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An In-Depth Guide to Play Fantasy Sports In India

How To Play

Fantasy Sports is one of the most thriving gaming segments in India that’s estimated to reach a user base of over 500 million by 2022 as per a report by FICCI EY. Sports such as Cricket being worshipped at a national level are being roped into the realm wherein players form their own virtual team of players and stake in money to win from enticing prize pools.

The fantasy sports-verse kicked off initially primarily with cricket in India, however, with time, the popularity of this industry has spurred the introduction of other popular global and domestic sports and now players, besides cricket, love to play fantasy sports such as Football, Kabaddi, Basketball and more.

The idea of being invested in your favourite sport in real time is what drives the populus perpetually insane in fantasy sports. If you wish to know all about how fantasy sports work and how you, as a die hard sports fan can earn real money online with the best fantasy sports app in India, read on.

What is Fantasy Sports?

The simple idea behind the creation of Fantasy Sports apps is that platforms such as these create competitions and virtual leagues wherein players participate for a buy-in fee and form their best team of players depending on the choice of sport. You do so as per your knowledge of the sports history, recent events and statistical performance and put this expertise to test in different online leagues and contests hosted in the best fantasy sports apps in India.

Your fantasy team then wins points relative to the performance of your chosen players in the actual match. Every time you play fantasy sports, you must strive to score the maximum number of points for your team to dominate the leaderboards so as to secure maximum cash prizes or rewards in the league.

Why are Sports fans so driven by Fantasy Sports?

Sports fans love to play fantasy sports due to one core reason that speaks to them by heart. Choosing to play fantasy sports gives you the legit opportunity to become truly invested in the theatrics and outcomes of the actual match you choose to watch on the screen.

Your love for the sport finally pays off and leads to fruition and as instead of being just a mere spectator, now you are rewarded for all the time you have spent following your favourite sport from a distance.

If you keep the monetary rewards aside, there’s more meaning added to your fantasy sports experience. Making your own fantasy sports team lets you pilot a team of your favourite players, manage and take real time decisions for the team. You take sole credit for your expertise as you become fully immersed in the performance of your team that you conjured out of scratch.

The satisfaction to play fantasy sports and see your personal decisions being validated instantaneously on the scoreboard speaks volumes of your commitment toward your favourite sport. If you choose to play fantasy sports on the best fantasy sports app in India, you enjoy access to the most reputed events, leagues and competitions on the domestic and global level.

How to Play Fantasy Sports Online?

Believe us when we say this, the process to play fantasy sports online is actually a cakewalk and doesn’t take more than a few minutes at stretch. This is a standard process users must follow to participate in a fantasy league of their choice on any given fantasy sports app of their choice.

  • You select the best fantasy sports app of your choice and download it on the device of your choice.
  • Create a user account by providing relevant information
  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to the game lobby
  • Select the format of the match you wish to play
  • Select the sports of your choice, say fantasy cricket
  • Pick the league or match from the list of upcoming matches you want to join
  • Form your best fantasy sports team of 11 players from both teams in action as per the fantasy rules
  • Click on “Submit” to lock in your team
  • Track the performance and stats of your players in real time, if the feature exists in the fantasy sports app.

That’s it. Sit back and enjoy the live match on your screen. Based on the performance of the chosen players in your team, your team receives points. The higher points you score, the higher your team ranks, the more points you earn and you win cash rewards accordingly. The amount of cash you earn depends on the prize pool and your position in the leaderboard.

Advantages of Playing Fantasy Sports on BalleBaazi

When you have decided to invest real money as a fan, it makes perfect sense to find the best fantasy sports app that doesn’t push you to look elsewhere. BalleBaazi is introduced to all fantasy players with this sole intent to guarantee the best fantasy sports app experience that marries the elements of fun and profits effortlessly.

  • Countless streams of practice contests for newcomers to jump on the bandwagon and learn from scratch.
  • Snappy app interface for smoother experience.
  • Play the best fantasy sports across popular sports such as Football, Cricket, Basketball, Kabaddi.
  • More games means more opportunities to play and win more.
  • Best Refer and Earn Program. Earn INR 500 on every successful referral to your friends.
  • 100% safe, legal and secure fantasy app.
  • Multiple payment options for secure and instant withdrawal.
  • Play private fantasy leagues with your friends and notch up the fun. Simply determine the buy-in, the number of players and send an invite code to your friends and play against one another.
  • RNG for fair play practice, all results are merit based.
  • Play cash leagues on the best fantasy sports app to generate free reward points.
  • Collect sufficient reward points and unlock awesome Loyalty rewards such as vacations, latest gadgets, bikes, four wheelers and cash prizes.
  • Year round promotions to help you enjoy maximum returns on the best fantasy sports app.

Fantasy Sports Tips & Tricks

Choosing to play Fantasy Sports is an exciting decision that’s so thrilling for fans worldwide that watching your favourite games raises the stakes automatically for fantasy players. If you wish to mint maximum income via your favourite sport though, it always helps to know the rules better and figure out ways how to create a fantasy team that wins.

We would recommend a few tactics and elements that you should ideally take into consideration if you choose to play fantasy sports on BalleBaazi and enjoy awesome rewards.

  • Do your homework and research for the match you’re about to play on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports app. Browse through player and team performance, recent history, track records, and stats to make informed decisions when picking players for your fantasy team.
  • When you play fantasy sports, it's wiser to make more than one fantasy team when playing for a particular league to broaden the scope of winning. Therefore, if you happen to score less in one match, you still gain returns from another.
  • Read the current news to stay updated on any changes, player injuries in case you need to make last minute changes to your team.
  • Do check out the score points and all other fantasy sports rules specific to the sport you choose to play to pick your team wisely.
  • Before you play fantasy sports leagues, follow match predictions by experts on the BalleBaazi blog to acquire insight as to what strategy would work best for your next game.
  • If you are completely new to fantasy sports, we recommend you play as many practice leagues on BalleBaazi Net (available on Play Store) to understand the format, structure and scoring system of fantasy sports.

How to Earn Money Online by Playing Fantasy Sports?

To play fantasy sports and earn money online on the BalleBaazi app is a cakewalk if you know how to play fantasy sports and its ensuing rules. Let us walk you through the process really quick.

  • Download the BalleBaazi best fantasy app on your device from the website/app store.
  • Create a user account within us for free by verifying your phone number or email address.
  • Sign in to your BalleBaazi account.
  • Choose the fantasy sports you wish to play for from the top menu bar.
  • Select cash league or private league.
  • Pick the fantasy league from the list in the app lobby.
  • Select your best team of players keeping in mind the fantasy sports rules when you play fantasy sports.
  • Add Cash to your BalleBaazi user account using your preferred mode of payment.
  • When the money reflects in your account, return to the lobby.
  • Apply any Promo code or Referral code, if any, to enjoy a bonus on your deposit.
  • That’s it. Now, relax and enjoy the live match on your screen.
  • As the players in your team perform in the live match, they accrue points for your team as per the fantasy rules.
  • The more points your fantasy team scores, the higher you rank in the leaderboard, the more money you win.

Play Fantasy Sports of the Top Kind on BalleBaazi

On the BalleBaazi fantasy sports app, you can play five different fantasy sports and enjoy its most popular leagues, domestic and international from around the world.

Fantasy Cricket

Play fantasy sports in Cricket and enjoy five exclusive formats and develop various niches. You can play Bowling, Batting Fantasy, Classic, Reverse, and Innings Fantasy. Each format has its own rules, feel free to choose one or play them all.

Fantasy Football

Be it the EPL – English Premier League, UEFA Champions League or the La Liga, your dream to be a part of the global encore comes true with Fantasy Football games. Join cash leagues or practice games as you prefer for stakes of your choice, receive valid points for your team’s performance and win cash prizes.

Fantasy Basketball

If you love to play fantasy sports, and Basketball is your jam, you must try Fantasy Basketball. A globally popular sport, Basketball consists of 5 players each who must aim to score a basket against each other in opposite courts. As per Basketball rules, the team who scores maximum baskets wins the game.

If you don’t have much practice playing basketball, you can play Fantasy Sports of Basketball on BalleBaazi to hone your skills and play cash games later to earn cash prizes.

Fantasy Baseball

Baseball is yet another bat and ball game that’s played between teams of two who take turns to bat and ball just like cricket. The goal of Baseball is to hit the ball with the bat to allow players to run the bases and advance counter clockwise to score runs across four bases. The defensive team prevents batters from running and advancing around the bases. So, when you play fantasy sports, the team that scores the maximum runs wins the game.

You can now play fantasy sports of Basketball on the best fantasy sports app and create your own fantasy team of the best 9 and rule the National League and American League.

Fantasy Kabaddi

Fantasy Kabbadi is the virtual skill-based variant of India’s most popular contact sport, Kabbadi. This one needs speed and quick thinking and reflexes at all times. On BallBaazi fantasy sports app, you can play Fantasy sports of Kabbadi on the go. From among the 7 players, pick a Captain and Vice Captain carefully in your fantasy Kabbadi team as per the Fantasy Sports app rules and join your favourite leagues to win real money!

Enjoy the Fantasy Sports Ride With BalleBaazi App

On the BalleBaazi fantasy sports app, you can access the best of fantasy leagues and play fantasy sports of the world’s most sought after leagues across stakes and earn awesome rewards and cash prizes daily!

Here are some of the world’s most popular fantasy matches you just can’t miss!

Upcoming Fantasy Sports Matches

The Hundred 2022

Inaugurated in 2021, the Hundred is one of a kind 100 ball only cricket tournament that comprises 8 men and 8 womens’ teams belonging from England and Wales’ major cities. The Hundred 2022 shall kick off in August 2022.

CPL 2022

The Cricket West Indies replaced the Caribbean Twenty20 to form the Premier Twenty20 tournament and is sponsored by Hero MotoCorp which later came to be known as the Hero CPL.

Asia Cup 2022

The Asia Cup is a mens’ ODI and T20 International cricket competition that was established with the intent to promote goodwill between all Asian countries. Since 1983, the international tournament goes live every two years, the next one is scheduled to go live on 27th August, 2022. Play Fantasy Sports for the Asia Cup on the best fantasy sports app and participate in the biggest leagues to claim rewards from massive guarantees.

T20 World Cup 2022

This one probably needs no introduction among cricket fans. The world’s most popular cricketing event, do not miss out on the most enticing fantasy leagues of the T20 World Cup 22, starting 16 October onwards. Play for button sized stakes and win from whooping prize pools on India’s best fantasy sports app.

UEFA Champions League

Contested by Europe’s top division clubs who get to decide tournament winners, the UEFA Champions league is an annual club football tournament that features round robin group stages and then, double legged knockout leading to a single leg final. Play high stakes fantasy football leagues of the UEFA 2022-23, form your best team of 11 on the fantasy sports app and stay updated on the latest for all updates on the BalleBaazi blog. Play to win from massive guarantees.

English Premier league

The English Premier League popularly known as the EPL is the world’s most celebrated event in the history of football, obviously, joining the fantasy realm makes perfect sense. Play fantasy sports on the best fantasy app and invite your friends too to battle against one another this season. The 30th season is about to close, so mint some money your way with eyes on the screen.

FIFA World Cup 2022

The 22nd season of the FIFA World Cup is about to kick off on November 21st till 18th December, 2022. Prep up with a few practice contests or utilize the EPL experience to spill some during the FIFA 2022 and win your worth on the best fantasy sports app.

Fantasy Sports FAQs

Fantasy sports are a virtual version of playing cricket matches online on a fantasy sports app. The best fantasy sports apps in India such as BalleBaazi hosts online leagues of popular leagues such as T20 World Cup, FIFA and other important domestic leagues of different nations. You play fantasy sports by forming your own virtual team of players from both teams in the match. The better your team players play in the real match, your team earns more points and wins cash rewards.

In India, the most popular fantasy sports is Cricket and Fantasy Football enjoys the highest participation globally, the highest in the United States and Canada, that makes around 78% of fantasy players according to Fantasy Sports Gaming Association.

Fantasy Sports is a combination of both skill, expertise and luck. No matter what fantasy sports you choose to play on the best fantasy sports app, players must have a fair amount of knowledge of the sport rules, ever changing dynamics of the game, players and teams in action, their recent stats and current form.

Without carrying sufficient knowledge and staying updated about recent sports events, you cannot form the best performing team when you play fantasy sports. The idea is to bet on your knowledge of the sport, blindly staking money won’t get you anywhere.

BalleBaazi is one of the highly rated and popular fantasy sports apps in India that features the world’s most watched sports, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Cricket, Kabaddi, Baseball and Basketball. You can download the fantasy sports app and enjoy multiple formats of the same league and triple your chances to win real money.

BalleBaazi is one of the best fantasy sports apps to play the Indian T20 Premier League because you get to enjoy five different formats of Fantasy Cricket and multiply your chances of winning real money and awesome rewards. Pick from Classic, Batting, Bowling, Reverse and Innings format and boost your returns. You can play both cash and private contests with your friends and win real cash.

You can play fantasy sports of five popular sports in India and the world on the BalleBaazi app. Players can enjoy scores of cash and private fantasy leagues across stakes on the best fantasy sports app of:

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Fantasy Basketball
  • Fantasy Kabaddi

Apply the best promotions on deposits to win cashback and increase your returns on BalleBaazi.

Play Fantasy Football on BalleBaazi to enjoy the best fantasy sports experience and enjoy hi-end returns on your investment. Create your own private league or select from the abundant list of cash leagues across stakes and win real cash and unlock amazing Loyalty Rewards.

100%. Fantasy Sports is a completely legal and secure experience in India provided you play on the best fantasy sports app that’s licensed under the government. Download BalleBaazi app for the best in class experience and avail top notch promotions and returns on every game. Players can enjoy instant withdrawals via multiple payment modes of their choice once they are KYC verified. However, state laws restrict real money games in their jurisdiction, particularly Assam, Sikkim, Nagaland, Odisha, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Yes, it's completely safe to play fantasy sports for real money on BalleBaazi. The fantasy sports app is 100% legal, licensed and secure from alien threats and malpractices. All players are KYC verified for real money games and winnings are transferred straight to your bank account.

Follow the key steps to boost your win rate when you play fantasy sports.

  • Make sure to watch out for last minute changes and additions in the final team that hits the field.
  • When you play fantasy sports cricket, always read the pitch conditions and commentary before the match begins.
  • Watch out for match predictions from the experts on the BalleBaazi blog regularly to make the best possible team.
  • Know your format well and master it, do not switch and shuffle.
  • Do your homework well and prepare in advance for your auction draft and final draft.
  • Do not always pick up popular players, study their current performance and include them accordingly.

Yes, you can win real money on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports app by completing your KYC verification. Thereafter, you can add and withdraw money via popular payment gateways such as UPI, Debit/credit cards, e-wallets and withdraw instantly directly to your bank account.

When you play fantasy sports, make a mental note to watch fantasy sports news and read blogs for upcoming team selection and player selection for latest events and tournaments. Follow accurate match predictions regularly to understand the current position of your favourite players in relation to the upcoming matches and make informed decisions accordingly.

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