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BalleBaazi has brought very exciting news for its Baazigars – “ THE BALLEBAAZI LOYALTY REWARD PROGRAMME”

The BalleBaazi Loyalty Reward Programme is an all-new reward system started by BalleBaazi. Baazigars can win exciting prizes such as foreign trips, bikes, cars, gadgets and many more.

Buckle up your seats BAAZIGARS to start on your new reward journey!!!


You can win BalleBaazi Loyalty Rewards just by joining a cash league. As the level rises you can claim more and more rewards and the only way to level up your game is by joining and playing more cash contests.


Every month Baazigars will have to go through a level reset. The level reset will give baazigars more chances to claim rewards that you might have missed in the previous month. 

If baazigar has joined a cash league on the last day of the month then the cash application will be considered for the same month and baazigar will be rewarded in the next month. 

For example: If you join a test match league on the 30th of the current month and the match ends on the 3rd of the next month then your reward will be given to you on the 3rd but your cash application will be considered for the current month only. 


Do you know how you can claim your rewards? Just by a scratch!!! The Baazigars will immediately get scratch cards as they reach a certain level. Baazigars can earn rewards 

Want to FLAUNT your rewards???

BalleBaazi will create a unique and interesting profile for its Baazigars. You can have your own profile while will display your whole journey, winnings, rewards and many more things.

Go and download the app now and claim your rewards.