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What is Fantasy Sports?

How To Play

Fantasy sports is an online prediction sports gaming forum where participants create a virtual team made up of real professional sports players.

  • The player earns fantasy points according to the real-time performances of the players (included in the fantasy team) in the intended match.
  • The fantasy points are based on conversion statistics identical to the original gameplay. Additionally, the better your selected players perform in the original game, the higher will be your fantasy points .
  • There are several types of the contest such as head-to-head, small leagues and mega tournaments. The fantasy sports app allots the rank points-wise and gives rewards accordingly.

Learn How To Play Fantasy Sports

Are you a beginner in the world of real fantasy sports and excited to experience the thrill just like the original one?  Don't worry, learning to play daily fantasy sports is as simple as you think. It does not require vast knowledge or aptitude. So, here's a quick set of instructions on how to play fantasy sports in India today.


Go to the registration page of your fantasy sports app or website, and register via your mobile number, email, or Facebook id. Then make a deposit of whatever amount you want to. On BalleBaazi, your first deposit could earn you a 100% bonus between INR 100-5000!

Chose a Fantasy Contest

There are hundreds of contests listed on the app or fantasy sports website of various sports. Select your desired sports and join the respective contests. These contests are of different types such as practice or free contests, cash tournaments, or private contests.

On BalleBaazi, you can play five different games in real fantasy sports in cricket: Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Kabaddi . Each fantasy sports has their own formats and contests.

Create Your Team

So, after your fantasy app download is done, select your game and start drafting your team. Select the players from the line-up to form your best possible team with 100 credit points.

Sit and Watch Your Scoreboard

Once the game begins, track the leaderboards and the performance of your players. You will get real-time updates on your daily fantasy sports app. As the game progresses, watch your team going up and down on the leaderboards .

Truly, you will be on a rollercoaster during the live match with fantasy cricket and shall experience the thrill with each moment.

Key Benefits Of Playing Online Fantasy Sports

Real fantasy sports websites are an engaging and interesting online gaming forum. You can feel the thrill just like an actual match and participate in multiple sports like fantasy cricket, fantasy football , fantasy basketball, etc. Let's discuss some key benefits of playing real fantasy sports in India.

Enhances Creativity and Learning Ability

Playing daily fantasy sports in India helps in fostering creativity along with training your mind. You make critical analysis on the various aspects while selecting the team.

Improve Decision-Making Ability

Drafting a perfect team involves a comparison of the past and current performance of the players and evaluating them in various parameters, thus improving your decision-making skills.

Realistic Experience While Playing

You are the manager of your virtual team, which is just identical to the real ones. Hence, without a doubt, you enter a suspense thriller with fantasy sports apps equivalent to the original match.

Earn Real Money and Rewards

Finally, your hard work gets paid off because you get to earn real money and rewards based on your team performance. Many people stated that they play fantasy sports and make side incomes to enjoy some luxury.

Fantasy Sports Tips and Tricks

Here is a quick set of tips and tricks that will increase your chances of winning in real fantasy sports.

  • Analyse the player's current and past performance and make the decision accordingly.
  • Choose your team's captain and vice-captain wisely.
  • Create multiple teams and participate in different types of the contest, it will increase your winning possibility.
  • Choose the right combination of the team considering all the critical aspects.
  • Most importantly, learn from past mistakes and don't repeat the same errors in the future.
  • For instance, check whether the players you have chosen have not met with any recent injury and accordingly, figure out the substitutes that could lead your team to victory.

Why Play Fantasy Sports Online?

Real fantasy sports attract millions of virtual players, which means it is loved by people and sports lovers across the country. Here are a few reasons to download a fantasy sports app and start playing.

  • The game offers the opportunity to earn real money and various other rewards with little investment.
  • A suitable platform for sports enthusiasts to make use of their gaming skills and knowledge.
  • Provides friendly competition and a real experience similar to the actual game.
  • The best fantasy sports apps also offer a perfect arena to socialize with different sports lovers.

Rise of Fantasy Sports in India

India is home to the fastest emerging market for fantasy sports. A nation with more than a billion people, purely devoted to cricket. Thus, cricket also rules the fantasy sports arena in India.

  • The Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) regulates fantasy sports India as a whole.
  • The exceptional feature of best fantasy sports apps depends on real-time matches, availability and accessibility to tournaments throughout the year truly making it your time..
  • With an ever growing base of the Indian cricket community, as per KPMG and FIFS, this online gaming sector will be worth US$ 3.4 billion by the year 2024 further expanding the growth of new players in the fantasy sports circuit.

Get Your Fantasy Sports App

In India, the fantasy market is experiencing remarkable growth in the past decade. There are several fantasy sports websites in India and various new entrants are coming with passing days. Typically, people generally prefer an app over a fantasy sports website for playing such games.

If you are looking for one today, make a grand entrance to the world of real fantasy sports in India with BalleBaazi. Download our fantasy sports app without second thoughts because the choices you will have with us are too many. From cricket to basketball to soccer to baseball to kabaddi, we have got it all covered under one platform. All these daily fantasy sports carry their special game formats and exclusive tournaments that you can be a part of and win real money in real time.

Fantasy Sports FAQs – h3

How do you play fantasy sports?

The process is too simple.

  • Firstly, open the fantasy sports app or website and create your account.
  • Secondly, join a game by selecting your desired contest from a wide range of sports. You can further filter contests by day, kind of sports, contest type, and entry fee.
  • Once you join your desired contest, you will enter the most thrilling part of daily fantasy sports: picking a perfect team using your sports knowledge.
  • Lastly, sit and watch. Once the game begins, the following lineups will get locked. You can't make any adjustments, however, you can watch your score in real-time and win real as per your team’s performance.

What are fantasy games or sports?

In layman's language, fantasy games are online prediction events wherein you put together a virtual team of real sports players. You earn points based on the performance of in-game players, the real-time statistics converted into fantasy points.

At the end of the match, the fantasy gamers with the highest fantasy points win the game and real money is distributed among the contestants accordingly.

Which fantasy sport is most popular?

The popularity of fantasy sports is based on region. For example, cricket is a devotion in India, so fantasy cricket is the trend here, whereas, at a worldwide level, football fantasy is much more popular than other sports. Some of the most popular real fantasy sports events are the Indian Premier League (IPL), National Basketball Association (NBL), and English Premier League (EPL).

How does fantasy sports make money?

Fantasy Sports allows fantasy players to create virtual teams similar to real players from professional sports. The fantasy players are being charged fees to join the contest, and this generates primary revenue for the real fantasy sports or games. Apart from participation fees, it also makes money through advertising, sponsorships, and partnerships with various companies in the sports industry.

How do you win fantasy sports?

Honestly, winning fantasy sports in India requires both knowledge and fortune. Here are few additional tips to increase your winning possibilities:

  • Analyse the valuable players and compare their last performances.
  • Select your team captain and vice-captain carefully.
  • Create multiple teams and participate in several contests to increase your winning chances.

Can you make money playing daily fantasy sports?

Yes, you can certainly make a lot of money by playing real fantasy sports. It doesn't matter if you are an amateur or professional, you can easily make money using your unique strategies and knowledge about specific sports i.e cricket, football, basketball, and baseball. If your team performs well and better than others, you can win real cash.

Are fantasy sports gambling?

No, certainly not! Fantasy sports are a game of skill and knowledge and hence, do not fall into the spectrum of gambling. In real fantasy sports, gamers have to use sports knowledge, whereas gambling is a pure game of chance.

How big is the fantasy sports industry?

According to a recent report published by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) and KMPG, the gross revenue of online fantasy sports operators stood at ₹ 2,400 crores ($ 340.47 million) in FY 2020 compared to ₹ 920 crores ($ 131.64million) in FY 2019, nearly three times annual growth. Further, the Indian fantasy sports market is expected to be valued at around US $3.7 billion by 2024.

Enjoy The Fantasy Ride With BalleBaazi

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