The Points System

Each Player is evaluated at a value based on his past performance, current form and all over skills for the game. The credit score plays a vital role to decide your team. The Captain gets 2x points for the in-play performance, and the Vice Captain gets 1.5x points based on in-play. The Captain and Vice Captain of your team are compulsory to be decided.

Point System

Fantasy Football Points System and Guidelines

BalleBaazi is powered by a player-centric Fantasy Football Points System for a world-class gaming experience, even when you are on the move. We have a player-centric representation of points with regards to all aspects of the game like Goals, Substitutes, Extra Time and so on.

Please follow this discussion along to know more about the same :

  • No team can be submitted unless it has a Captain, Vice-Captain and a total of 11 players.
  • The Captain and Vice-Captain would receive 2x and 1.5x points for their respective performances.
  • BB acknowledges Starting Points per player based on his inclusion in the final eleven.
    • These points relate are offered to every player who plays in the final eleven when the match starts.
    • Such a player would get 1 more point if he has completed at least 55 minutes on the field.
    • If a player is substituted before 55 minutes, obviously he would only receive 1 Starting Point.
    • If a substitute is actively playing for at least 55 minutes or more, he will receive +1 Point.
    • These points may only be added once the match has conclusively ended.
  • If a drafted player misses out on the match, he would get zero points.
  • Replacement players are different as they bring in action to the game. These players would continue to receive starting and game points with regards to the players who were originally replaced.
  • An Assist is a crucial phase in every football game. It attracts positive points in the following scenarios to the team that has made the final pass just before scoring a valid goal.
    • Intentional Passes for a successful goal
    • Unintentional Passes for a successful goal.
  • An assist is considered void and attracts Zero points in the following scenarios:
    • A self-goal
    • At least Two players from competing team deflects the ball just before a successful goal.
    • The goal scorer loses control of the ball for some time due to charge by an opposing player.
  • There are positive points for Assists when:
    • There is a valid call for Penalty Corner
    • A player is offered a Free Kick
    • A shared act when two players go for scoring a goal but one of them is blocked by a Defender or Goalkeeper from the opposing team and score happens on rebound.
  • A Tackle needs to be successful before it converts into points. It is deemed thus when the player is back in active possession of the ball quickly.
  • If the tackle ends up giving the possession of the ball to the opposing team, it would attract zero points.
  • If any player, who has played for not less than 55 minutes, gets substituted before a goal is conceded, he would be eligible for a clean sheet bonus.
  • Points for goals would be applicable only for players chosen and actively playing on the ground.
  • Being shown a Yellow or Red Card carries negative points that are permanent for a game and can’t be reversed, even if the offending player leaves the ground.
  • If a real game enters Extra Time, any gaming event that causes a Goal or Penalty would attract points.
  • There are zero points for any development during penalty shootouts.

BalleBaazi’s Fantasy Football Points System

Please follow the table below to know more about our points system for fantasy football. These points are as applicable to every game (cash or practice) on the BB app. The New Points System will be effective from 23rd Dec, 2020.

  Existing New

1. Playing Time

Action Points Points
Played 55 minutes or more 2 4
Played less than 55 minutes 1 2

2. Attack

Action Points Points
For every goal scored (Forward) 8 20
For every goal scored (Midfielder) 9 20
For every goal scored (GK/Defender) 10 20
For every assist 5 12
For 5 passes completed (w.e.f 23rd Dec 2020) NA 1
For 10 passes completed 0.5 NA
For every 1 shot on target (w.e.f 23rd Dec 2020) NA 6
For every 2 shots on target 1 NA
For 1 Key Passes/Chances Created NA 6
Long Balls 1 (Sucessfull only) NA 2

3. Defense

Action Points Points
Clean sheet (Midfielder) 1 6
Clean sheet (GK/Defender) 5 12
For 1 shots saved (GK) NA 4
For 1 penelty saved (GK) 9 20
For 1 successful tackle (w.e.f 23rd Dec 2020) NA 3
For 2 successful tackles 1 NA
For 1 Successfull Duel (Ground & Aerial) NA 2

4. Cards & Penalties

Action Points Points
Yellow card -1 -2
Red card -3 -6
For 1 own Goal -2 -6
For 1 Goals conceded (GK/Def.) -1 -2
For 1 penalty missed -2 -6

Bench Player In Your Team Plays, You Get 2x Points On His Performance

You may also check for the above fantasy football points system in the BB app.

Ongoing Leagues And Important Teams

Here’s a refresher to all those football fans who simply can’t wait to play fantasy football games online this season. The following are the top events that are supposed to follow the current season.

1. English Premier League
Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham

2. Italian Serie A
Milan, Juventus, Roma, Napoli and Internazionale

3. French Ligue 1
Paris Saint Germain, Marseille, Lyonesse, Monaco, Nantes

4. Spanish La Liga
Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Real Madrid, Valencia and Sevilla

5. German Bundesliga
Bayern Munich, Schalke, Borussia Dortmund, Eintracht Frankfurt and Hertha Berlin

6. India Football League
Mumbai City, Mohun Bagan, Northeast United, Bengaluru FC, FC Goa

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