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What is a Fantasy App?

Fantasy app is a mobile application that allows users to create their fantasy teams and compete with other players worldwide in various fantasy sports. These apps offer sports like cricket, football, basketball, cricket, and more, with options to create leagues, invite friends, and win prizes. 

The list of fantasy apps can be endless especially with new apps released every year. According to experts, the best fantasy app should offer a seamless user experience and a wide range of sports, leagues and competitions. It should have easy-to-use tools to create and manage teams. 

Additionally, the app should have a robust scoring system, detailed player statistics, and real-time updates to keep users engaged and informed. A handsome real cash reward becomes an extra incentive for the players and users willing to try out the fantasy app and enjoy different online sports. 

This is where BalleBaazi comes in. It offers a variety of popular sports, including football and kabaddi, with unique features to enhance user experience and spill in unlimited opportunities to win BIG. 

For now, let’s dig into the fantasy app and begin with the benefits of playing games on Fantasy Apps online before moving to the BalleBaazi fantasy app. 

Benefits of Playing Games on Fantasy Apps Online

Every sports enthusiast of cricket, football or kabaddi loves to play the game or wishes to engage with the sport by using his knowledge of the game on a daily basis. This is where games on Fantasy Apps come in handy. 

These apps offer Fantasy Cricket, Fantasy Football and Fantasy Kabaddi with various formats. The games allow players to use their understanding of the game to display and improve their skills and strategizing ability. Players can also win big cash prizes by putting together a solid team of top players in their fantasy squad. 

Nothing can get more intense than a challenge to engage with your favourite sport, top the leaderboards and win big. With such challenges, the excitement is manifold and players like to try out every game with different formats, leagues and competitions. 

Moreover, the opportunity to strengthen relations with friends, families and colleagues with tons of fun extends the already long list of benefits. 

How To Choose The Best Fantasy App?

Various factors contribute to deciding the best fantasy app in the market. Due to the rise in popularity of fantasy sports and the use of fantasy apps to play them, various apps have come into the market offering the most promising user experience and rewards. 

Therefore, we must look at certain aspects of the fantasy app before deciding if it is the best app for the user. These aspects are:

  • Multiple choices of favourite sports to help users expand their skill set and never miss out on the best leagues of the season, no matter the sport preferred.

  • Multiple bonuses and promotions must exist on the app, like welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, festival promotions and bonus rewards.

  • The fantasy app must provide minimum investment and maximum returns.

  • Easy to understand user interface and minimum in-app friction for the most seamless user experience.

  • The app must have easy-to-use tools to create and manage multiple teams, easy-to-understand scoring system, detailed player statistics, and real-time updates to keep users engaged and informed.

  • Users must be able to create custom competitions and join private leagues to win huge prizes and multiply the returns. 

  • Free games and practice contests across formats to help new users learn the game from scratch and tackle all aspects of the game.

  • RNG certification for unbiased and 100% skill-based experience and results.

  • Responsible gaming features in the app promote healthy gaming behaviour and encourage playing in moderation.

  • The app must safeguard user data through safe and secure transactions besides facilitating instant deposits and withdrawals of your cash winnings.

How to Play Different Games on Fantasy Apps? (Gameplay, Rules, Point System)

Undoubtedly, the Fantasy App's games are skill games, requiring the player to have an understanding of the game. There are certain steps one must follow to play online sports on the fantasy app. 

  • Click on the ‘fantasy' tab on the app’s home screen.

  • Select the game you wish to play.

  • Select the players as per your game to create the fantasy team.

  • Select a captain and vice-captain from the players on the team.

  • Join a league or competition you want to play in and pay the entry fee.

  • As the match begins, your fantasy team will earn points based on the performance of the players you have chosen.

  • Stay connected to BalleBaazi to check the team's performance in the real-time.

  • Win cash prizes as per your team’s rank on the match leaderboard. The ranks are determined according to the points earned in the fantasy game.

The rules in the fantasy app change as per the format and type of game played. It means that the rules of fantasy cricket are different from fantasy football or fantasy kabaddi.

The scoring system of the games in fantasy apps also varies as per the game played. Moreover, players in the fantasy team are awarded points as per their performance in the game. For example, the points system for assists, tackles or penalties in football, a raid or tackle in kabaddi and catches, stumps, or runouts vary according to the fantasy game.   

How Ballebaazi Rules at the Top of Fantasy App List?

BalleBaazi provides a detailed online gaming experience through its various games, multiple formats, leagues and competitions. Moreover, the app furnishes a seamless experience to all its users by providing real-time updates and news related to the game. 

Several other aspects allow BalleBaazi to be the top fantasy app and they are: 

Large User Base

BalleBaazi boasts a loyal 80 lakh+ user base across the country, which allows users to compete with other players on a large scale. As a result, the user can observe opponents and develop the necessary skills that help to rank higher and earn more.

Command Your Team

At BalleBaazi, you have complete control of your team. Here, you can add, remove or switch the position of players as per your observations, knowledge and skills until the batting or bowling team arrives on the field. 

It allows you to gain a sense of control and remain motivated as you have direct control over commanding the team to success. Your control over your team is so extensive that you can create and manage up to 25 teams at a time on the fantasy games app of BalleBaazi. 

Friendly and Smooth Interface

BalleBaazi comprises one of the smoothest and most-friendly user-interfaces you’d ever find on a fantasy app. You can enjoy seamless navigation throughout the app from the settings of the application to the different games, their leagues, competitions, tournaments, points system and more, without facing complexity at any step of the way. 

Improves Decision-Making Skills

Playing fantasy sports on the Fantasy App enhances several skills, including decision-making skills. It is because the user considers various factors and conditions like player statistics, team dynamics and the opponent's strengths and weaknesses while creating their teams while playing on the fantasy app. 

As a result, you learn various skills while playing games on a fantasy app that allows you to use those skills in real life. These skills can play a crucial role in professional growth and personal development. 

Opportunity to Win Real Money

Playing on BalleBaazi provides several opportunities to win real money by playing their favourite game, league or competition to the user. With multiple leagues, formats and tournaments available to play throughout the year, the chances of earning more increase exponentially. 

Other features of the app that provide ample opportunities to win real money are: 

  • Exciting monthly contests
  • Micro Leagues with Buy-Ins as low as INR 1
  • Several Cash Leagues and Practice Games

Play Multiple Formats

The option to play multiple formats of fantasy games helps BalleBaazi to stand out from the crowd. Here, you can play all or any available game formats at your convenience and improve your winning chances. 

There’s Never a Dull Moment

Whenever you create teams of any sport on BalleBaazi, your interest in the live game automatically increases as you watch your selected players in action. Your fantasy team at BalleBaazi consists of players from both teams. 

Hence, no matter who wins the match, your interest in the game remains intact until the outcome. As a result, you never have to worry about getting bored if you play on India’s top fantasy app, BalleBaazi.

Expert Advice, Tips, News and Analysis

Every sports fan who wants to dive deeper into the world of sports plays on fantasy apps. That's where expert advice on team selection and tips, news, and analysis for the game come in. By staying up-to-date on the latest developments in your preferred game, you can make informed decisions on team creation, format, leagues or competition. 

Despite a comprehensive fantasy app list available on the Indian market, a sports fan who plays fantasy games ardently knows in their heart that BalleBaazi is the best fantasy app out there!

Referral Bonus and Partnership Program

Every fantasy sports enthusiast knows the importance of referral bonuses. These schemes offer bonus rewards that encourage users to invite their friends or family to the fantasy app and play together. Not to mention, players can use such a reward to play more games on the app. 

One can say that the better the Referral Bonus and Partnership Program, the better the popularity of the fantasy app amongst the players. So, start referring your friends and family to BalleBaazi, your favourite fantasy app today and earn some extra bucks while enjoying your favourite sports.

Key Features of Ballebaazi Fantasy App

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is a crucial feature of the BalleBaazi fantasy app that sets it apart from the other apps in the fantasy app list. As a responsible gaming platform, BalleBaazi ensures that its users engage in fair play and responsible gaming practices. 

The app has a strict policy against under-age online gaming and only offers skill based games to players of 18 years and above. Through our fantasy app, users can set limits on their deposits and playtime and also use self-exclusion measures in case they feel like taking a break. 

With its focus on responsible gaming, BalleBaazi has emerged as one of the best fantasy apps in the current Indian market, providing a safe and enjoyable gaming experience to all.

Player Intelligence Report

BalleBaazi’s most powerful team selection tool offers you a cumulative report of the last five matches for the team, various player statistics, venue history, fantasy points break-up to help you to choose your team wisely and create a winning team on BalleBaazi. 

>Top-Notch Promotions

Among many things, the top-notch promotions also set the BalleBaazi fantasy app apart from its competitors. Players get to benefit from a wide range of promotions, including welcome bonuses, referral rewards, and special contests on BalleBaazi. 

Considering the recent rise in popularity and user base, it is safe to say that these promotions guarantee exceptional user experience and generous rewards. Moreover, they attract new users besides keeping existing ones engaged and entertained. 

Players also get regular cashback offers on BalleBaazi as they are a great way to increase their earnings while enjoying their favourite fantasy sports. Therefore, if you look for a platform offering exciting promotions for an immersive fantasy sports experience,you’re at the right place.

Redeem Rewards

BalleBaazi offers a wide range of rewards you can redeem for prizes and cash. Players can use Reward Points to redeem luxurious rewards such as four wheelers, holiday trips, latest gadgets and real cash prizes.

Various Games & Private Leagues

You can find various games, leagues, formats such as Classic Fantasy, 2nd Innings fantasy and more on the BalleBaazi fantasy app. You can also create private leagues to play fantasy games and sports with your friends, family or fellow gamers. 

The variety of options helps the player choose the sport they love, develop skills related to strategy and gameplay and use those skills to excel in the fantasy league. So don’t wait and start creating your teams and playing games on your fantasy app. 

Safe & Instant Deposits And Withdrawals

BalleBaazi offers safe and instant deposits and withdrawals. Our seamless user interface allows players to withdraw any amount of money in less than 100 seconds. Moreover, every transaction made is secured with end-to-end SSL encryption to keep the payment details and transactions safe. 

Baazi Certified FairPlay

Baazi Certified FairPlay guarantees fair gameplay and transparency, making it a trustworthy platform for users to indulge in their favourite sports. Fully aligned with the Supreme Court’s judgment on game of skill, we aim to provide a level playing field to all the users, ensuring that no player has an unfair advantage over others.

Games to Play on Ballebaazi Fantasy App

Ballebaazi Fantasy App has gained popularity among sports enthusiasts and fantasy game lovers, and it's easy to see why. It offers a plethora of games to play and win real cash prizes, which makes it the best fantasy app in India.

One of the most popular games on Ballebaazi is Fantasy Cricket. Users can create their virtual team of real-life players, compete with other players and can participate in various tournaments, including daily, weekly, and monthly, with different prize pools. 

You also have the option to participate in live matches and win cash prizes based on your team's performance.

Another exciting game on Ballebaazi, the top and free fantasy app, is Fantasy Football. Similar to Fantasy Cricket, players can create their team of football players and compete with other players. The app offers the world’s most exciting sports such as the Premier League, EFL, FIFA, and LaLiga, with different prize pools.

Apart from these popular games, Ballebaazi also offers other fantasy games like Fantasy Kabaddi. All these games are designed to provide a thrilling and immersive experience to users by allowing them to create a team and participate in different leagues and tournaments of the sport.

With an extensive list of games to keep the user entertained and engaged for hours, BalleBaazi is the perfect app for sports enthusiasts as it provides them with a fun and rewarding way to enjoy their favourite sports.

Tips & Tricks to Earn Real Money on Ballebaazi Fantasy App

BalleBaazi Fantasy App app offers a variety of games to play, including cricket, football, and basketball where players can create their teams and compete with others to earn real money. But to win big and gain an advantage against the competitors on Ballebaazi, users need to know some tips and tricks and they are:

  • Research before creating a team. Users must keep track of player statistics, team performance, and weather conditions to make informed decisions. It's also important to keep an eye on injuries and player availability.

  • Create a balanced team by choosing a mix of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders to ensure a well-rounded lineup. It's also important to consider the playing conditions - for example, spinners may be more effective than fast bowlers on a slow pitch.

  • Players should also pay attention to the captain and vice-captain selection. These players earn double and 1.5 times the points, respectively. So, it is important to choose them wisely. Typically, the captain should be a consistent performer, while the vice-captain can be a riskier choice.

  • Finally, players should keep track of their budgets. Each player has a certain value, and players must stay within their budget while selecting their team. It's important to prioritize players who offer good value for money.

To sum up, following these tips and tricks can increase players’ chances of success provided that the users do their research, choose the right captain and vice-captain, create a balanced team and stay within their budget to win big prizes.

How to Download Ballebaazi Fantasy App?

Users can download the BalleBaazi fantasy app on their mobile devices in multiple ways, depending on the device they want to play on. So, let’s look at the methods without any delay:

For Android 

Users can download the BalleBaazi fantasy app on android mobile devices through the website or Play Store, depending on the choice. 


To download the BalleBaazi fantasy app from the website through the link:

  • Visit from the browser. 

  • Enter the mobile number on which the user wants to get the download link.

  • Click on “Get App Link”. 

  • A link to download the app is sent to the number. Click on the link to download the apk file. 

  • Install the app, sign up and start playing the fantasy game of your choice. 


To download the BalleBaazi fantasy app on your android device directly: 

  • Visit on the browser of your mobile device. 

  • Click on the “Download Now” option available at the bottom of the screen to download the apk file.

  • Install the file after the download is complete. 

  • Sign up and start playing the fantasy game of your choice.

Play Store 

To download the BalleBaazi fantasy app on your android device from Play Store:

  • Open the PlayStore App

  • Type BalleBaazi Fantasy App on the search bar and click on search.

  • Click on Install to download and install the application. 

  • Sign up and start playing your favourite fantasy game.

For iOS

To download the BalleBaazi fantasy app on your iOS device: 

  • Open the App Store

  • Type the BalleBaazi Fantasy App on the search bar and click on search.

  • Click on “Get” to download and install the file on the device.

  • Sign up and start playing your favourite fantasy game.

Note: For browsers

You can also play on the BalleBaazi fantasy app through the browsers of the device you’ve. All you have to do is visit, click on “Play Now” at the bottom of the screen, sign up through a google account or phone number and start playing. 


BalleBaazi is the best fantasy app in India. More than 80lakh+ users and a guaranteed withdrawal in less than 100 seconds put it among the top-tier fantasy apps without any worries. 

Adding features like multiple games, formats, leagues and tournaments, followed by providing promotions, rewards, responsible gaming and Fairplay, makes it the best Fantasy App in India. 

Yes, you can download the BalleBaazi Fantasy App from the Play Store or App Store. 

To download the application from the Play Store: 

  • Open the Play Store App.

  • Type BalleBaazi Fantasy App on the search bar and click on search.

  • Click on Install to download and install the application. 

  • Sign up and start playing your favourite fantasy game.

You can also download the BalleBaazi Fantasy App from your laptop or PC's browser by getting a download link on the text or directly from the browser on your device. 

To download the application from the App Store: 

  • Open the App Store.

  • Type the BalleBaazi Fantasy App on the search bar and click on search.

  • Click on “Get” to download and install the file on the device.

  • Sign up and start playing your favourite fantasy game.

Yes, it is safe to play on the BalleBaazi fantasy app. Various features are embedded in the app to ensure the safety and security of the users along with a seamless user experience. These features are:

  • Responsible Gaming

  • Baazi Fair Play 

  • End to end encrypted transactions 

BalleBaazi Fantasy App is free to download and play on your mobile devices. Users get Rs 50 as a bonus after successful signup of the application. 

While making the best team on the BalleBaazi fantasy app depends directly on the skills, there are a few tips and tricks which users can use and they are:

  • Research before creating a team. 

  • Create a balanced team by choosing a mix of batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders to ensure a well-rounded lineup. 

  • Select the captain and vice-captain carefully. 

  • Use our Player Intelligence report to make informed decisions

  • Monitor the progress of the match 

  • Play safe by participating in multiple small contests instead of a single big one.

  • Don't let emotions dictate or take control of your decision-making process.

There is no shortcut or guaranteed way to win in the BallBaazi Fantasy App as winning and getting big cash rewards depends directly on your skills and knowledge of the game. However, you can use tips and tricks to gain an upper hand over the competitors and in the game. 

Yes, people win money on the BalleBaazi Fantasy App all the time. The winnings may vary from cash rewards to products. Moreover, the users can also win gift cards. 

Some of the products available as rewards at BalleBaazi are: 

  • Amazon fire stick 

  • coffee maker machine 

  • 2nd Gen Echo Show 8 

  • One Plus Buds Pro 2 

  • One Plus 80 cm TV 

  • Air Fryer

  • Polaroid Camera

  • Mobile Phones 

  • Bluetooth Speakers

  • iWatch 

  • E-bikes

  • Travel vouchers

  • MacBook 

  • Motorbikes 

  • and last but not least 4 x 4 cars.

Withdrawing money from the BalleBaazi app is as easy as learning ABCs. All you have to do is get a KYC verification of the account, click on the wallet icon on the top right-hand side of the screen, click on withdraw and follow the directions. 

However, it is important to check and read the BalleBaazi withdrawal policies - including the minimum and maximum withdrawal, TDS rules, UPI cash-out policies and Paytm withdrawals - to avoid any confusion.

Fantasy App

Fantasy apps are online gaming applications that allow users to play virtual leagues of different sports such as Cricket and Football by creating their own online team of players. When your selected players in the virtual team perform well in the live match, your team ranks high in the contest or league leaderboard and you win real money.

For an all inclusive fantasy gaming experience, BalleBaazi is your go to platform that integrates the best user experience and hosts free and cash-based fantasy leagues and contests across popular sports such as Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball and even Baseball.

Users can make multiple teams for a single match, play private leagues with their friends and double the fun while making money. The best fantasy games on the BalleBaazi app are protected and enhanced by a safe and secure user experience, certified fair play, responsible gaming and further supported by instant deposits and withdrawals of player winnings.

BalleBaazi flaunts a few core features that sets it apart from the scores of fantasy apps out there.

  • Baazi certified fair play that guarantees skill based gaming under all circumstances.
  • Promotes Responsible gaming that lets players monitor their gaming sessions.
  • Only platform in India to offer FREE Player Intelligence reports that allows players advance to the next level of fantasy gaming.
  • Our Refer and Earn policy lets you earn bonus money on each referral.
  • You get to make multiple teams to boost your chances to win more.
  • We feature private leagues to allow friends and family to play together.
  • Avail multiple payment options to carry deposits and withdrawals.

BalleBaazi is an absolutely free to play fantasy app. You can download the app for free and play free and cash fantasy games as per your choosing.

New users can start off with practice contests, learn the tricks of the trade and when they feel ready, can switch to cash leagues and play to earn money online.

Please note that users will need to make a minimum deposit to join cash contests on the BalleBaazi fantasy app and win real money.

Yes, users can participate in unlimited daily and weekly sports contests, tournaments and year round leagues and earn money online. One needs to make a minimum deposit to join any cash league of their choice and use the credit points to make their fantasy team. Win real money each time your team ranks high on the league leaderboard.

Winning real money is possible on every fantasy content on BalleBaazi as long as you make smart and informed decisions. Here are the steps to follow to get closer to earning real money on the fantasy app.

  • Download the BalleBaazi fantasy app
  • Verify your phone number and log in to your BB account
  • Enter the lobby and make your first deposit
  • Earn 100% deposit bonus on your first deposit
  • Select the fantasy sport you wish to play
  • Select the match you are interested in
  • Click on :Make Your Team Now”
  • Add players to your fantasy team
  • Click on “Submit”
  • Watch your team players perform in the live match
  • At the end of the game, your team wins points as per the performance of your chosen players according to the fantasy points system
  • The higher you score, the higher you rank on the leaderboard, the more money you win
  • Besides the steps to follow, it bodes well if users are up to date with the latest game results, player performance and recent track records.

Yes, you can download the BalleBaazi Fantasy app from the iOS App Store. However, you cannot download the fantasy app from the Play Store as of now. It can be downloaded either by scanning the QR code from the website or via the apk app link you may receive through SMS.

There is nothing to fret as downloading the BalleBaazi fantasy app is a smooth and easy process since it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to get started.

Making the best team on the BalleBaazi app is easier than you think. BalleBaazi offers one of its kind free Player Intelligence Report on each player of your team. Users can check out the following information via this report on the fantasy app itself and make the best team to win real money.

  • Fantasy points break up of each player
  • Player performance vs opponents
  • Player position and current form
  • Player performance on venue
  • Overall player performance of all-rounders as a batter or a bowler

and lots more in depth stats to help users make highly informed decisions in order to make a winning team only on the BalleBaazi app.

In order to withdraw money from the BalleBaazi account, you need to verify your bank account details by offering KYC details. It's a one time process that clears your way to making valid transactions of your cash winnings straight into your bank account or Paytm wallet.

KYC verification is necessary to withdraw your winning funds on the BalleBaazi app when you play cash leagues and contests. However, users may skip the verification process if they stick to free or practice contests. Simply verifying your BB account via your phone number is enough to play free games and contests on the app.

BalleBaazi is a fantasy app platform that endorses ethical, legal and skill based fantasy gaming experience to all users on the platform. That being said, there are a few practices that the fantasy gaming platform strictly endorses and discourages others on part of the user to secure optimal player experience under all circumstances.

  • BalleBaazi discourages the user to treat fantasy gaming as a regular source of income and encourages the same only as a means of recreation.
  • The fantasy app bans under age real money gaming. No user below the age of 18 years are allowed to use services offered by the app.
  • Responsible gaming is highly encouraged by BalleBaazi to practice healthy gaming experience by the user in order to steer clear from heavy losses.
  • In the same light, the platform strongly recommends players to keep a separate bankroll to play fantasy games and place deposit limits on the same.
  • The fantasy app forbids collusion between players and other kinds of fraud such as using fake accounts or fake documents to secure fair play. If foul play is discovered, as part of violating fair play, the user account shall be blocked immediately.

Everyone is
Winning at BalleBaazi

Bajrang Lal

Won 1.5 Lakh

#DumHaiTohYahanKhel Truly BalleBaazi Par khelke main 1.5 lakh amount jeeta hun, ek hi match me aur bahut acha lag raha hai

Rohit Tripathi
Uttar Pradesh

Won 1.2 Lakh

BalleBaazi bahut achi app hai. Main khud roz khelta hu and in Mumbai vs Delhi match I got 1st rank in Mega League. Easy withdrawal se maine poora amount apne paas bina kisi dikkat ke transfer Bhi Kar Liya.

Sumit Kumar Sinha

Won 1 Lakh

BalleBaazi Ka prize pool kaafi acha Hai aur easily withdrawable hai. Thank you BalleBaazi for helping me win.

Prateek Arora

Won 1.4 Lakh

One of the best fantasy sports applications in the market. 100% genuine and easy to use. Thank you BalleBaazi

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