What Is Fantasy Cricket?

How To Play

Fantasy Cricket is your version of playing cricket online by creating your own virtual team of 11 best players and winning rewards and cash prizes in totality for their individual performance in a live cricket match or a series. Fantasy cricket games, simply put, allow you to be a part of the live action by staking your knowledge and expertise on the sport by forming your own top 11 fantasy team and staking a certain fee on their performance to win cash rewards.

The rewarding potential for Indian fantasy cricket games is best realised in shorter formats of the game, ie. T20s and ODIs. So, if you choose to play fantasy cricket online, you are free to change and rewire your team in the fantasy cricket game of your choice with better players throughout the series depending on their current form and performance and achieve better scores, and therefore, better rewards.

Why Play Fantasy Cricket Online?

To play cricket online in the form of Indian fantasy cricket leagues spawns a closer connection between you and your favourite sport by allowing you to be a part of live cricket action in real time. Fans of the sport stake their involvement with an entry fee in the game by relying on their knowhow of the players and the sport itself and in return, derive satisfaction when their virtual fantasy cricket teams live up to their expectations in the actual match. And when this sense of satisfaction is realised in real money prizes and other rewards, it becomes a win-win game for everybody.

Could there be a better use of your knowledge in your favourite sport?

Yes. To play cricket online in a fantasy league is like owning your own cricket team, you’re the creator and the manager. And when the players in your fantasy team perform well, you win real money.

Why Play Fantasy Cricket Online on BalleBaazi?

Fantasy Cricket leagues are based on pure skill and expertise that calls for careful observation and analysis of various aspects of the sport in order to make near accurate predictions when forming your own Indian fantasy cricket team. BalleBaazi offers you just the perfect room to explore your knowhow of the sport by offering the most profitable cash fantasy cricket leagues and fantasy across the globe across stakes and exciting monthly contests to play cricket online and win real money every day.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose an Indian fantasy cricket game on BalleBaazi. If you win, you earn cash prizes, if you lose, you earn BB coins! You can redeem these BB coins at the BalleBaazi Reward Store to purchase a variety of exclusive BB exclusive merchandise like gadgets, bikes and many other attractive prizes. Moreover, you need not worry about your bankroll with us if you are just getting started, we’ve got a bunch of micro leagues that you can start playing for buy-ins as low as INR 1!

Which Players Should You Select to Create a Fantasy Cricket Team?

While different fantasy cricket apps feature different fantasy team rules, the basics are simple. Winning an Indian fantasy cricket game indeed, comes down to the selection of the best players for your fantasy cricket team.

So, here are a few elements you should consider when selecting your fantasy team of the top 11 when you play fantasy cricket online.

  • Mind the format of the fantasy cricket game when you choose to select your Captain and Vice-Captain. They carry maximum points each and so, if you choose a bowler as a Captain in T20s as opposed to red ball cricket, he might fetch you more points in the latter format of a fantasy cricket league.
  • When you play cricket online, selecting the rest of the players is equally pivotal to the success of your fantasy team in totality. Therefore, in terms of bowlers in Indian Fantasy cricket leagues, picking strike bowlers instead of those who play economically, would generate more points as overs collecting wickets will earn you more points than wicketless overs with lesser runs.
  • Similarly, when you choose batters for your online fantasy cricket team, you should go for top order batters rather than the ones in lower order to fetch more points. Typically, opting for the top 3 batsmen has the best chances of scoring maximum points for your Indian fantasy cricket team.
  • Pitch condition plays a crucial role in the performance of even the best of players in cricket. So, it helps to keep a track of the nature of the pitch on match day when you’re up for a fantasy league. For instance, a slow, dry pitch in an afternoon Indian fantasy cricket game will favour spinners over swing bowlers. When playing in red clay pitches like the Wankhade stadium, power strikers among batters and swing bowlers could always perform better and add more points when you play cricket online.

How to Win Fantasy Cricket Leagues on the BalleBaazi App?

In order to play fantasy cricket online and win fantasy cricket leagues on BalleBaazi , foremostly, you must be careful in the selection of each and every player in your Indian fantasy cricket game. To achieve the best results for your fantasy team, you must take mental notes of all the factors we just talked about when you form your fantasy cricket team.

Besides that, following a few practices could secure you more wins whenever you play cricket online.

  • Make it a habit to follow sports news regularly to keep up with their recent performances that could help you understand the weaknesses and strengths of individual players and make accurate predictions for upcoming fantasy cricket leagues.
  • Follow up with any last minute changes in the live match in terms of player replacements for reasons such as injury, unavailability etc. Check the toss results to lock in the final 11 and make immediate necessary changes in your fantasy cricket team, like dropping players who are not part of the final XI.
  • If you are just getting started to play cricket online, you must follow the right trajectory to evolve into a pro. You must choose practice contests on BalleBaazi to learn the ropes of fantasy cricket games, the rules, the gameplay, points system and the dynamics that affect your fantasy team results.
  • Play fantasy cricket online multiple contests. Creating multiple fantasy teams will help you understand the pros and cons of your team selection and results. Plus, if you lose in one match, you could always win in another.
  • Do note the payable positions in the scoreboard for any fantasy cricket league on BalleBaazi. You must achieve a certain score in each fantasy cricket game to fall in the payable grade to win real money. The payable positions in the scoreboards of fantasy leagues are pre-disclosed in the BalleBaazi app so that you know what to aim for when you play fantasy cricket online.

Key Benefits of Playing Online Fantasy Cricket Games

The key benefits of playing Indian fantasy cricket games and seasoned fantasy leagues can be summed up as:

  • For fans of the sport, choosing to play cricket online offers the ideal platform to hone your cricketing knowledge and skills and transform them into productive exercise that shall also win you real money.
  • Choosing to play fantasy cricket online presents constant real time engagement with your favourite sport by letting you be part of the live action with a fantasy team of your own to follow and count on.
  • If you play cricket online on BalleBaazi, you have a universe full of cash leagues and fantasy cricket league contests to choose from for stakes of your choice. Beginners can play practice contests for free and enjoy at equal length.
  • On BalleBaazi, you can enjoy instant withdrawals of your cash winnings once you are KYC verified.
  • Baazigars of BalleBaazi can earn a boatload of premium rewards simply by earning Reward Points simply by playing cash fantasy cricket games on the app. Collect reward points and unlock various levels to win rewards such as cool gadgets, bikes, cars and even international trips. It's all just a scratch away!
  • If you refer your friends to play cricket online on the BalleBaazi app, you win INR500 on every successful referral.

What is an Indian Fantasy Cricket Game?

Indian fantasy cricket game is the virtual version of an online cricket game that features your own team of the best 11 cricketers for a chosen fantasy league whose performance in the field shall derive you points and win you real money.

The idea is to create your own fantasy team of top 11 players from both participating cricket teams whose live performance shall earn you points as per the fantasy league rules and points system. So, when you play fantasy cricket online, the more points your chosen players in the fantasy team earn, the more money you win.

Famous Fantasy Cricket Leagues

What is Indian T20 Premier League Fantasy?

Indian T20 Premier League Fantasy is a format of Indian fantasy cricket league that commences during the Indian T20 Premier League season every year. So, when you play cricket online in any T20 fantasy league on BalleBaazi, you start by picking the fantasy league variant of your choice- Classic, Bowling, Batting. Then, simply choose the 11 best players of your choice and understanding to form your own fantasy team.

If they fare well in the match, your chosen players earn your points accordingly as per the fantasy league rules. Once you form your T20 fantasy cricket league team, you submit the team and simply relax and enjoy the match on the screen.

On BalleBaazi, you can check your fantasy team progress by clicking on the “My Leagues” tab at the bottom of the app. The more points your fantasy team earns during the match, the more money you win when it ends.

Australian T20 League

Kicking off in 2011-12, the Australian T20 League is one of the most popular multi franchise leagues in the T20 cricket format that’s typically played during Australian summers by 8 eight teams representing various regions of Australia. Currently, it stands amongst the top 10 domestic sports leagues featuring a unique format wherein each team plays with one another twice in a home & away round robin format during the group stage of the league.

You can now play fantasy cricket online and be a part of the Australian T20 fantasy cricket league by joining its awesome fantasy cricket games on the BalleBaazi app for stakes you prefer. Simply log on to the app and go to the game lobby and select your format and choose your game to get started.

T20 World Cup Fantasy League

Indubitably, the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Fantasy League is the most admired cricket championship among all formats of international competition. Led by the ICC, the T20 World Cup currently includes 16 teams and is held every two years by norm. All ICC members automatically qualify for this tournament and the remaining places are filled by other ICC members through a qualifying competition called the T20 World Cup Qualifier.

The upcoming 2022 T20 World Cup Fantasy League is so far scheduled to set off in October 2022. Therefore, fans have a decent amount of time to scale up their knowledge and prepare themselves for the biggest event. Take out time to play cricket online by opting for the scheduled fantasy games of this season and build your bankroll to join the biggest fantasy cricket games of The T20 World Cup 2022 this year.

Play Fantasy Cricket League with Multiple Fantasy Teams & Win More!

On the BalleBaazi fantasy league app, you can choose from three awesome fantasy variants- Classic, Batting and Bowling. Once you do, players have the option to join multiple Indian fantasy cricket games and contests for different stakes for the same fantasy league. This means, you can create more than one fantasy team when you play cricket online on BalleBaazi which in turn, shall fetch you more rewards!

Fantasy Cricket FAQs

Follow these quick steps to form your fantasy team for the next fantasy league on the BalleBaazi app.

  • Log on to the BalleBaazi app
  • Pick the current fantasy cricket game you wish to play
  • Choose either Classic, Bowling or Batting Fantasy league variants
  • Pick from the list of Practice contests or Cash fantasy leagues
  • Form your best fantasy team of 11 players from both playing teams
  • Submit the fantasy team
  • Sit back and chill

Enjoy the match on the screen and check your team progress in the “My Leagues” tab. Once the match ends, you will be scored as per the performance of your chosen players in the fantasy team. As per your slated scores, you earn real money!

Players can join a variety of practice contests and cash leagues on the BalleBaazi app. New players can play practice leagues for free and up the skill ladder to play cash leagues and win cash rewards on every fantasy cricket league!

You can choose from three different varieties of cricket fantasy league variants- Classic, Batting and Bowling and create multiple fantasy teams to win more cash prizes.

For sure. You can play multiple fantasy cricket games across stakes and explore three exclusive formats of Indian fantasy cricket to expand your skill set and expertise and win cash prizes and exciting rewards in every match.

BalleBaazi is the best fantasy cricket app to play the Indian T20 Premeir League for the lowest stakes and earn real money. You can also invite your friends over, earn Referral bonus of INR 500 for each referral and even play private fantasy cricket games with your friends and double the fun!

Follow these quick steps to play cricket online and create your best fantasy team on the BalleBaazi app.

  • Log in to the BalleBaazi app from your device.
  • Pick the fantasy variant of your choice on the top menu bar
  • Then, choose from the list of fantasy cricket contests as per your choice of stakes
  • Create your fantasy team of 11 as per the chosen format using the best players from both opposing teams
  • Click on Submit and enjoy the match

At the end of the match, your fantasy team will be rewarded points as per the performance of your chosen players and you win real money!

Playing Fantasy cricket games on BalleBaazi can be a highly rewarding experience. Here’s a few reasons why.

  • Multiple contests for micro, low, mid and high stakes. Bankroll isn’t an issue here!
  • Play multiple variants of Fantasy cricket leagues- Classic, Bowling and Batting. The second and third variant allows you to play fantasy cricket games with only 5 bowlers and batters each, meaning boosted opportunities to win more money.
  • Wins and losses aren’t the end goal on BalleBaazi. When you play cricket online here, you earn Reward Points on each cash fantasy league that you can redeem to unlock stunning BB rewards such as bikes, coolest gadgets, cars and even international holidays.
  • Refer your friends to play cash leagues on BalleBaazi and win Referral bonus of INR500 on each referral!

The key benefits of BalleBaazi fantasy cricket app are too many to list but we shall jot down the best.

  • Unlimited Practice leagues for newcomers
  • A variety of cash fantasy cricket games across stakes to play as per your bankroll
  • Multiploe fantasy league variants to choose and play from- Classic, Batting and Bowling
  • This means more options to play cricket online and win as per your expertise and choice
  • Refer your friends and folks and earn INR 500 on each Referral!
  • Earn Reward points on each cash league and collect enough to unlock crazy rewards such as bikes, cars, cool tech gadgets and even holiday trips

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