Kabaddi is the most celebrated traditional contact sport in India. Pro Kabaddi League is a double round robin-league comprising playoffs between proficient kabaddi teams. Powered by Vivo Communication technology, the Pro Kabaddi league is a professional sporting fest, endorsing the slogan of “Le Panga,” that enlivens the spirit of kabaddi in its true sense.

Inspired from the massive success of Kabaddi as an individual sport in the 2006 Asian Games, the Indian format of the Pro Kabaddi League was adopted to promote the sport on main Stream. The sporting event was officially launched in the year 2014. Interestingly, it gained massive support and viewership in the first season itself. 

There had been initial speculations about the success of the PKL as the mass appeal compared to Cricket was relatively low. However, the reality of the sport’s stance can be realised by the fact that its history is rooted in the country at the grassroots level and has the potential to attract a wider circumference of viewers if the league managed to gain traction in the initial phase.

According to the Pro Kabaddi League Schedule, twelve domestic teams, representing variegated states will be participating in the matches. This year, it is going to be the eighth edition since its inception. The matches are set to commence from 22nd December, 2021, after rounds of deliberation pertaining to the COVID-19 breakdown.

The latest season will be hosted in only one venue: Sheraton Grand, Whitefield, Bengaluru. Read on to focus on some of the best performances displayed by each team in the segments of the Pro Kabaddi League. 

Pro Kabaddi Stats: Participating Teams & Top Player Stats

The Pro Kabaddi League started off with an inch of apprehension in 2014. Interestingly, to the surprise of the administrators and sponsors, the 1st season captured eyeballs of a whopping 435 million viewers. To everyone’s urprise, the progression went on with its successive years, emerging as the second most preferred sport event in India (after Indian Premier League). The subsequent years of the Pro Kabaddi League witnessed some mind-boggling records, set by the prolific players on each edition. In 2017-18 and 2018-19, the PKL introduced four new teams and went to split teams into two divisions as “zones”.

Listed below is a segregated mention of all teams, their squad and the players’ stats. 

Bengal Warriors

Player Stats

Maninder Singh Best Raider 205 raid points
Baldev Singh Defender 66 tackle points
Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh All Rounder tal points

Bengaluru Bulls

Player Stats

Pawan Kumar Sehrawat Best Raider 346 raid points
Mahender Singh  Defender 61 tackle points
Ashish Kumar All Rounder total points

Haryana Steelers

Player Stats

Vikash Kandola Best Raider 190 raid points
Sunil Defender 55 tackle points
Tin Phonchoo All Rounder 1 total point

Gujarat Giants

Player Stats

Rohit Gulia Best Raider 132 raid points
Parvesh Bhainswal Defender 55 tackle points
Rohit Gulia All Rounder 142 total point

Puneri Paltan

Player Stats

Manjeet Best Raider 123 raid points
PO Surjeet Singh Defender 63 tackle points
Amit Kumar All Rounder 18 total points

Patna Pirates

Player Stats

Pardeep Narwal Best Raider 302 raid points
Neeraj Kumar Defender 59 tackle points
Hadi Oshtorak All Rounder 48 total points

U Mumba

Player Stats

Abhishek Singh Best Raider 162 raid points
Fazel Atrachali Defender 82 tackle points
Sandeep Narwal  All Rounder 76 total points

UP Yoddha

Player Stats

Shrikant Yadav Best Raider 148 raid points
Sumit Defender 77 tackle points
Sachin Kumar All Rounder 9 total points

Jaipur Pink Panthers

Player Stats

Deepak Niwas Hooda Best Raider 146 raid points
Sandeep Kumar Dhull Defender 73 tackle points
Deepak Niwas Hooda All Rounder 158 total points

Dabang Delhi KC

Player Stats

Naveen Kumar Best Raider 301 raid points
Ravinder Pahal Defender 63 tackle points
Vijay Jaglan All Rounder 62 total points

Tamil Thalaivas

Player Stats

Rahul Chaudhari Best Raider 130 raid points
Manjeet Chhillar Defender 37 tackle points
Deepak Niwas Hooda All Rounder 46 total points

Telugu Titans

Player Stats

Siddharth Sirish Desai Best Raider 217 raid points
Vishal Bhardwaj Defender 62 tackle points
Farhad Rahimi Milaghardan All Rounder 78 total points

Pro Kabaddi Stats: Top Raiders

A raider in the Pro Kabaddi League shares the leading stance in the gameplay. In the format of Kabaddi, the raider needs to justify his spunk on the mat area against the defending group. He will then have to gain the bonus and touchpoints from the rivals' spot.

Some of the best performances displayed by raiders throughout the Pro Kabaddi League seasons are as follows:

Rank Players Representing Team Total matches played Total raid points
1 Pawan Kumar Sehrawat Bengaluru Bulls 24 346
2 Pardeep Narwal Patna Pirates 22 302
3 Naveen Kumar Dabang Delhi K.C. 23 301
4 Siddharth Sirish Desai Telugu Titans 22 217
5 Maninder Singh Bengal Warriors 20 205
6 Vikash Kandola Haryana Steelers 20 190
7 Abhishek Singh U Mumba 21 162
8 Shrikant Jadhav U.P. Yoddha 22 148
9 Deepak Niwas Hooda Jaipur Pink Panthers 20 146
10 Rohit Gulia Gujarat Giants 22 132

Pro Kabaddi Stats: Top Defenders (2019)

The top defenders with an incredible set of tackle scores in the Pro Kabaddi League are listed below.  

Rank Players Representing Team Total matches played Total tackle points
1 Fazel Atrachali U Mumba 24 82
2 Sumit U.P. Yoddha 22 77
3 Nitesh Kumar U.P. Yoddha 23 75
4 Sandeep Kumar Dhull Jaipur Pink Panthers 22 73
5 Baldev Singh Bengal Warriors 24 66
6 Rinku Narwal Bengal Warriors 23 64
7 PO Surjeet Singh Puneri Paltan 21 63
8 Ravinder Pahal Dabang Delhi K.C. 23 63
9 Vishal Bhardwaj Telugu Titans 19 62
10 Mahender Singh Bengaluru Bulls 21 61

Pro Kabaddi Stats: Winners

Pro Kabaddi League has recorded substantial wins throughout its seven editions since 2014. Listed below are the chronologically declared winners of seasons 2014-2019. Also, take a look at the most valuable players of the entire series per season.

Year-wise winners Runner up team Final Scores Most Value Player of the Pro Kabaddi series
2014- Jaipur Pink Panthers U Mumba 35-24 Anup Kumar
2015- U Mumba Bengaluru Bulls 36-30 Manjeet Chhillar
2016- Patna Pirates U Mumba 31-28 Rohit Kumar
2016- Patna Pirates Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-29 Pardeep Narwal
2017- Patna Pirates Gujarat Giants 55-38 Pardeep Narwal
2018- Bengaluru Bulls Gujarat Giants 38-33 Pawan Sehrawat
2019- Bengal Warriors Dabang Delhi KC 39-34 Naveen Kumar

Pro Kabaddi Stats: Points Table

The final Point table of the Pro Kabaddi League shows minute variations in the score differences for some while few teams need to cover up in order to clinch the top slots. 

Rank Teams P W L T Difference in scores Total Points
1 Q Dabang Delhi K.C. 22 15 4 3 66 85
2 Q Bengal Warriors 22 14 5 3 71 83
3 Q U.P. Yoddha 22 13 7 2 9 74
4 Q U Mumba 22 12 8 2 47 72
5 Q Haryana Steelers 22 13 8 1 15 71
6 Q Bengaluru Bulls 22 11 10 1 16 64
7 Q Jaipur Pink Panthers 22 9 11 2 13 58
8 Q Patna Pirates 22 8 13 1 29 51
9 Q Gujarat Giants 22 7 13 2 18 51
10 Q Puneri Paltan 22 7 12 3 72 48
11 Q Telugu Titans 22 6 13 3 67 45
12 Q Tamil Thalaivas 22 4 15 3 119 37

Leaderboard: Percentile scores of all teams (consolidated)

The ultimate leaderboard scores of teams as per latest stats has been mentioned below with the associated percentile scores in the PKL.

Team Total matches played Matches Won Loss Draw matches Win% Loss% Draw%
U Mumba 131 81 42 8 61.83% 32.06% 6.10%
Patna Pirates 134 70 51 13 52.23% 38.05% 9.70%
Bengaluru Bulls 130 60 62 8 46.15% 47.69% 6.15%
Jaipur Pink Panthers 126 54 61 11 42.85% 48.41% 8.73%
Telugu Titans 126 51 60 15 40.47% 47.61% 11.90%
Puneri Paltan 128 50 67 11 39.06% 52.34% 8.59%
Bengal Warriors 129 59 55 15 45.73% 42.63% 11.62%
Gujarat Giants 71  41 23  7 57.74% 32.39% 9.85%
Dabang Delhi 126 47 69 10 37.30% 57.76% 7.93%
Haryana Steelers 68 32 29 7 47.05% 42.64% 10.29%
UP Yoddha 71 31 30 10 43.66% 42.25% 14.08%
Tamil Thalaivas 66 15 42 9 22.72% 63.63% 13.63%

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