Dabang Delhi

Certain sports are integral to the country and are played in every other household, and kabaddi is one such game. People from all over the country love to play the sport by drawing a line in between the two teams and crossing the same to touch the other player, and running back to his or her team's side. The Pro Kabaddi League with teams like Delhi Dabang has made the sport even way more popular.

Dabang Delhi History

Dabang Delhi franchise is based in the country's capital city, with Joginder Singh Narwal as the Dabang Delhi captain. Krishan Kumar Hooda is the Dabang Delhi coach under the ownership of Radha Kapoor. Dabang Delhi managed to reach their first playoffs in the 2018-19 season after a pretty bad run in the rest of the earlier seasons.

The Dabang Delhi team finished at the 6th position in the first two seasons, while it finished at 8th, 7th, 6th positions in the season 3, 4, and 5th seasons respectively. In the 6th season, there was a new face in the Dabang Delhi team as well in the PKL in general. Naveen Kumar Dabang Delhi was that youngster in the Dabang Delhi players who created history by becoming the first 2000s born player in the Pro Kabaddi League.

Dabang Delhi K.C. Owners

The eldest daughter of Rana Kapoor is the owner of the Dabang Delhi team. As far as the business is considered, Radha Kapoor has got her instincts from his father, who is none other than the Yes Bank CEO and MD. Kapoor founded the DoIT Sports Management Pvt. Limited, which owns the Dabang Delhi franchise.

However, Dabang Delhi isn't her only involvement in sports as she also owns the Mumbai franchise in the HIL and has been a presenter in the IPL too. When asked about her choice in the kabaddi, she made it clear that the game has the right TRP and popularity but was lacking in augmentation and ways of making the game way more alluring. With the Dabang Delhi and with the help of Dabang Delhi players like Naveen Kumar, she and her company aim to do the same.

Dabang Delhi Stats

Dabang Delhi didn't have a proper start in the Pro Kabaddi League, with the team finishing at the bottom of the leagues' points table. If you consider the bigger picture, Delhi Dabang players have managed to win 47 matches out of the 126 matches in 7 seasons. The number of losses stands at 69 with 10 draws in the League. The team finished at the 1st position in the 7th season after qualifying for the playoffs in the 6th season.

Best Performers of Dabang Delhi

If you talk about the best performers, Naveen Kumar is the one name that has to be mentioned. Apart from being a star player, Naveen Kumar in PKL made history on debuting with the Dabang Delhi team as the only player born in the 2000s.

Despite his young age, Naveen Kumar Pro Kabaddi League created a new record by being the top performer in season 6, which was also his first season in the League. The 5ft 10-inch tall young Dabang Delhi raider earned 177 points in the 6th season and continued with his brilliant performance in the 7th season too.

Along with Naveen Kumar Dabang Delhi, the other top performers include Ravinder Pahal as the defender and Meraj Sheykh as the Dabang Delhi all-rounder. Under the guidance of the Dabang Delhi captain, the team with its star performers managed to reach the finals, where they faced the Bengal Warriors.

Dabang Delhi Records

Talking about the records of the team, there are several aspects to consider. The biggest margin of winning for Dabang Delhi is against Puneri Paltan at 23 in the first season itself. The total number of successful raids is 1853 for the Dabang Delhi players, while the success rate percentage stands at a mighty 44 points. With top raiders like Naveen Kumar Pro Kabaddi, the total number of raid touchpoints of the Dabang Delhi team is now at 1759 while collecting 561 bonus points. The successful tackle percentage is at a decent 37%, with 1121 defense points.

Dabang Delhi Team and Players

Over the years, there have been additions and changes in the team. First, talking about the raiders amongst the Dabang Delhi players, Naveen Kumar PKL, Chandran Ranjit, Aman Kadian, Neeraj Narwal, and Sumit Kumar are the ones responsible for the raid points. Now talking about the defenders, the Dabang Delhi captain himself is the defender in the left corner along with the other defenders that include Mohit, Vishal, Pratik, Ravinder, Anil, Saeid, Satywan, Sumit, and Sombir. The Dabang Delhi team also constitutes three all-rounders that include Balram, Meraj, and Vijay.

Dabang Delhi Match Schedule 2021

Dabang Delhi is likely to start its Pro Kabaddi League on 24th July with their match against Telegu Titans, followed by Tamil Thalaivas and Haryana Steelers on 25th and 28th, respectively.

The Dabang Delhi players need to be in a proper format as the schedule is a hectic one with lots of matches and fewer gaps.

In August, the Dabang Delhi team will start from the first day, followed by the 5th and 10th, and continue the rest of the schedule after a week's gap. There is another week's gap, after which there are back-to-back matches on 24th, 25th, 28th, and 30th, with the rest of the matches in September and October.

Dabang Delhi PAA’s

What is the name of the Pro Kabaddi Delhi team?

The franchise name of the Delhi Dabang team is Dabang Delhi, with Joginder Singh Narwal as the Dabang Delhi captain and Krishan Kumar Hooda as the Dabang Delhi coach.

Will Dabang Delhi qualify?

The recent Dabang Delhi team looks strong from all the necessary aspects. Naveen Kumar is definitely the man who has impressed all the Kabaddi fans. But even keeping him aside, Dabang Delhi is well-balanced, and their progress can be seen in season 6 and 7. Therefore, chances of the team qualifying are quite high.

Can Dabang Delhi win season 8?

There are chances of winning Season 8 if you consider the recent records and numbers of the Dabang Delhi team. They lost to the Bengal Warriors in the last season and should have learned from the mistakes to win the title.

How many Tackle Points did Dabang Delhi score in the Title Winning Season?

Dabang Delhi hasn't yet won any title, but the team has managed to score decent points in the last two seasons. Fans may kook forward to the coming season for tougher fights and raids.

So Can Delhi Dabang Win the PKL Dabang Style?

The Dabang Delhi team made real progress in the last two to three seasons with changes and better gameplay. So, you need to wait to get the right answers but while you enjoy watching the game, go to BalleBaazi for winning real money by selecting your own fantasy team and being an active part of your favorite Fantasy Kabaddi league this 2021. What more, sign up for free and you get to play the first match for FREE too!

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