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Glorious Legacy Deodhar Trophy Till 2021

The Deodhar Trophy is one of the most prestigious and oldest Indian domestic cricket tournaments. It is a limited-overs tournament named after pioneer Indian cricket DB Deodhar. He was born in Pune and had a cricketing career spanned over two world wars. Deodhar teams amassed 4522 runs in 81 matches and 34 first-class seasons.

Cricket Deodhar Trophy was started back in 1973. Initially, Deodhar Trophy teams included five Indian zones. Now, it comprises three teams namely, India-A, India-B and India-C. The Deodhar Trophy live matches were being telecast on television, but it failed to create a buzz in the mainstream.  People are still curious about the question Deodhar Trophy is related to which sport? However, still, it has maintained its glorious legacy.

Deodhar Trophy History

Deodhar Trophy was started in 1973-74 by the Indian cricket governing body (BCCI). It is a one-day cricket format of domestic cricket. Earlier, the tournament was contested between five zonal teams. The Deodhar Trophy teams comprise the South zone, East zone, North zone, West zone and Central zone.

However, from 2015 to 2018, the Deodhar Trophy live was played between India A, India B and the winner of the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Again, from 2018-19, the tournament has been played in between India A, India B and India C.

Being one of the historically prominent tournaments, still, many people don't know that Deodhar Trophy is related to which game. You will come across a similar type of question in the cricket mainstream such as Deodhar Trophy is associated with which sport, Deodhar Trophy is related to which game and so on. The primary reason behind the lack of space in mainstream cricket and also the paltry audience watches Deodhar Trophy live matches.

Deodhar Trophy Seasons

The Deodhar Cup has a glorious historical impression on Indian domestic cricket. Its first season was played back in 1973 and since then, it has been played every year. On several occasions, Deodhar Trophy teams were altered but the tournament continues to be a prominent event in India’s domestic cricket. North zone overall topped the Deodhar Trophy Winner list. It won the title for a record 13 seasons.

The Deodhar Trophy 2021 has been suspended to virulent Covid-19. Currently, India B is the titleholder of the cricket Deodhar Trophy. However, the cancellation of the event doesn't impact cricketing fans. In India, this trophy has not garnered much limelight, normal people are curious to know that Deodhar Trophy is related to which sport. In the fast-paced world of T20, this type of event is gradually losing its essence.

Deodhar Trophy Teams

The Deodhar Trophy teams have been changed multiple times since its inception. Let's see the timeline:

The event was established in 1973. At that time, there were five zonal teams namely, North zone, South zone, East zone, West zone, and Central zone.

From 2015 to 2018, Deodhar Trophy teams include India A, India B and the champion of Vijay Hazare Trophy.

In 2019, the event comprises three Deodhar teams- India A, India B and India C.

Presently, the India B Deodhar 2021 team is being on the top of the Deodhar Trophy winner list. They are the current champion of the tournament. However, Deodhar Trophy 2021 has been cancelled seeing a remarkable surge in the Covid-19 cases.

Deodhar Trophy Winners

Since its inception, the Deodhar Trophy winner list has been topped by the North zone. The team had won the DB Deodhar Cup 13 times.

At present, India B- a robust Deodhar Trophy 2021 squad holds the title of the cup. They defeated India C by 51 runs to clinch the title of the 47th edition of the cricket Deodhar Trophy in 2019-20.

Sadly, the Deodhar Trophy 2021 has been pulled off due to a threat from the Covid-19 virus.

Deodhar Trophy 2022

As per the latest report, BCCI has not announced any information regarding the Deodhar Trophy 2022. Seeing the unprecedented surge in the lethal Covid cases, it is hard to predict that the Deodhar Trophy live event would be possible or not. The last edition 2019-20 was played before Covid-19 and India B emerged victorious beating India C.

Deodhar Trophy 2202 Schedule & Matches

At present, there is no formal announcement regarding Deodhar Trophy 2022 schedule and fixtures. Everything will be clear after the dark shadow of Coronavirus abates. However, you don't need to be concerned about it, you will be informed as soon as Deodhar Trophy live matches commence again.

Deodhar Trophy Points Table

There are only three Deodhar Trophy teams- India A, India B and India C. All three teams compete with each other in a round-robin format and the top two teams in the Points table progress into finals.

Last year, the finale was played India B vs India C and India B inscribed its name on the Deodhar Trophy winner list.

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FAQs about Deodhar Trophy

Which team won the Deodhar Trophy this year?

This year Deodhar Trophy 2021 has been cancelled due to contagious Covid-19. So, there is no winner of the Deodhar Trophy 2021.

Who won Deodhar 2020?

India B, also known as the Indian national cricket team has won the Deodhar Trophy 2020. They beat India C in the final to clinch the cricket Deodhar Trophy.

Which format of cricket is played in Deodhar Trophy?

One-day format of cricket is played in the cricket Deodhar Trophy. Generally, people are curious to know the Deodhar trophy is associated with which sport? The reason behind this is that the DB Deodhar cup is not popular in the mainstream but it has a glorious history.

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