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Welcome to the only Fantasy Sports platform where you get your one stop for sports ranging from cricket to football to kabaddi across baseball and basketball as well. BalleBaazi ensures you get the best fantasy sports experience with our huge prize pool and the widest variety of leagues. With over 4 million user base BalleBaazi has redefined the fantasy sports arena and has become the most rewarding fantasy gaming platform in India.

We make sure you become a part of the game you love so much and get a chance to win real cash, cool gadgets and some more amazing rewards. So gear up as we take you to a world of ‘fantasies’ where you play alongside the stars of the game.

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1. What is fantasy cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is just what the name implies- it is a virtual genre of cricket that hinges on fantasy-based selections of top performers.
In it, a player selects a virtual team of 11 players from a total of 30 or so players from two competing teams. He may select them on the basis of their track record, current form, strengths and weaknesses, playing conditions and sometimes even intuition.
This online gaming genre also keeps a reserved space for every player’s own understanding and version of cricket. It is so because different fantasy players may perceive a certain real match player differently and the same perception closely affects their team creation.
Once a player has created a fantasy team, he is also supposed to mark the captain and vice-captain for it. Each of the players that he has chosen receive points on the basis of their performance on the ground. The captain and vice-captain get additional points for every other player’s performance in the team, besides theirs.
Online fantasy cricket: Salient features:

  • Get in the driver’s seat: There is nothing more exciting than being the commander of your army. Ditto for online fantasy cricket games. You are always in control of your team and its selection- and it’s you who takes all the decision of selection on a daily basis!
  • Get actively involved in the game: If you have created a team of yours, you won’t rest easy. It’s rather like being out in the center and making all your decision count in real time. The best thing is, you get to know what it takes to be a winner in seemingly impossible conditions.
  • Building your game up: There is an adrenaline rush that comes only with applying one’s insights and learning some more from the Pros on a daily basis. With online gaming, you can always count on making it better with every single match and every single day!

2. Why should I play fantasy games?

This is an easy one. Playing Fantasy Sports, or more specifically, Fantasy Cricket offers you a thought-provoking way to create your team of superstars as per your fantasy and insights. It also lets you use your knowledge of the game to win rewards. By playing these online games, you can maneuver your players around in a way that their collective and personal synergies are laser-focused towards a unified goal.
The best thing is that you can always top it later with some smart gameplay and BIG rewards.

3. Why should I play daily fantasy games on BalleBaazi?

It is because you deserve nothing less than the best for your passion! BalleBaazi offers you an unbeatable gaming proposition comprising three personalized online gaming formats, several online leagues with lots of Cash and Practice games, two smartphone apps, exciting promotions, referral bonuses and an attractive combination of UI/UX that goes easy on eyes!
BalleBaazi stands powered by bank-grade security and a segment-defining reward structure spread across daily, weekly and monthly variations. It also offers blazing-fast money transfers and multi-layered empathetic customer care to sweeten your ride to the top.

4. Why play daily on BalleBaazi?

Fantasy Cricket is as much a skill-based sport as is Cricket itself. Online players, irrespective of their respective proficiency levels, are thus advised to play only on a safe and trusted online gaming portal that respects their passion and skills for the game. BalleBaazi offers all online gamers to play and evolve themselves over a period of time and to translate their progress in terms of grand rewards on a regular basis.
The best thing with BalleBaazi is that allows you to excel in the gaming department that you’d like most. It means that just as you would have a choice to be either a batsman or bowler or an all-rounder in real life, you have the same liberty in playing virtual games on BB too.
You could always choose to play either in Classic, Batting or Bowling fantasies and then be the best version of yourself over a period of time. Rewards would flow-in automatically if you are pursuing your passion, and you can best answer this for yourself!

5. Legal, safe and secure

BalleBaazi offers a comprehensive online gaming experience of fantasy sports online. Right from its Signup to Cashout phase, it offers a transparent window where you can see how your game is taking you from one stage to another. The (Hon.) Supreme Court of India acknowledges and approves of all Games of Skill, and several High Courts have approved Fantasy Gaming as a game of skill. A consistent element of skill is required to attain a certain outcome in every such virtual game and this can result only from a profound understanding of the game.
BalleBaazi is pivotally focused on providing only the safest of online gaming environments to its players. The same attribute is predominantly visible in its user-facing interfaces on the web portal and smartphone apps. All financial transactions are secured by <128-bit encryption> and to ensure transparency at all times, without compromising on the speed at any instant.

6. Why You Should Play A Fantasy Football Game Today?

Football is a language that the world speaks with equal flair. This sport has all the highs and lows that you could come to associate with any high-voltage game, and this makes up for a major reason why it is the most popular sport in the world.

If you’re looking for any more reasons to play a fantasy football game today, here are a few of them:

  • You may actually win!
  • You may have a team of yours
  • It has competition in its best form
  • You can choose from a wide variety of games and leagues as per your skill and prize pool
  • It gets you actively involved in the live game
  • It would help in understanding the game better
  • It is very popular on Social Media
  • It would set up a chain of events related to watching real matches and playing fantasy games

You may take this opportunity to learn fantasy football rules and to know some expert tips on our blog to form your best team ever. It’s only a five-minutes read and we’re sure you will love it!

Learn Fantasy Football

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