Women’s Day Special I: The Unconventional Cricket Fan!

The Story of Mrinalini: The Final Chapter

Ever felt like you deserve to get paid for doing something you really love? Well, for most people it’s already true. For some unfortunate ones, who let their degree take over their passion, it’s really not the case. But here, we’re going to introduce to you, something you might have heard before but probably didn’t pay much attention to – Fantasy Cricket!
Now just to give you an overview, fantasy sports is an online game or tournament where you create your own team to compete against other fantasy sports teams. Most major sports are covered; including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and yes, even cricket. And for those T20/ODI or Test Enthusiasts, Fantasy Cricket is just the money-minting machine they were looking for!

Mrinalini, who hailed from a small town, just a few kilometers away from Meghalaya loved to play cricket and couldn’t resist herself from watching those India/Pakistan matches on TV with her buddies from school. Yes, she was just a teenager with high hopes for her small town life. Like any other kid her age, all she did was watch cricket, play cricket, learn cricket and be privileged to be born in a country who lived and breathed this beautiful sport.

Since she didn’t come from a very strong family background, her parents wanted their only daughter to get good grades in school and bag a scholarship for college. She was an average student but she loved participating in extra-curricular activities in and outside school, be it any sport! She did win medals, trophies and played for the local cricket team in her school but she dreamt of living the king-size life. She dreamt of those worldly pleasures like any other starry-eyed kid who wanted to make it big, not just for herself but for those parents who raised her.

Time went by quickly, where Mrinalini had to give her State Board Exams. More than her own self, her parents were stressed about the fact if she could really achieve a good score. One fine evening, Mrinalini came back from one of her cricket practices with the team and found herself getting lectured by her mother, right when she entered her house. Mrinalini shed a river of tears that night, thinking about a million things – her future, her relationship with cricket, her parents, a happy life.
She stayed up all night, coming up with a possible solution of how to convince her parents that cricket would lead her to great heights, convincing herself of how she’d be able to live a life on her own terms.

Browsing through stories of various people on the Internet, she found her fix –
Ballebaazi, the online world of fantasy cricket! But was this going to amend all her troubles, offering her a secure life?
Let’s wait till we find out what happens with Mrinalini and her possible fix in the next chapter…

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