How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is the most popular form of fantasy games in India due to the fervour and admiration for the game of Cricket nationwide. People across ages enjoy this spectacular sport, most of us even grew up playing cricket on the neighbouring grounds. As such, the connection to the sport is personal for the majority of Indians.

As the realm of fantasy games exploded on the internet in the past decade, the count of participation and interest in learning how to play Fantasy Cricket online and the chances to win real cash money through their favourite sport continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

If you have never played Fantasy Cricket before, do not worry. We shall offer you a quick and easy guide on how to play Fantasy Cricket from scratch. For starters, the idea behind Fantasy cricket on the internet on fantasy gaming apps is to form your own virtual team of 11 best players based on your knowledge, player performance and maybe your intuition too!

All you need to do is select an upcoming cricket match that’s about to go live, follow the fantasy game rules on how to play Fantasy Cricket online and form your team and enjoy the match. Your fantasy team collects Fantasy Points for you based on their actual performance in the match and you win real cash money as per the rank of your fantasy team on the match leaderboard.


How To Play

How To Play Fantasy Cricket on BalleBaazi?

BalleBaazi is the perfect spot to be if you wish to learn how to play Fantasy Leagues from scratch and perfect your skills and win every featured match featured on the app.

Here’s a step by step Guide on how to play Fantasy Cricket online with us and win stellar rewards.

  • Browse our official website, on your search engine.
  • Download the BalleBaazi app using the app link sent to your phone number.
  • Once installed, sign up on the BalleBaazi app by offering your phone number or e-mail id.
  • Sign in to your new account and go to the game lobby.
  • Select the current fantasy game you want to play today
  • Pick the format of your choice- Classic, Bowling, Reverse, Batting and Innings
  • Follow the fantasy league rules and form your best 11 playing team
  • Submit the Team and Enjoy the Match
  • Win real cash money as per your rank on the leaderboard

How to Create the Best Fantasy Cricket Team?

When you decide to learn how to play Fantasy Cricket online and win real cash money, it's important to know the rules and scoring system of Fantasy leagues. However, if you wish to make a winning team, you must follow a few practices to make the best fantasy team. We have a succinct list of things to do.

Follow Player Performance and Recent Stats

When learning how to play Fantasy cricket online in order to win real cash money, you must check out the recent performance of all active players of the upcoming league you intend to play. It is important to know their current physical condition and their recent contribution  rather than having a rough go with their overall career stats if you really wish to play with the pure intent to win real cash money. It doesn’t matter if your favourite player has been your biggest idol for as long as you’ve known cricket, it is possible that he may not be playing ace level of cricket anymore.

While learning how to play fantasy cricket online, it all comes down to the most recent performances of all players and instead of going blind with the big guns, it’s wiser to create a balanced team of all rounders.

Read the Pitch Conditions for the Match

Believe it or not, the pitch carries tremendous power to affect the performance of players and therefore, determine the outcome of a match. You need to understand the nature of a pitch to read it well and choose players accordingly when you learn how to play Fantasy cricket online. You need to understand the elements of moisture on the pitch as well as cracks on a hard pitch.

For instance, a flat and dry pitch won’t favour bowlers but does amazing for batters. Conversely, a moist grass green pitch favour seam bowlers as well as work awesome for swing and pace bowlers. Dusty pitches with unrolled surfaces favours spinners big time.

The point being, once you read the Pitch report before signing up on Fantasy leagues, you are in a much better position to figure out which players you need to include in your current team.

Toss Results and Players On the Final 11

This is the most standard element to understand when you learn to play Fantasy Cricket online and win real cash money. Read the updates and announcements on the BalleBaazi app on which players are confirmed to play in a particular cricket match. It just so happens many times that the players you chose for your team, a couple of them might not make it to the final 11 due to last minute changes in the team. This adjustment could impact your results and could lead to big losses. Therefore, when learning to play Fantasy leagues, you must know when to replace an unavailable player with another performer to make a solid team.

Go for Top Order Batters Only

If you opt to choose shorter formats in Cricket such as a T20 match, it pays off to pick top order batters for your fantasy team because they have fair chances to bat and perform. Select openers and middle order batters as they get maximum number of overs to face the ball and score you maximum runs.

So, if you keep this factor in mind when learning how to play Fantasy Cricket online, selecting the top three batters from both teams could help you score more points naturally.

Pick Wicket taking bowlers

An interesting point often missed when learning how to play fantasy league is the importance of taking wickets. Collecting wickets in Fantasy Cricket scores you more points rather than just giving away less runs. So, instead of picking a bowler who gives economical overs, choose those players who are guaranteed to take more wickets.

Read Match Predictions

Beginners often tend to undermine match predictions when learning how to play Fantasy Cricket online. The fact is, reading match predictions from the experts in the game can offer you valuable information and insight on the kind of match that can be expected and which players are most likely to perform well. You can check out regular match predictions on the BalleBaazi website and make informed decisions when playing fantasy matches on the app.

From weather conditions to player performance, you can get fair insight and select your fantasy team accordingly and boost your chances to win real cash money.

How to Play T20 Fantasy League?

Learning how to play Fantasy Leagues of the T20 format requires a slightly different approach as this one is a much faster format of Cricket. Also, you must follow the fantasy format rules to increase your chances of winning maximum leagues.

  • Pick 1 to 2 wicket keepers.
  • Choose 3 to 4 top order batsmen from both teams, the upper limit is 5.
  • Pick up at least a couple of all rounders to strike a balance.
  • Like batters, you can pick up to 5 bowlers and minimum of 3. 4 is a good number.
  • Make sure you have at least 1 uncapped player in your fantasy team.
  • All in all, remember you can pick a maximum of 7 players from each team playing in a cricket match.

These were the rules on how to play Fantasy league of the T20 format on the BalleBaazi app. The next thing you must acquaint yourself with a few tricks that could help you score higher on the leaderboards.

How to Pick the Best Players for Your T20 Fantasy Team?

  • In the T20 format of Fantasy Cricket, it always benefits if you pick the top order batters as they get to play maximum number of overs. Therefore, they will score you more runs. Since it is a faster format, lower order batters might not even get the opportunity to pick the bat.
  • Make sure you pick your Captain and the Vice Captain keeping their recent performance in mind. They carry 2x and 1.5 points each respectively. If you observe closely at the points system, all rounders have a maximum window to score points from both bowling and batting sides, so picking them as the Captain makes sense.
  • Like regular cricket essentials, read well in advance about the weather and pitch report to understand which players have an edge of performing better than the rest as per the ground circumstances.
  • It also works in your favour to join multiple leagues and not to put all the eggs in one basket. Having multiple teams by your side gives you more chances to win real cash money.

Fantasy Cricket Rules

In order to know how to play Fantasy Cricket online and win real cash money, you must memorize the standard fantasy rules. Here, we shall jot down the specific fantasy rules featured on the BalleBaazi fantasy app.

Each player in a Fantasy Cricket match is allotted certain points. Players also receive bonus points for various performances during the match such as taking wickets, number of runs, century bonus points, duck out and so on. To make a winning team, you must be well aware of the recent performance and a consistent display of repertoire from the participants of the leagues.

  • Captain
    The Captain carries the maximum number of points of 2x. Choosing him is the most important decision you’ll take when you form a fantasy team of 11.
  • Vice Captain
    Selecting the Vice Captain is the second most important decision when learning how to play Fantasy Cricket online. The Vice Captain carries 1.5x points as per the Fantasy Cricket rules.
  • Playing XI
    If any player you select and add to your fantasy team happens to be playing in the actual match, you get additional 4 points for each player you choose before the actual match starts.
  • Runs
    Every run scores you one point for your fantasy team. Fours get you one point. Sixes get you 2 points. A half century scores you 2 points. Scoring a half century gets you 4 points and a Century adds 8 points to your fantasy team. On the other hand, a Duck out scores you minus 3 points.

For the complete Fantasy Scoring system, please visit BalleBaazi Point System

How to Play Fantasy Cricket FAQ’s

You can create up to 25 separate fantasy teams for a single fantasy match on the BalleBaazi app. Doing so will increase your chances to win real cash money.

You can make a Fantasy Cricket match on the BalleBaazi app for as low as ₹1 and play any fantasy league to win real cash money. You must first deposit a minimum amount of ₹5 in your BalleBaazi account.

To know how to play Fantasy Cricket online and win real cash money, you must follow the Fantasy Cricket rules and carefully select players from both teams as per their recent performance. The key is to form a balanced team of batters, bowlers, wicket takers and all rounders who can score you maximum points for your fantasy team.

The concept of learning how to play Fantasy Cricket online is easy. Like a real team of cricket players, your job is to create your own virtual or fantasy team of 11 cricket players. The key pointers to note are:

  • Your fantasy team of 11 will consist of players from both participating teams in the match.
  • You must follow the Fantasy Cricket rules in terms of the number of different players you can include in your fantasy team.
  • You get to pick up to 5 batters and 5 bowlers as per the Fantasy Cricket rules.
  • You get to pick up to seven players each from both the teams.

Once you’re done forming your fantasy 11 team, submit the team on the BalleBaazi app and enjoy the match. Your fantasy team receives virtual points as per the individual performance of each chosen player of your team in the actual field match. You win real cash money as per the rank of your team on the match leaderboard.

Playing free Fantasy Cricket matches on the BalleBaazi app is easy.

  • Simply download the app on your smart device
  • Sign up with a free account using your e-mail id or phone number.
  • Sign in with your user id and go to the match lobby.
  • Select practice leagues on the top menu
  • Pick the league you wish to play.
  • Create your free fantasy team
  • Submit and watch your team perform on the screen
  • Win real cash bonus

Playing Fantasy Cricket on the BalleBaazi app gets you the following benefits.

  • Enjoy a boatload of your favourite cash contests and big fantasy leagues round the year.
  • New players can learn how to play fantasy leagues from scratch by joining our practice leagues.
  • Play multiple Fantasy Sports in a single app- Basketball, Cricket, Football, Kabaddi and Baseball.
  • You can withdraw your winnings instantly to your KYC verified bank account.
  • Win referral bonus of ₹500 on every successful referral to your friends and family.
  • Every cash league you play on BalleBaazi generates reward points. Collect the exact number of points to unlock a wide range of Baazi Rewards like four wheelers, international trips and lots more.

BalleBaazi app is completely safe and 100% legal and certified as per the government laws pertaining to skill gaming in India. You can safely use your knowledge of your favourite sport and win real cash money.

You can make changes only before the match starts on the screen. Once the match goes live, you cannot make any further additions or changes in your fantasy team.

  • Sign in to the BalleBaazi app with your User ID
  • Add a minimum amount of cash required to join the cash leagues as per the buy-in amount.
  • Once the cash reflects in your account, select from the list of upcoming cash leagues.
  • Form your best fantasy team of 11, score maximum points
  • Win real cash money as per the live rankings post match on the leaderboard.

In case a particular live match gets cancelled, the buy-in amount will be automatically transferred to your BB wallet.

Certainly, you can edit and make changes in your team on the BalleBaazi app if the live match gets delayed.

Yes, the bonus money can be used to play exclusive bonus cash leagues on the BalleBaazi app to win real money.

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