BalleBaazi's Currency

BalleBaazi has been proved to be a one-stop destination for all fantasy sports lovers. Being one of the most rewarding fantasy gaming platform, BalleBaazi understands the needs of its users that have reached a million plus every month. Coming up with Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football and Fantasy Kabaddi over the years have given sports lovers throughout the country one common platform to express their love for the games. Fantasy gaming on BalleBaazi is a test of skill and knowledge of the user rewarding them with loads and loads of real cash online

The Fantasy Cricket format introduced on BalleBaazi in January 2018 became the first and the only platform to feature 3 different fantasy formats:

  1. Classic Fantasy: Choose 11 players and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice Captain.
  2. Batting Fantasy: Choose only 5 batsmen and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice Captain.
  3. Bowling Fantasy: Choose only 5 bowlers and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice Captain

BalleBaazi offers the most authentic and safe way to cater to user transactions. There are plenty of SSL protocols that help it in becoming the most secure fantasy sports platform where the users' money is safely transacted through deposits and withdrawals. Fairplay is one of our main core values at BalleBaazi and we understand how important your hard-earned money is and its security is our priority.

BalleBaazi has recently integrated withdrawals via PayTM down to as low as ₹10 and has become the first fantasy gaming platform to do so. Now, you don't have to keep playing more in order to reach the minimum value amount to withdraw your winnings because ₹10 can get credited to your account in a flash via PayTM.

BalleBaazi offers huge pool and variety of leagues across the sports it features on the platform. The league structures includes micro leagues, mega leagues, Baazigar 10K, 20K, 50K, etc. that cater to the needs of a vast variety of audience.

Mega League: Join in at ₹ 49 and get a chance to win the biggest prize pool in every match. Prizes worth ₹30 lakhs in every match.

Baazigar: Join in at a minimum amount of as low as ₹10 and get a chance to win cash prize worth ₹50,000

Fast: Join in at as low as ₹6 and as high as up to ₹6000. A 4-way battle where you can prove your Baazigari and impress your peeps.

Micro: Small buy-ins and small winnings to keep your pocket money in-check.

& many more...

Apart from the huge league pool, BalleBaazi offers exclusive BalleBaazi codes available in the promotions tab to give its users huge bonuses up to ₹50,000 and more. One of the best codes in fantasy sports has been START100 that gives 100% bonus on the first deposit done by the user that ranges between ₹100- ₹5,000. BalleBaazi gives away new promotions every month and a chance to its users to earn more and more real cash in online gaming. The only fantasy sports platform to give away so many consistent bonuses throughout the year is your one and only BalleBaazi. One of a kind promotions in the market along with the all-new Gadget League that gives you the opportunity to win your favourite smartphone and other gadgets like Bluetooth speaker, smart watches, etc.

While we are all aware how fun it is to play fantasy cricket and resolve friendly banters among friends and family, BalleBaazi has brought a revolutionary change in their Refer & Earn model. Right before the IPL Fantasy, we bring to you a chance to bring more of your friends and family on BalleBaazi and give you an extra way to earn real cash on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports platform. Make way for the one & the only Partnership Programme!

The Partnership Programme

Why only earn real cash while playing fantasy sports on BalleBaazi when you can refer more and earn more and become a partner with one of the best fantasy sports app: BalleBaazi! Why play alone when you can get your friends and family on board & make it your own hub of fantasy gaming and make real money on the side?

This is how we are going to make BalleBaazi, a battleground for you and your friends:

  • Refer a Friend
  • He/She joins in & makes their first deposit
  • You earn real cash in your BB wallet

Features of Partnership Programme

  • You can make as many number of referrals as you want and earn on every first-time deposit your friends make on the BalleBaazi App.
  • You get 100 bonus in your BB wallet and an extra 10% of the first-time deposit of your friend as real cash in your BB wallet.
  • This real cash will be transferred to the 'Affiliate Cash' which will be a part of your BB Wallet.
  • You can transfer the funds from your 'Affiliate Cash' wallet to the 'Unused Cash' wallet.
  • This real cash money can then be utilized in joining more and more leagues in the upcoming matches on BalleBaazi.


Isn't that absolutely crazy? Get the bonus and get real money straight into your BB wallet to make your fantasy gaming experience bigger and better only on BalleBaazi. This won't be just it, as we will be coming up with up to 500+ special rewards and an extraordinary 1000+ extraordinary rewards for our beloved partners on BalleBaazi via the Partnership Programme.

Now, you might have seen an added feature of the Affiliate cash and Unused cash portions of the BB wallet. What are these?

Affiliate Cash: This is your extra real cash kitty which will consist of the real money you make by making maximum of your friends play on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports platform. The more you refer, the more you earn. On each referral apart from the ₹100 bonus money that you make, you get to earn 10% of the first time deposit of your friend (up to ₹50) in your BB wallet. This extra 10% finds its place in the affiliate cash component of your BB wallet and is transferrable to the unused cash component of the BB wallet.

Deposite Cash: This component of the BB wallet is your Fantasy Cricket kit meaning the amount of money that you'll be needing to join the absolutely rewarding leagues on BalleBaazi. The unused cash can be utilized to take part in the upcoming matches on BalleBaazi using which you can join leagues and make your teams on the platform. This unused cash helps you in saving your own money to put as a rake in BalleBaazi. When you deposit an amount in your BB wallet, it goes into your unused cash component and can be used to join more leagues. Redeem code option on the app gives the chance to users to earn unused cash which is only released on specific occasions through our affiliate partners or in exclusive BalleBaazi contests on our social media channels.

Some other important components of the BB wallet include:

Winning Cash: The only withdrawable component in the BB wallet is your hard-earned real cash. This real cash is withdrawable from ₹10 to ₹2 lakhs in one go. If you withdraw any amount more than ₹9,999, a TDS of 31.2% will be charged on the winnings. This amount can also be used in order to join more leagues on BalleBaazi and win more and more real cash online. Your winnings are your real cash usable in all walks of life so transact wisely and keep playing on one of the best fantasy sports app ever.

Bonus Cash: When you use a promotion code available on BalleBaazi, you get a certain bonus amount in your wallet. This extra money can only be redeemed in specific leagues only and that too, only a certain portion of the bonus amount can be used. For eg. if you get ₹100 bonus in your BB wallet and join a 20% usable bonus league, which can be a mega league for instance that is worth ₹49. So, in this case ₹20 will be deducted from your bonus cash available in your BB wallet and the rest ₹29 will be deducted from your unused cash/winnings (as the case maybe). Therefore, bonus helps you to save your money so keep a check on the BalleBaazi codes. The bonus cash is available only for a duration of 90 days from the day of deposit.

BB Coins/ The Reward Programme

Another exclusive form of currency that BalleBaazi offers is the BB Coins. But along with BB Coins, it’s very necessary to understand the Reward Programme which offers a one-of-a-kind reward store for the first time in fantasy sports. The Reward Programme is all about winning even when you lose in the game. When you win a match, you get real cash in your Winnings on the BB wallet. When you lose, you gain BB coins that you can redeem to win exclusive vouchers, merchandise, etc. from the BB reward store. The more you lose the more coins you get!

Check out more about the BB reward store here

Free entry tickets to various leagues can be earned via our social media contest on our Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. So make sure, you stay updated across social media and our beloved BalleBaazi blog where you get exclusive access to fantasy cricket tips and tricks.

So keep playing and keep winning real cash daily online on BalleBaazi. Your winnings are waiting for you!

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