What is Fantasy Football?

How To Play

Fantasy Football is an online gaming genre that involves putting 11 top players in a virtual team and getting rewarded in total for their individual performance in a real life game. As a Fantasy Football team selector, you should select the top 11 players who can be best relied upon to score points for your team with their personal performances in goal-keeping, midfielding, striking and defending. The fantasy points of every player keep getting updated as the game progresses based on their performance.

You get to choose a Captain & Vice Captain in your Fantasy Football team. The Captain fetches you double the fantasy points he scores in the game and your Vice-Captain gives you 1.5 times his fantasy points so the 2 best players in the squad are usually made as the Captain & Vice-Captain.

Reading Fantasy Football News is important!

Just like reading newspapers is good on a daily basis, reading Fantasy football news too has its own pros. This is so important because it offers updated news, fantasy football tips, and insightful articles that can help you win BIG. We thus recommend you read sports news and Fantasy football tips to get the best fantasy sports experience in India.

A careful selection of players is crucial to creating a match-winning team. Here’s a list of factors you might want to look at before creating your online fantasy football squad to win BIG!

Playing online fantasy football is a completely skill-based endeavour that depends largely on your understanding of the sport and your own instincts. The end goal is to create a match-winning team using a certain maximum number of players who can perform their best in the following subset:

  • Playing conditions
  • Opposition
  • Current form and track record
  • Captain and Vice-Captain
  • Previous experience of playing against the same opposition
  • Top strikers, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers
  • Uncapped Players
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Status: Injured, recovering or making a comeback
  • Availability of chosen players
  • Players who can score Bonus Points

There are few more such factors that go into the making of a high-performing online fantasy football team. We advise you to follow the BalleBaazi Blog to get updated and real-time information on the checklist above and to get expert analysis of the game you’re going to play next.

Here’s why you should choose BalleBaazi!

BalleBaazi is home to a comprehensive online gaming experience comprising several football fantasy leagues, monthly promotions, fantasy points system, referral bonuses, top rewards and monthly leaderboards. We suggest you get in the act with a better show of your skills and passion for the sport that you love the most.

Here’s a small list of factors that would help you decide in our favour:

  • A safe, secure and trusted gaming environment
  • Two fast and snappy smartphone apps
  • Expert advice on team selection
  • Exciting monthly contests
  • Micro Leagues with Buy-Ins as low as INR 1
  • Several Cash Leagues and Practice Games
  • A dedicated Blog that offers Fantasy Football Tips, News and Analysis by experts
  • Referral bonus and Partnership Program
  • Reward Program
  • Monthly Leaderboards for consistent performers

Yes, the more exciting online fantasy football contests you are playing, the better it shows on your game. You can also invite your friends to spice up your journey to the moon and win BIG!

How to Play Fantasy Football on BalleBaazi.com?

With BalleBaazi, you can always be sure of a straight-line path between your online gaming skills and some BIG rewards every day. This online portal is powered by a simple process to help you create a match-winning team every time.

  • Choose the fantasy football game you want to play in
  • Create your football fantasy league team as per credit limits
  • Go for a Cash League or Practice Contest of your choice
  • Take your shot at the rewards and offers

This surely is the best way to learn to play fantasy football and to take your shot at being the best. You may download the BB fantasy football app now to get started with your first game today!

How to play fantasy football games online?

It is indeed a very good question. At BalleBaazi, we offer you straight-line access between your passion for Football and creating match-winning fantasy teams. We advise you to visit our detailed coverage on the topic through videos and infographics to help you learn the basics of fantasy gaming online. Apart from them, you can also visit our detailed and expert Fantasy Football Tips and Tricks section to make the most of your every online game with us! As for the starters, you can download our apps and choose the Fantasy Football League that you would like to play in. Please choose Practice Contests or Cash Leagues as per your proficiency and preference. Post that, you may create your team of superstars and you’re all set to rock!

1. Get Started!

Getting started with fantasy football on BalleBaazi is as easy as 1-2-3! Please follow these steps to get started now:

  • Signup for or Login to your gaming account on BB.
  • Download the all-new BB app for your iPhone or Android-powered smartphone.
  • Choose the current football series you’d like to play in.
  • Choose from Cash Leagues or Practice Contests.
  • Create your best team of 11 players. Please note that you would be allotted a certain number of points to choose your preferred players and to create your team.
  • Submit your team once done and relax!

Once the real match goes live, you would start getting points as per the performance of your chosen players. You can check your progress when you click on the ‘My Leagues’ tab at the bottom of the BB app. The points that you accumulate during the match would be your basis to win the league for that match.

Make a team of 11 players

  • Choose your specialist players for specialist positions
  • Maximum 1 Goal-Keeper
  • Minimum 1, Maximum 3 Forwards
  • Minimum 3, Maximum 5 Defenders
  • Minimum 3, Maximum 5 Midfielders
  • Maximum 7 players are allowed from one team
  • Choose the Captain(2x points) and Vice-Captain(1.5 points) for your Fantasy Football squad.

2. Cash Leagues and Practice Contests

Choosing between Cash Leagues and Practice Contests on BalleBaazi is the easiest thing to do. We advise you to choose the latter if you are new to this online genre. In case, you know a bit about the game and the genre, you are most welcome to play Cash Leagues on BalleBaazi!

There is another way of maximizing your love for the game. You may play in BalleBaazi’s Private Leagues- and it is very simple. All you would need is to refer your friends to BB, ask them to download its app, claim your referral bonus and then offer your friends a unique Private League invitation. As and when they join, you all can start playing Private League with them!

3. Points System

  • Every Successful tackle or assist would attract positive points.
  • Every valid scored goal would attract positive points.
  • Every self-goal would attract negative points.
  • Every valid Goal would attract positive points.
  • Every valid assist for a Goal would be equal to 5 points.
  • Every Clean Sheet would attract positive points.
  • Every Penalty Shot saved would be equal to 9 points.

4. Discipline in Football

  • There are two disciplinary cards in Football: Red and Yellow.
  • Getting one or more of these disciplinary cards would attract negative points.
  • Yellow Card: -1 point. Red Card: -3 points.
  • A player would receive a total of negative points for all the cards that he has been shown.

5. Extra Time

  • Any event during the Extra Time (In-Game; not Post Game for a tie-breaker) that affects the game would attract points.
  • Events carried out during Penalty Shootouts after Extra Time do not carry any points.

Please note that all the above events (that qualify for distribution of points) would be assigned points as per our Fantasy Football Points System. We encourage you to visit this page to also understand the topic better.

For any further clarification, we advise you to Contact Us via playerrelations@ballebaazi.com

How to win Fantasy Football games on BalleBaazi?

Winning at fantasy football games requires skill, patience and persistence. We offer a transparent process of offering virtual games and then deciding the winners based on their respective performances. As mentioned above, a fantasy player gets some points based on his selection of players and their respective performance in the real matches. This is applicable across all gaming variants, be it Practice Contests or Cash Leagues.

Secondly, there are a certain number of payable positions in a league. This information is game-specific and is always pre-disclosed on the BB app. Please note that you would be eligible to win a prize only if you fall in that bracket. It is thus that we recommend you play our Practice Contests on a daily basis so that you can learn and evolve through the game like a pro. And yes, you may always take your next step to play fantasy football Cash Leagues to win BIG!


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