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As the name depicts, Rajasthan Royals (RR) are the franchise representing Jaipur.  It was the least expensive team of the IPL league bought by the Emerging Media Sporting Holding at $67 Million. However, they showed that money is not the only criteria to depict a team’s success or failure and became the first squad to win the IPL league .

The Rajasthan Royals team had an exotic start, but it failed to maintain the momentum and was further involved in big controversies. After the first win of Rajasthan Royals, Raj Kundra and her wife, Shilpa Shetty, bought 11.7% of the team’s stake. Fastrack to 2015, the Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings were seen following unlawful bidding activities. Due to the violation 0f BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) rules, both the teams were suspended for two years (2016 & 2017). Their co-owner Raj Kundra was banned from participation in all IPL activity for a lifetime.

But this is not the end, you can see the hunger to win in the eyes of the Rajasthan Royals IPL team. The squad is completely revamped to fight against all its competitors. The Rajasthan Royals owners have taken some bold decisions including the release of their previous captain Shane Watson . They are promoting Sanju Samson as their new skipper and waiting for their team to get back on the top of the ranking board. The first match of Rajasthan Royals is scheduled against Punjab Kings on the 12th April 2021 at the Wankhede Stadium. We are hoping to see a tough fight between these two rivalry teams.

Rajasthan Royals Owners

The ownership of Rajasthan Royals has been extremely fluctuating since its incorporation. In 2009, the Rajasthan Royals IPL team was cumulatively owned by four personalities, Suresh Chellaram (44.2%), Manoj Badale (32.4%), Lachlan Murdoch (11.7%), and Raj Kundra (11.7%).

Let’s Take a Brief Idea of all Rajasthan Royals Owners-

Suresh Chellaram runs a successful Nigerian-based company, Kelowna Investment Ltd. He is also a cousin brother-in-law of Lalit Modi (Former chairmen of the IPL). In 2015, he transferred all its Royal shares to his daughter Amisha Hathirami.

Manoj Badale is a co-owner of Emerging Media (parent company who bought Rajasthan Royals) and the second-largest shareholder of this IPL team.

Lachlan Murdoch is the owner of Blue Water Estate Ltd and the eldest-son, Keith Rupert Murdoch, an Australian-born American media tycoon who runs News Corps. 

Raj Kundra is a successful businessman who invested in the Rajasthan Royals IPL team through KUKI ltd.

After the bidding controversy in 2015, Raj Kundra was banned from being associated with any IPL activity. Therefore, he gave up his share, and the ownership percentage of other investors changed significantly. The new bifurcation constituted Amisha Hathirami (50%), Manoj Badale (36.7%), Lachlan Murdoch (11.7%).

However, recently Manoj Badale bought 13.3% shares from Kelowna Investment Ltd for an unsolicited amount. This makes Emerging Media IPL Ltd (EMIPL) the largest shareholder of the Rajasthan Royals team. He raised the amount from individual investors. In an interview, Manoj Badale quoted, “Investors now recognize the value of sports franchises. EMIPL’s increased ownership of the franchise and expanded network of US-based, value-add investors presents an exciting opportunity to drive the growth of both Rajasthan Royals and the IPL,”

Adding to the Rajasthan Royals co-owners list also include Shane Warne, who was offered a 0.75% of the team stake every year after his retirement. His 4-year contribution to the Rajasthan Royals team has gained him a 3% ownership stake.

Rajasthan Royals Team History

The Rajasthan Royals IPL squad was the cheapest buy, which led people to question the team’s performance. This feeling rose when Rajasthan Royals players lost their first match against Delhi Daredevils by a massive number of 9 wickets.

However, things changed when the team played its first match on the home ground (Sawai Mansingh Stadium) in Jaipur against the Kings XI Punjab. Rajasthan Royals players won the game by 45 runs. Shane Watson published himself as a great captain by making 472 runs and taking 17 wickets. The team became unbeatable; they won 13 matches out of 16. And, finally took the IPL trophy home.

2009 was a grey year for the Rajasthan Royals IPL team; they lost their trump card Sohail Tanvir due to a ban on Pakistani cricketers by the BCCI. Their star captain Shane Watson had to leave for the ODI series between Australia and Pakistan . This brutally affected the Rajasthan Royals team’s performance and straight went from winner to bottom (6th).

Even in the following season, the Rajasthan Royals team could not sustain in the tournament. In the same game with Mumbai Indians , they lost with a marginal difference of 4 runs. The team played well, but Yusuf Pathan was in his best form and made the fastest hundreds in just 37 balls. The Rajasthan Royals players only won 6 matches out of 14.

The controversy season started in 2011 when the Rajasthan Royals were questioned about the unrecognized ownership of Fraser Castellino and Ranjit Barthakur by the BCCI. They were also panelized by the BCCI council, which affected their auction budget. In the auction, the Rajasthan Royals owners bought Shaun Trait, Rahul Dravid, Ross Tayler, Paul Collingwood, and Jhon Botha. The management also retains the duo of Shane Warne and Shane Watson. But nothing seemed to work, the Rajasthan Royals IPL team lost more than half of their matches.

The subsequent year Rahul Dravid was made the captain in Shane Watson’s place. The Rajasthan Royals players started great by defeating Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders with 31 runs and 22 runs. They lost the next two games with Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders . The pattern continued with more losses and fewer wins. Continuous disappointing performances significantly affected the team’s popularity.

In 2013, Rajasthan Royals players Ajeet Chandila, Ankeet Chavan, and Sreesanth were arrested in the spot-fixing case with 11 bookies. Apart from the legal actions, the BCCI permanently suspended them for a lifetime. The Rajasthan Royals team displayed excellent performance this IPL season. They won 11 matches out of 18 but were defeated in the play-offs by Mumbai Indians.

The following year (2014), Shane Watson again became the Rajasthan Royals team captain. They also retained other players like Stuart Binny, James Faulkner, Ajinkya Rahane, and Sanju Samson. The Rajasthan Royals started well, defeating Sunrisers Hyderabad by four wickets. They also won against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Delhi Capitals. In Phase-2, the Rajasthan Royals IPL team couldn’t maintain their momentum and were disqualified after losing to Mumbai Indians.

Once again, the Rajasthan Royals players had a great start in 2015; they consecutively won against Kings XI Punjab , Delhi Daredevils, Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad Chennai Super Kings. However, the squad brutally failed and lost against Royal Challengers in the eliminator match with 72 runs.

 The Rajasthan Royals IPL team was banned in 2016 and 2017 due to unregulated activities of spot-fixing.

In 2018, the team came back after two years with Ajinkya Rahane. They could gather 7 wins out of 15 and also qualified for the play-offs. However, the Rajasthan Royals players again lost their qualifying match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore with 30 runs.

 Even the last two years (2019 & 2020) have been very disappointing for the RR fans. The team ranked at the bottom and cannot revive its performance since they first won the IPL trophy.

We hope that the 2021 players perform better than the Rajasthan Royals IPL 2020 team and show their fans that they are now ready to beat all their competitors.

Rajasthan Royals Players

The Rajasthan Royals IPL team continuously tries strategies that could fetch them wins to get nearer to the IPL trophy. The past performances of the squad aren’t inspiring. They were at the bottom with only six wins. The Rajasthan Royals 2020 team was under the leadership of Steve Smith.

The Rajasthan Royals owners worked hard to revive the team’s performance; they bought the maximum players from the IPL 2020 auction. These were Robin Uthappa (300 Lakhs), Jaydev Unadkat (300 Lakhs), Yashasvi Jaiswal (240 Lakhs), David Miller (75 Lakhs), Tom Curran (100 Lakhs), and Andrew Tye (100 Lakhs).

The Rajasthan Royals 2020 team contained exceptional batsmen like Steve Smith, Akash Singh, Yashasvi Jaiswal, David Miller, Riyan Parag, Shashank Singh, Robin Uthappa, and Manan Vohra.

They also had a squad of amazing bowlers like Jaydev Undakat, Varun Arora, Jofra Archer , Kartik Tyagi, Aniruddha Joshi, Mayank Markande, Rahul Tewatia, Andrew Type, and Oshane Thomas.

The Rajasthan Royals IPL 2020 team also appointed Jos Buttler and Anuj Rawat as their wicketkeeper. The Rajasthan Royals owners also included all-rounders like Mahipal Lomror, Shreyas Gopal, Tom Curran, and Ben Stokes to keep the team balanced. 

Rajasthan Royals Statistics

All the ups and downs the Rajasthan Royals team has faced over the years will make you question the loyalty of their fan base. However, the team has conquered hearts and has a huge Instagram following of 1.5 Million, Twitter of 1.4 Million and has 338k subscribers over YouTube. The Rajasthan Royals might seem like an underestimated team; however, their matches are super-exciting to watch. Let’s dig deep a little to understand the team statistics-

  • The Rajasthan Royals was the first team to win the IPL trophy. They won 13 matches out of 16 and embarked on a winning percentage of 78.57%.
  • In 2009, they could only win 6 matches out of 14, and their winning percentage dropped from 78.57% to 46.15%. The Rajasthan Royals IPL team was ranked 6th in the league.
  • The team performance became irregular due to the ban on Pakistani cricketers. The Rajasthan Royals team lost their gems, Sohail Tanvir. Even Shane Watson had to return to play ODIs. The team only won games out of 14. Their ranking percentage for IPL 2010 was 42.86%.
  • In 2011, the Rajasthan Royals repurchased Shane Watson to revive its performance. However, this made no change. The Rajasthan Royals players won 6 matches, lost seven, and one tie. Their winning percentage was 46.15%. The team was in 7th position on the ranking chart.
  • The subsequent year, Rahul Dravid was appointed the Rajasthan Royals team’s captain. The players couldn’t maintain the winning momentum and lost nine matches out of 16. This dropped their winning percentage to 43.75%.
  • 2013 was preferably a better year for Rajasthan Royals. Rahul Dravid’s captainship worked, and the team could fetch 11 wins out of 18. The Rajasthan Royals players also qualified for the playoffs but couldn’t win against Mumbai Indians. Their winning percentage improved to 62.50%.
  • In 2014, Shane Watson resumed Rajasthan Royals IPL squad’s leadership. The players won 7 matches, and their winning percentage was estimated at 50%. Rajasthan Royals came 5th in the IPL league.
  • The Rajasthan Royals team had a great start in the IPL 2015. They won 7 games out of 15 and also qualified for the play-offs. However, the team lost against the Royal Challengers Bangalore with a significant margin of 72 runs. They came 4th on the team ranking league, scoring a winning percentage of 50%.
  • The Rajasthan Royals IPL team was suspended for 2016 and 2017 for spot-fixing on their previous matches with the Kings XI Punjab (5th May) and Mumbai Indians (15th May).  
  • They resumed again in the 2018 IPL. Ajinkya Rahane was declared the captain of the Rajasthan Royals IPL team. The team won 7 matches out of 15 and also qualified for the playoffs. The squad lost against Royal Challengers Bangalore and was ranked 4th in the league.
  • In 2019, the performance of the Rajasthan Royals players deteriorated. Ajinkya Rahane failed to motivate the players to perform better. They could only win five games and were ranked 7th. Their winning percentage was reduced to 35.71%.
  • Steve Smith was appointed the Rajasthan Royals 2020 team’s newest captain. The team had a good start but stumbled even before halfway. They grabbed six wins and were ranked 7th on the team ranking chart. Their winning percentage was improved to 42.85%.

Rajasthan Royals doesn’t have an excellent record and is filled with controversies. Their IPL journey has 81 matches out of 164 with five no-result games. The winning percentage of RR is 50.64%. This year, they must show some extraordinary performances to entertain their loyal fan base.

Rajasthan Royals Squad for IPL 2021

Last year’s defeat has engraved hunger for the win of the IPL trophy this year. Rajasthan Royals team has their first match scheduled on 12th April against the Punjab Kings, and we are hoping to see a nail-biting fight between these teams.

The Rajasthan Royals owners have released big players like Shashank Singh, Aniruddha Joshi, Tom Curran, Varun Aaron, Akash Singh, Oshane Thomas, Ankit Rajpoot, and Steve Smith.

However, the RR fans will see Robin Uthappa, Manan Vohra, David Miller, Anuj Rawat, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Mayank Markande, Jaydev Unadkat, Andrew Tye, Kartik Tyagi, Mahipal Lomror, Rahul Tewatia, Shreyas Gopal, Riyan Parag, Jos Buttler , Jofra Archer, Ben Stokes, and Sanju Samson this IPL season.

The management also spent an enormous amount of INR 24.20 crore in the 2021 IPL auction. Their most significant bid was on Chris Morris, where they paid INR 16.25 crore. Here, is the list of the number of players bought along with their auctioned price in 2021-

Rajasthan Royals IPL Team 2021 Bought Players

  • Shivam Dube- Rs. 4.4 Crore
  • Chris Morris - Rs. 16.25 Crore
  • Chetan Sakariya- Rs. 1.2 Crore
  • Mustafizur Rahman- Rs. 1 Crore
  • Liam Livingstone- Rs. 75 Lakhs
  • KC Cariappa- Rs. 20 Lakhs
  • Kuldip Yadav- Rs. 20 Lakhs
  • Akash Singh- Rs. 20 Lakhs

Rajasthan Royals IPL team 2021

Captain- Sanju Samson


  • David Miller
  • Riyan Parag
  • Manan Vohra
  • Mahipal Lomror
  • Yashasvi Jaiswal


  • Kuldip Yadav
  • Akash Singh
  • KC Cariappa
  • Mustafizur Rahman
  • Chetan Sakariya
  • AJ Type
  • Kartik Tyagi
  • Jaydev Unadkat
  • Shreyas Gopal
  • Mayank Markande
  • Jofra Archer


  • Anuj Rawat
  • Jos Buttler
  • Sanju Samson
  • All-rounders-

  • Liam Livingstone
  • Shivam Dube
  • Chris Morris
  • Rahul Tewatia
  • Ben Stokes

Rajasthan Royals Squad- Players to Watch Out in IPL 2021

Sanju Samson is Rajasthan Royals Captain for IPL 2021. Last year, he made 375 runs with a strike rate of 133.74. Sanju has been trained by the legend Rahul Dravid himself. His past performance is commendable and has been improving since Day 1. Rajasthan Royals owners have trusted his capability of being a great leader, and this might create tough competition for other teams.

  • Chris Morris

In the last season, Chris Morris played for the RCB, where he scored only 25 runs and took 11 wickets. The Rajasthan Royals have put a big share of money on this player and expect excellence from the man in IPL 2021.

  • Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler has shown consistent performance during his entire IPL journey. He has scored 1714 runs in 5 years and made a marathon of 548 runs in 2019. This wicketkeeper-batsman is also spectacular behind the stumps, and his fans are excited to see him back on the ground.

  • Shivam Dube

Shivam Dube is among the youngest players who has been signed for such a considerable amount. His IPL journey is short yet powerful. With RCB, he scored 169 runs and picked 4 wickets. The Rajasthan Royals have bought him as an all-rounder, and this young talent will surely be a tough competition to other teams. IPL 2021

  • Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes is an aggressive all-rounder who gained attention when he was paid Rs. 14.5 crores to play with the Rising Pune Supergiant. Last year, he scored 285 runs and took two wickets while playing for the Rajasthan Royals.

Rajasthan IPL Team FAQs

  • Is Virat Kohli joining Rajasthan Royals?

The Rajasthan Royals owners have shown interest in bringing Virat Kohli to the table; however, Virat only wants to be a part of the Royal Challengers Bangalore till his retirement.

  • Is Shilpa Shetty the owner of Rajasthan Royals?

No, Shilpa Shetty doesn’t own any part of the Rajasthan Royals IPL team. In 2009, her husband, Raj Kundra, bought 11.7% of the team’s stake, which he had to give up after the BCCI verdict on the spot-fixing case.

  • Who will be the captain of Rajasthan Royals in 2021?

The Rajasthan Royals have removed Steve Smith from his captainship and appointed Sanju Samson as their new team leader.

  • Who is the best player in Rajasthan Royals 2021?

This time the RR has announced a pretty solid team consisting of Sanju Samson, David Miller, Jos Butler, Ben Stokes, and Chris Morris.

  • Is Shane Warne the owner of Rajasthan Royals?

Rajasthan Royals owners paid him $657k with 0.75% in the ownership in the inaugural year. Shane Warne has done this for four years before joining the management. He also quoted, “We were the underdogs. The first-ever year of the IPL of franchise cricket was where owners bought players, and players went into auctions. Three percent of $400 million is all right,"

  • Who is the owner of Rajasthan Royals?

Manoj Badale is the Rajasthan Royals IPL team owner with a 50% of ownership stake. Other co-owners include Amisha Hathirami, Lachlan Murdoch, and Shane Warne.

  • Who is the vice-captain of Rajasthan Royals?

Jos Buttler has been announced as the Vice-captain of the Rajasthan Royals 2021 IPL team.

  • Who is the best bowler in Rajasthan Royal?

The Rajasthan Royals have the best bowler squad, including Jaydev Unadkat, Andrew Tye, Shreyas Gopal, Chris Morris, and Jofra Archer.

  • Who is the wicket-keeper of RR today?

Jos Buttler is the current wicket-keeper of the Rajasthan Royals IPL team.

  • Who took the most wickets for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL last season?

Jofra Archer took 20 wickets by giving 365 runs in 14 matches.

  • Who was the captain of Rajasthan Royals in 2008?

Shane Warne was the first captain of the Rajasthan Royals 2008 IPL team.

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