Online Gaming: The Beginning & Rise

Since the advent of the e commerce industry during the late 90s, online gaming has become a major stress buster for all corporate employees, students and people across professions. Online gaming has been contributing to a major growth in the economy of many nations worldwide. As per the 2019 data it had revenues generated up to 16.9 billion USD which is a whopping number. The major rise of online gaming has begun from the year 2010 where the trend of playing games over the internet became majorly popular and the concept of ads on them increased. In-app purchases have boosted the revenues from the online gaming industry like never before.

In India, specifically the online gaming industry has taken a major chunk of youngsters by storm after the free internet availability and increasing stress among the youth. Online gaming has made many of these youngsters to make online rooms where they compete against each other and come out victorious. Even if they’re not going outdoor, online gaming has made them meet new people just by sitting at home online and having a good time with them while competing in an online gaming tournament.

Advantages of Online Gaming

Online game play has not only proven to be a source of fun and  entertainment for people but it has also proven to have paved the way for enhancement of leadership skills, team management skills and given people a sense of fulfillment and strategizing while they play online games. Few of the many advantages are as follows:

  1. While playing games online people tend to communicate with other people better after they develop a good social circle while indulging in multiplayer games online.
  2. There is a huge development of leadership skills while playing online games as you have to manage teams in them within a multiplayer online game structure.
  3. Online gaming has become a source of education for kids as well so there’s a huge rise in online games for free for kids so that they can play and simultaneously learn.
  4. Some of the best online games are available on android and mostly android games download free apk is available as an open source on the web.
  5. Some of the best online games are available on our smartphones. So mobile online games have seen a huge hike in popularity over the last few years which makes them so accessible.
  6. Many major online games come with a feature of earning cash during online gaming. This gives many a huge sense of fulfillment.

Best Year For Online Games 2020

The year 2020 has seen all of us stuck at our homes and biding our time mostly playing online games at homes. After the coronavirus pandemic, the major source of entertainment for all of us has become playing games online and winning real cash in the process. In such times, when the economy has been struggling, online cash games have boosted the industry massively where people have found a place from where they can earn real cash online during online gaming and help their families and friends to survive in these trying times.

Online games like ludo have bought us all 90’s kids together to remember all the kinds of nostalgia in these times where we all need each other even though we can’t have a real contact. The online gaming industry has time and again come up with many ad revenues and cash gaming online that has attracted users not only in India but also throughout the globe. A major chunk of these online games have now consisted of a new child industry that has been amongst the top 20 online games is the fantasy sports industry.

Fantasy Sports: A Giant in The Online Gaming Industry

The all-popular NBA and football leagues have always contributed to the online gaming industry from where games like EA Gaming have come up and enhanced player skills during online gaming. Taking the concept of sports and online gaming to another level is what fantasy sports is all about. Fantasy sports is all about knowledge and skills of the individual gamer where fans of the sport get a chance to put their knowledge into an online gaming structure where if what they choose is right, they get the chance to earn real cash online.

In India specifically, the game of cricket is not just a sport, it's a religion, a cult that people follow with all their heart and passion towards the game of cricket. Fantasy cricket has become a huge part of people’s lives in India now after cash gaming on online platforms went a notch higher with the advent of the Indian T20 season and major tournaments like the World Cup or even any bilateral game where the Indian Cricket team is featuring.

Many online cash games that require no download have started in India since 2010. Many of them had started the concept of prediction but they did not carry any monetary value as the government of India guidelines have always been strict when it comes to online cash gaming. But after the Supreme Court orders in 2014 and being given the liberty to fantasy cricket and fantasy sports as a platform of online gaming that needs the element of skill and knowledge in order to win real money online, the fantasy sports industry has been a major contributor to the online gaming industry as far as the revenues are concerned.

Many fantasy cricket and fantasy sports platforms have come to the market but one of the fastest growing platforms have been They have garnered the maximum followership and gaming strength of more than 5 million players in almost no time. Even when live games were not happening during the pandemic, BalleBaazi partnered with FanBlaze to bring the first ever Virtual Tournament in fantasy sports and it grabbed the attention of more than a million users in India.

Online Gaming: The Future

The future of online gaming in India is exponential and it is safe to say that this industry is here to stay and thrive in all departments. The global pandemic has only boosted the industry and has generated revenues like never before. Even the education industry has started taking up the model of an online gaming industry where they have made android online games available for kids and made these online games for kids as totally free that helps these tiny tots to understand many important concepts with ease and develop many skills in the process while having a lot of fun.

The corporate and young generation of the country will always be a huge contributor to the online gaming industry as they have a huge escape in them and they find freedom to interact with a huge social circle and develop leadership skills while having so much fun online. The online gaming industry, it is safe to say that it is here to rock and impact our lives day in and day out because with the event of online cash gaming coming into play for free and their android apk available free online, the online cash gaming industry is serving to a huge boom and making ordinary people to play and earn real cash almost daily just by staying at home. So, if you haven’t started playing any online games recently consider them because they not only serve your entertainment and fun purposes but also boost your mental growth and perhaps your kids’ education as well.

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