciting new additions that will keep you hooked. So without further ado, here are the 5 key things that make May, a month to look forward to.


100% Bonus League – Daily

This Summer season, you will look forward to evenings not because the treacherous Sun will set, but because we have a special 100% Bonus League planned for you. Everyday, from 4 – 6:30 PM, you will be given a chance to WIN a 100% Bonus on the leading fantasy cricket platform, BalleBaazi.


5K Free Entry– Daily

By playing daily on BalleBaazi, you can easily be a millionaire by the end of the month. All you need to do is just apply your expertise. Anytime you pick up your phone, you can WIN ₹5K and that too for FREE. Read on because things are about to get better and better, and definitely bigger.


10K Free Entry – Weekly

Not just weekdays, we have got your weekends sorted too! From May 2019, you are basically going to WIN without putting anything from your pocket. Log on to BalleBaazi every Saturday and WIN ₹10K for FREE.


25K Month-end Free Entry Bonanza, every 29th of the month!

One thing or the other delaying your payday? We have an idea – get paid before the payday. On the 29th of every month, we will host our Monthly Free Entry with the guaranteed prize money being 25K; and because fans like you deserve just more than a bit extra, we have our….


Depositor Free Entry

Once a month, the Baazigars will be given a chance to WIN a grand prize of ₹30K in our exclusive Depositor Free Entry games.

Toh ab nahi toh kab? Chhod hawabaazi aur #KarBalleBaaziTu!

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