Women’s Day Special III: Do It Because You Love It!

The Story of Mrinalini: The Final Chapter

As children, often times we hide stuff from our parents and even our best of friends just to save ourselves an argument we don’t really wish for or for their own benefit until we’re really sure of the result. Mrinalini was definitely not prepared for what was bound to happen when she got back home. She was doing pretty well with her first few matches at BalleBaazi, being an amateur. But only because she used up her knowledge of cricket and her skills as a local team player during every game.

It was India vs. Afghanistan match just a few days back and Mrinalini had used up her budget on creating the perfect team, the sportsmen she believed in. She had previously done a lot of research on her players and had planned out a well-thought-out strategy for the game. Her coach had specifically told her not to let emotions get the best of her and think logically, the idea behind the selection of a team should be strategic, that is based on the pitch conditions and also the current form of the player. All she had to do was trust her instincts and the field was hers to conquer!

Coming back to the present, this was the day when Mrinalini’s mother found out about her
BalleBaazi secret. It was half-past two and Mrinalini had just gotten back home. She rushed to her room to check on her fantasy scorecard but to her surprise, she couldn’t find her cell phone anywhere in the room. That’s when her mother entered with a serious expression on her face. Mrinalini had no excuses. She tried to reason with her mother but ultimately was taken off her phone privileges for an entire month.

According to her parents, she had a serious cricket obsession that was taking a toll on her studies and her behavioral conduct. Since we know Mrinalini so well by now, it’s certain she wouldn’t back down. And why should she?
All this while, she’s sacrificed so many things in her life to be where she is at the moment and she wouldn’t throw it all away due to one tiny fallout. Yes, she was highly upset because her only family couldn’t understand her passion but she picked herself up that instant and rushed to her coach’s place, logged in to her own BalleBaazi account and just as she’d expected to win real cash in a contest, she certainly did; and for someone who had barely barged into the world of online fantasy cricket!

But it didn’t end there. This was surely a good start for Mrinalini, knowing how she’s paced through every possible difficulty these past few months. But is it going to stay that way for her? Is she going to convince her parents that BalleBaazi was the right way to go? What will she do with her first win?
Stay tuned as we reveal the last part our series…

Final Part: https://www.ballebaazi.com/blog/womens-day-special-iv-the-unshakable-power-of-faith-belief/

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