Dehla Pakad Game

How To Play

Dehla Pakad Game is a trick-taking card game that originated in India and has been popular for a while now. It is also known as "Collect the Tens" in English. Mindi or Mendhi Coat, Court piece, Hokm, Chokadi, are other names for this card game. The game is considered very challenging and can take a good few minutes to complete. The high level of strategy required to win makes this Tash Wala game an intriguing game for those who like a good challenge.

Dehla Pakad Players and Cards

Dehla Pakad Game is a tash ka game that is played with a standard 52 card pack. Like many other card games, it can be played with four players in two fixed partnerships. Each suit's cards are sorted from high to low: Ace (high) King Queen Jack 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 (low).

Objective of Dehla Pakad Game

The objective of the Dehla Pakad game is to get as many tens as achievable by winning or conquering them. The first player to take four tens (termed as ‘Kot’) or take the majority of tens leads their team to victory. Keep in mind that regardless of how many hands you win, if you don't have 10s in your hand, you won't be capable of winning. If both teams have the same number of ‘10’s cards in their tricks, the winner is decided by tallying the tricks of both playing teams, the winning team is the one with the most number of tricks.

How to Play the Dehla Pakad Game Online?

Deal and Play

In this game, the dealer is selected randomly before the first game begins. This can be done by randomly choosing a player from the table, rolling a dice, or drawing cards. The dealer's next hand is determined by the outcome of the preceding hand. He deals gives a bundle of five cards to each of the four players after shuffling the deck of 52 cards. After determining trumps, he distributes the remainder cards to every player in groups of four to eight. 

Players must follow suit; if they are unable to do so, they may play any other card based on the rules. If trumps are utilised in a round, the highest trump wins the trick. Otherwise, the trick is won by the highest card of the suit in action. The winner of a trick does not receive the cards from that trick; instead, he or she proceeds to the next trick.

Trump Selection

There are two interesting methods to determine the trump suit in this tash ka game. 

  1. After the first five cards are given, the game begins. Trump is chosen throughout the game, and it can be declared by any of the players. Assume that players A and C are on team one, while players B and D are on team second. If player A throws a spade card and player B does not have a spade card, player B will deal a card from another suit, and the suit that player B chooses has become the trump card as per this online tash wala game rules. Method 1 necessitates participants being forthright about their willingness to follow suit. If truthfulness isn't an option, consider Method 2.
  2. During the distribution of the five cards, the player on the dealer's right announces the trump. The rest of the deal is completed once they declare the trumps. In the first trick, the player who chose the trump takes the lead.

Taking Tricks

When a player takes a trick, he or she does not collect the cards from that trick. If a player wins two consecutive tricks, all of the cards are collected and placed in their team's trick pile.   

When a centre pile is conquered, the following trick creates a new one. This precludes a player who has already won two tricks from taking the pile if he or she wins a 3rd trick in a row.  Although not accepting the 12th trick, the player who wins the 13th trick receives all of the cards from the center pile.

Winning Kots

  • When a team has all four ‘10s’ cards in their tricks, it is called a Kot. The victorious team is said to have given a Kot to the defeated squad.
  • If the winning side has a dealing team, the deal is shifted to another player on the opposing team who is adjacent to the dealer.
  • The non-dealing team wins the hand if they take two or three tens throughout the game, and the same dealer gives the next hand.

Scoring in Dehla Pakad

Dehla Pakad is a popular tash ka game that is enjoyed India and neighbouring countries of Pakistan and Iran. There is no standard method to calculate scores in the game, which can make it ambiguous to understand for newcomers. Depending on which version of the game you are playing, the scoring system can vary. Some people count the number of 10s taken, while others use a point system. Ultimately, it depends on the approach of the players who like to enjoy this game.

On a Dehla Pakad app, the score is calculated as follows: 

  • Collecting all tens is a Kot, and the victorious team will receive 40 additional points.
  • If any team scores 200 points or more, the game is over. In order to maximize the chances of winning, the teams need to plan their moves carefully.
  • If a player wins, every ten acquired points will be awarded to them. No points will be awarded to the losing team.

Safest Online Dehla Pakad Game App

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Dehla Pakad Game FAQs

The English name of this online tash wala game is called Collect the Tens. It is a popular card game that is played all over India. The game is easy to learn but challenging to master. It can be played in about 15 minutes and is perfect for a quick break or when you want to kill some time.

Dehla Pakad Game is a two-player card trick-taking game that may be played online. A player must collect as many kots as necessary to win this tash ka game. To win a trick, players must play stronger cards of the same suit; if this is not feasible, they must play a trump.

A dealer is responsible for shuffling the deck and providing a batch of five cards to all players. Dealers are a crucial part of this online tash ka game because they help to ensure that the game is fair for all players. In addition to shuffling the deck, a dealer also assists players in drawing cards, gives advice on strategy, and generally keeps the game moving along.

Dehla Pakad game is a trick-taking online tash wala game that involves players collecting tens. Players take turns playing cards and trying to make as many Ten points as possible. The aim of the game is to either take more than two tens out of a possible four or acquire more than seven hands with two 10s out of four.

You can choose the trump using one of two methods in a Dehla Pakad game: Each player is dealt five cards in method 1, and the game proceeds without the trump until one of the players fails to follow the suit. As a result, any suit the player plays become the trump suit in this circumstance. In method 2, the player on the dealer's right selects the trump and announces the trump suit with his five cards after the initial round of dealing.

In this tash ka game, there is no set way for calculating scores. Players from different regions have their own way of calculating scores. In some cases, the amount of points a player earns is based on the number of tens taken. In other cases, the player with the most points at the end of the Dehla Pakad game wins. It's up to the individual host or tournament organiser to determine how scoring will work.