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Cricket, the most globally celebrated sport, has been augmented at an enormous scale in every nook and corner of the world over time. The International Cricket Council is the driving force behind the incessant rise of cricket. This governing body has moderated the sport at different terrains and nations with the introduction of multihued tournament formats and domestic matches throughout the course of its history.

The International Cricket Council is a successor of the Imperial Cricket Conference (1909-1965) and the International Cricket Conference (1965-1989) which was earlier the administrative head of all the cricket tournaments held worldwide. Its inception dates back to 15th June 1909, yes, that’s more than a century now.

The governing body has registered 106 countries as members under its umbrella since it came into existence. The ICC continues to aims to administer and develop cricket in close association with its subsidiary members. The council is adheres full responsibility to moderate the ICC sports-centric events across the world.

To be specific, the body also ensures to abide by the fair play conditions and commands its adjoining members to abide by the:

  1. ICC Code of Conduct
  2. Decision Review System
  3. Associated ICC regulations

To enhance stability and justness, the International Cricket Council has appointed officials to look after the sanctioning and evaluation of all the international matches. The specially crafted Anti-Corruption Unit further, keeps a vigilant eye on the misconduct and unwanted actions like match fixing and corruption.

ICC World Cricket Tournament Rankings (Consolidated)

All international cricket tournaments are conducted as per the set schedule and fixtures. Needless to say, every year, these tournaments bring in a sense of anticipation and excitement for fans around the world.

The world cricket rankings have been inscribed on the leaderboards of all the test matches, One-day Internationals and Twenty20 Internationals. Presenting below in tabular form are the men’s and women’s consolidated cricket rankings in Test, ODI and T20I respectively. 

Regional Divisions and Subdivisions

The ICC have disseminated its roots at regional levels to grow the sport in every respect. Take a look at some of the regional bodies, closely linked up with ICC to arrange and promote cricket as a primary sport.

  1. European Cricket Council
  2. Asian Cricket Council
  3. African Cricket Association (formed after the alteration of two sub-units: West Africa Cricket Council and East and Central Africa Cricket Council)
  4. ICC East Asia-Pacific
  5. ICC Americas

Rules mandated by the Board 

The ICC rules out its uniform set of regulations for bowling status and playing conditions. Even though the laws can be only amended by the Melbourne Cricket Council, however, in due consultation with the governing body, the framed cricket laws can be changed.

The council maintains a certain “Code of Conduct” which needs to be followed by the internationally acclaimed squads and reflected in all kinds of international tournaments. If someone fails to adhere to this code, then, ICC will be liable to impose a fine on the derogatory action. As per the 2008 records, an astounding line of 19 penalties were earmarked against the players for breaching the laws.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Deciphering ICC

The International Cricket Council is a globally identified body which has etched the realm of cricket in an exceptional way for spectators. The ICC is a federation of national associations, which have its headquarters stationed at London, United Kingdom and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Presenting below some inquisitive questions, often asked and surfed by people on the internet, take a look.

ICC stands for International Cricket Council, which is the governing council for cricket across the world. At the global level, the proficient body is responsible to conduct all international matches by adopting fair play tactics and ethics. In association with its members, the council works to spread the art of cricket and its spirit amongst variegated nations.

Around 106 countries as members of the council are a part of it. Amongst the registered members, only 12 members enjoy full voting rights in the periphery of the council and have the permit to conduct Test matches officially.

The countries include: England, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Ireland. The remaining 94 associate members have established a strong hold on cricket but have not been conferred complete membership of the council yet.

The administrative body of cricket was established on 15th June, 1090 as an official federation of national entities. The council succeeded the initially established figures of: Imperial Cricket Conference (1909–1965) and the International Cricket Conference (1965–1989). The board was formed to impart a global integrity through sports by professing international events to attract the mass and develop healthy ties for commercial purposes.

Quoted from the official website of ICC, the values system adhered by the council includes “commitment to the global game and its great spirit, accountability, fairness and integrity, excellence, teamwork and respect for diversity.“

As per the ascertained schedule, the council aims to preside over an international tournament on yearly basis. After every two years or in even number (years), the ICC Twenty20 World Cup conducts amongst the selected teams. Following the serial order of Olympic games to the World Cup, the final ICC Champions Trophy is held at year's end.

The administrative council posts professional umpires and referees who are incharge of the scheduled Test matches, Twenty20 Internationals and One-Day Internationals. The entire event is presided by a panel of 3 umpires who decides the stance of the match and players. These include: the Associates and Affiliates Panel, the Elite Panel and the International Panel.

As of 2015, Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber in conglomeration shot a documentary titled, “Death of a Gentleman” covering the eccentricities of the internal organisational framework of the governing body of cricket. The documentary radiated a message that the richer and developed countries hold a major autonomy and share in the council which reciprocates a detrimental attitude towards the remaining countries.