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BalleBaazi's reward Programme

BalleBaazi, one of the best fantasy sports app in India, has set its own name distinctively in the fantasy sports universe. What started off as a revolutionary fantasy cricket app has now become the home of fantasy sports in India with Fantasy Kabaddi & Fantasy Football as its new add-ons. The Fantasy Cricket format introduced on BalleBaazi in January 2018 became the first and the only platform to feature 3 different fantasy formats:

  1. Classic Fantasy: Choose 11 players and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice-Captain.
  2. Batting Fantasy: Choose only 5 batsmen and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice-Captain.
  3. Bowling Fantasy: Choose only 5 bowlers and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice-Captain.

For over the past 2 years, BalleBaazi has proven to be one of the most rewarding Indian Fantasy Cricket app with over 3 million gamers live on the platform every single day. After the inclusion of Fantasy Football and Fantasy Kabaddi, the platform has reached a mammoth amount of sports lovers.

Today, Cricket is not less than a religion in the country with millions and billions of fans watching the games live either in the stands or at home. A Fantasy Cricket app like BalleBaazi gives a chance to these cricket-crazy frenzies to live the game and get more indulged in their favourite teams' strategies. BalleBaazi gives an opportunity to the sport-loving fans of our nation to choose their own teams along with the choice of their Captains & Vice-Captains. What's better? The rewards at BalleBaazi are as mouth-watering as they can get. From GTDs of over 25 lakhs to gadgets, smartphones, LED TVs... the sky is the limit!

As we all know, it's time for the Indian T20 League to begin and the best time to play Indian T20 League on one of the best fantasy cricket platforms in India: BalleBaazi. Huge rewards and huge real cash prizes are coming up in this year's edition of the IPL so you better pull up your socks and put those cricketing skills & knowledge to work. The prize pool last year of the IPL Fantasy Cricket on BalleBaazi was worth 5 Crores in winnings and this year it's only going to be bigger and better.

BalleBaazi Fantasy brings a new wave in the fantasy sports industry: The Reward Programme

Fantasy Cricket at BalleBaazi follows one simple thumb rule: to provide its users with the best fantasy sports experience. Now, as you know, like every game there are highs and lows and fantasy cricket is no stranger to this philosophy. When an underdog player plays a game-changing knock, fantasy gaming statistics go for a toss and that's the moment when we blame the element of knowledge and skill in online fantasy gaming. The only element of risk in fantasy cricket has been your best pick not performing the way you intend him/her to and the game going down south, along with your dreams of earning massive real cash at the time.

Now, BalleBaazi has been blessed with a group of intellectual minds that have always turned up with jaw-dropping ideas, and the BB Crew's latest obsession is to eliminate the factor of risk in fantasy gaming. This might sound crazy to you but just imagine the following scenarios in online fantasy cricket:

What if you could never lose?

What if the result does not matter to you?

What if your team scores big or not, you always get to be the winner?

Presenting an all-new revolution in the history of Fantasy Cricket: The Reward Programme

Reward Programme is a new and exciting way to cheer up our fantasy sports enthusiasts, playing on BalleBaazi. When you lose a match, we understand the frustration that goes on in your mind! Well, there's no need to sledge yourself in the mirror anymore, because the Reward Programme is here!

When you do not make it to the winner's prize pool, you get exclusive BB coins that carry a certain value which can be used to buy exclusive merchandise from BalleBaazi like digital vouchers, promo codes, free tickets, and a hell lot more!

Here's how the reward programme is going to work:

  1. Lost a match? No problems! Check out the BB rewards tab right at the centre of your screen.
  2. At the top left corner, the coins credited in your account will be displayed.
  3. The rewards will be listed on the screen and once you are eligible for, it will be clickable.
  4. Redeem the reward* as per the coins assigned to you.
  5. Digital rewards will be credited to your account within 6-7 hours.
  6. Physical rewards such as merchandise will be delivered within 15 business days.

So, now winning is not the only way to earn on BalleBaazi. Keep Playing, Keep Winning!

*Users can redeem the same reward again only after a span of 30 working days.

With the Indian T20 league approaching along with the Men's T20 World Cup later this year, the reward programme might not only get you free tickets to the matches but also you get a chance to win rewards worth ₹ 7 lakhs and more.


Q1. What are reward coins?
A: Reward coins or BB coins are credited in your account when you lose a match. These coins can be used at the Reward store on your BalleBaazi app. Redeem these coins at the store to purchase exclusive giveaways/merchandise suited to the number of coins credited in your account.

2. What is reward store?
A: Reward store is an exclusive one-stop shop for Fantasy Sports lovers to redeem exclusive benefits such as tickets, BB merchandise, gadgets etc. These exclusive merchs, tickets & gadgets can be bought only via BB coins.

3. What is the value of the coins?
A: The value of the coins will be defined by the kind of leagues you play. Every league carries a certain value when you join to avail the benefits of the reward programme.

4. Is it true? Even after losing, one can earn Reward Coins.
A: Yes, as crazy as that might sound! That is the only way you can earn reward coins. Win a match, get real cash and when you lose, get coins.

5. What all purchases I can make with Reward Coins?
A: We have everything to offer from ₹5 real cash to free tickets, smartphones, bikes and even a grand reward of an automobile.Checkout the entire listing here:

6. What is the Grand Prize that can be earned using these coins?
A: The Grand Prize available if you earn 14000000 worth of BB Coins you get to own a car worth ₹7 lakhs. How insane is that! Keep playing fantasy cricket and win a car, even when you lose.

7. Can I withdraw these Reward Coins?
A: The reward coins are non-redeemable and can only be used to buy rewards. If digital, these rewards will be credited to your BB account within 6-7 hours and logistics based rewards will come straight to your delivery address within 15 business days.

8. Can I use these Reward Coins for joining Leagues & Tournaments on Ballebaazi?
A: Yes, when you reach a certain value of BB coins credited in your account, you might just win yourself free tickets to exclusive leagues and tournaments on BalleBaazi.

Win a match, get cash and when you lose get coins! It's that simple with one of the best fantasy sports apps: BalleBaazi . These BB coins can then be redeemed at the rewards store in the app and you can win prizes worth ₹ 7 lakhs.

The reasons to play on the BalleBaazi app will just keep growing more and more as we will come up with some more exciting offers as the Indian T20 season approaches us. The BB Crew is working day in and day out to bring the best fantasy sports experience to you where you might as well see fantasy sports contests where you can get free fantasy cricket tickets to real- time matches. Contests on our social media channels will be live, so make sure you follow us across all media for the best of fantasy sports and if you are looking for fantasy cricket tips and tricks, do not forget to check out the BalleBaazi blog every match day.