How To Play

A predictor is an app that takes users' inputs regarding probable outcomes and rewards the user based on their assumptions on the same. Predictor apps have done really well in stimulating public opinion on social scenarios while also rewarding them with real cash. Match Predictor apps have a lot of games within their purview, including games like Football, Kabaddi, Tennis and Baseball. However, Predictor apps are most popular in cricket matches across all formats. In order to excel and make the most of a cricket predictor, one needs to have a sound knowledge of the game that they are predicting, a grasp of the recent history of the teams and the team members involved, and a basic understanding of probability. Once these bases are covered, match prediction becomes fairly easy and fun.

What are the different types of Predictors?

Predictor apps are often divided into two functionalities. The categories are typically devised to host Predictor leagues and Predictor Polls. While the names are pretty self-explanatory, let us go through how these work in terms of match prediction.

Predictor Leagues

In predictor leagues, a user needs to make unique predictions regarding smaller components of the game. In a cricket match predictor, a user will get the chance to predict the first innings score, the first-wicket partnership, and the probable runs scored by a batter or the number of wickets taken by the bowler. In order to excel in the Predictor Leagues, a user needs to have sound knowledge of the team and the players and their recent track record.

Predictor Polls

Getting a predictor poll right is a matter of probability working out in the favour of the user. A user will simply need to answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ against real-time event-based questions in order to get rewarded.

How to Play Predictor Games?

Once the user has downloaded the match predictor app, they will get a chance to play in either of the categories: Predictor Leagues and Predictor Polls. In order to play in the predictor polls, the user needs to fix a price and then select the number of contests. Following this, they will be provided with an analytics insight and the latest trends graph to help them make an informed decision. Once you make your bid final, you will have to wait for events to transpire in order to win the rewards. You can easily withdraw these rewards if they are in the form of real cash prizes to your bank account. You choose from a host of matches to play in and get your rewards from multiple matches.

What are the rules of a Predictor app?

Even though a predictor is fairly straightforward as you just have to place your money on events that you feel have a higher probability of happening, there are certain rules to adhere to:

  • All your predictions should be unique. You cannot repeat your predictions.
  • In case from an array of predictions, no single prediction matches the eventual outcome of the match, the closest prediction is heralded as the winner.
  • Players can make multiple predictions as long as they do not mimic each other and the number of predictions that a player can make depends on the question card.
  • In case the eventual outcome is a tie, the prize money that the winners will get will be different from the initial prize money that was disclosed to the players.
  • Adhering to governmental regulations, prize money that exceeds 10000 will be credited to the user after a 31.2% TDS deduction.

Tips and Tricks to win in BalleBaazi’s Match Predictor Leagues and Polls

Placing your faith in an event or a team is the easy bit in Match Predictions. The events that ensue prior to that decision making is what determines the outcome of your stakes. The following tips can help you maximize your returns when you choose to play on BalleBaazi match predictor.

Analyze the Team

Go through the recent history of the team that you want to place your stakes on. Check their winning statistics and see if there is a possibility of a disruption caused due to the absence of key figures in the team or the playing conditions.

Your Prediction Strategy

As a newcomer, it is very important to settle on a wagering strategy. If you are new, chances are that you are skeptical to risk-taking, so you will probably play it safe and earn marginal profits. As you progress, you will realize that there is no one single approach that is universally beneficial.

Diversify Your Matches

Sometimes it's beneficial for players, as they gain their confidence in cricket prediction, to place their wagers on matches that are considered a bit unique in the community. The sources of profit among less popular cricket matches are higher and since the odds are higher, the matches are harder to predict. This entails that your chances of winning are high.

Bankroll Management

If you are planning to play for stakes on Predictor leagues, you should keep track of your finances. Avoid placing overly large stakes on a single match and limit your wagers to 1-2% of your bankroll. If you are sure, you will win a prediction, don't exceed 10% of your bankroll. When you place your stakes online, make sure the site pays its players as promised. Although playing for real money on cricket can be a lucrative way to earn money, it is important not to rely too heavily on this income source because it can quickly become uncomfortably risky.

Staying Calm

When you lose a prediction, it can be tempting to increase your wagers in the Match Predictor app without calculations but this only leads to more lost money. It’s important not to allow negative emotions to gain control over your decisions. If you lose a prediction, the best thing you can do is use this experience to learn how to start earning money. Take a break and try to analyze the factors that led to the failure. It will keep you from repeating similar mistakes in the future.

Know Your Limits

When you are new to match prediction or trying out a new strategy, don't put in all your money right away. Start with small amounts of money on Predictor polls until you gain confidence in your skills, then increase your stakes gradually. However, do make sure you'll have enough money left over for living expenses.

Eliminating Favoritism

If you have deep feelings for your team, you might be tempted to play them for more money.  Although this might make you feel good about yourself, it can be a costly mistake. When you play for real money, you should always decide whether it is a good decision based on logic and probability, not just on emotion.

Games You Can Play under Predictor Leagues and Predictor Polls

  • Cricket

    Answer with a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ on predictor polls and win handsome rewards. Play in a variety of leagues to maximize winnings.

  • Football

    Make the best assumptions on the outcomes of live football matches before they commence and wait out the duration of the match to claim your rewards.

  • Kabaddi

    Join the community of Kabaddi enthusiasts as they make predictions on the events of a Kabaddi match and see your team reward you.

  • Tennis

    Be it the Australian Open or the Roland Garros, BalleBaazi Predictor gives you a wide array of matches to choose from to play and win real money.

Predictor FAQs

BalleBaazi Predictor is the best match prediction app in India introduced by the fantasy gaming app giant. It is easy to use and intuitive and encompasses multiple sports like Cricket, Football, Tennis, and Kabaddi. Besides, the number of games it allows the user to play is way more than its counterparts.

As users, we can predict match scores and even partnerships between batters on the Predictor league hosted by BalleBaazi. Besides, you can also poll on scores in the Predictor polls as a simple ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

Match Predictor is primarily a skill-based game that requires you to have core knowledge of the sports that you are wagering your knowledge on. The player should have a decent understanding of the recent history of the side and the team members along with a working knowledge of probability.

The BalleBaazi Predictor app provides you with a unique opportunity to earn money while demonstrating how good you are at analyzing sporting events. Besides, you get to choose from a host of games and the deposits and withdrawals are instant and easy which reduces apprehensions that you might have about online transactions.

Depositing money and withdrawing your winning money is as simple as it gets on the BalleBaazi predictor app. With just a few clicks, you will be able to transfer the money that you have won to your account.

There are two types of BalleBaazi predictors: Predictor league and Predictor polls. In predictor leagues, a user has to make a unique prediction and the closest prediction to the actual outcome wins you rewards. In predictor polls, the user has to choose between a ‘YES’ and a ‘NO’ and wait for the events to play themselves out.

Predictor is a skill-based game and because of that, it is considered legal to play skill games in our country. Besides, BalleBaazi is a legitimate site that follows government regulations to conduct its activities and their payments are secured and safe from alien attacks. BalleBaazi assures customer assistance in case of a mishap and promotes responsible gaming at its best for all users.