Refer & Earn

BalleBaazi, one of the best refer and earn apps in India has set its own name distinctively in the fantasy sports universe. What started off as a revolutionary fantasy cricket app has now become the home of fantasy sports in India with Fantasy Kabaddi, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Basketball as its new add-ons along with Poker and Rummy. The Fantasy Cricket format introduced on BalleBaazi in January 2018 became the first and the only platform to feature more than 3 different fantasy formats:

Classic Fantasy:

Choose 11 players and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice Captain.

Batting Fantasy:

Choose only 5 batsmen and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice Captain.

Bowling Fantasy:

Choose only 5 bowlers and make your teams while selecting your own Captain & Vice Captain

For over the past 3 years, BalleBaazi has proven to be one of the most rewarding and innovative Indian Fantasy Cricket and refer & earn apps with over 8 million gamers live on the platform every single day. The brand pushed the envelope in the Online Fantasy cricket industry by adding 2nd Innings Fantasy and Reverse Fantasy.

Today, Cricket is not less than a religion in the country with billions of fans watching the games live either in the stands or at home. A refer & earn app like BalleBaazi gives a chance to these cricket-crazy frenzies to live the game and get more indulged in their favourite teams’ strategies along with their friends and family and get rewarded for their love of the game. BalleBaazi gives an opportunity to the sport-loving fans of our nation to choose their own teams along with the choice of their Captains & Vice-Captains. What’s better?

The experience of playing on the BalleBaazi Sports Gaming App is as rewarding as it can get. From GTDs of over 25 Lakhs to gadgets, smartphones, bikes, cars and even a foreign trip, you can win it all and more!

What’s New?

While we are all aware how fun it is to play fantasy cricket and earn the bragging rights of the Ultimate Cricket Fan among friends and family, BalleBaazi has brought a revolutionary change in their Refer & Earn model. BalleBaazi brings you a chance to bring more of your friends and family on BalleBaazi and give you an extra way to earn real cash on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports platform. Make way for the one & the only New Refer & Earn!

The New Refer & Earn

BalleBaazi is turning 4 years older and wiser so we have a special token of gratitude for you. Why only earn real cash while playing fantasy sports on BalleBaazi when you can refer more and earn more and become a partner with one of the best refer & earn app: BalleBaazi! Why play alone when you can get your friends and family on board & make it your own hub of fantasy gaming and make real money on the side?

This is how we are going to make BalleBaazi, a battleground for you and your friends:

Refer a Friend

He/She joins in & makes their first deposit
You earn real cash upto ₹500 in your BB wallet

Features Of The New Refer & Earn

You can make as many referrals as you want and earn on every first-time deposit your friends make on the BalleBaazi App.

You get ₹50 bonus amount and after the first deposit of your friend, you will get ₹450 in your BB wallet.

This real cash will be transferred to the ‘Affiliate Cash’ which will be a part of your BB Wallet.
You can transfer the funds from your ‘Affiliate Cash’ wallet to the ‘Unused Cash’ wallet.
This real cash money can then be utilized in joining more and more leagues in the upcoming matches on BalleBaazi.

Get the bonus and get real money straight into your BB wallet to make your fantasy gaming experience bigger and better only on BalleBaazi.

Now, you might have seen an added feature of the Affiliate cash and Unused cash portions of the BB wallet. What are these?

Affiliate Cash:

This is your extra real cash kitty which will consist of the real money you make by making a maximum of your friends play on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports platform. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Unused Cash:

This component of the BB wallet is your Fantasy Cricket kit meaning the amount of money that you’ll be needing to join the absolutely rewarding leagues on BalleBaazi. The unused cash can be utilized to take part in the upcoming matches on BalleBaazi using which you can join leagues and make your teams on the platform. This unused cash helps you in saving your own money to put as a rake in BalleBaazi. You won’t need to deposit extra money to join the leagues you love, your unused cash wallet will take care of that!

Why Be A Part Of New Refer & Earn?

If you haven’t got the big picture already, we are here to tell you why you so badly need to be a part of the revolutionary New Refer & Earn by BalleBaazi:

1. Earn real cash while your friends deposit for the 1st time

2. Earn from as many referrals you want. The more you refer, the more you earn

3. Get an extra earning source on the fantasy sports platform apart from your regular fantasy drill.

4. Save money and utilize the unused cash earned in joining more and more leagues on the BalleBaazi fantasy platform.

5. The more leagues you join, the more your chances of winning big on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports app, which is considered one of the most beneficial refer and earn apps in India.

6. Way more different than the traditional refer and earn program where you only get the bonus credited and no real cash as such.

7. Make BalleBaazi your battleground for fantasy cricket and fantasy sports where you can play with your friends and get your knowledge of the game rewarded extraordinarily.

8. Not to forget, as a partner you will be exposed to crazy offers on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports app and take your fantasy sports playing experience to a whole new level.

Do you still want to be left out? No, right?

So, there you go, create your second income source on the BalleBaazi fantasy platform via the new Refer & Earn programe and make it your battleground for fantasy sports in India.

How To Use Your New Refer & Earn Programme Amount

How to Move Affiliate cash to unused cash
Player can move entire affiliate cash to unused cash
Can use Bonus cash and Unused cash to play game on BB app/web


The eligibility criteria is simple: You need to play at least one contest on BalleBaazi that could either be a cash contest, private league, freeroll or even a simple practice contest. Now, you can start referring more and earning more.


Also, a special add-on to the New Refer & Earn Programme is the Referral Carnival which will double the benefits of the New Refer and Earn Programme. Referral Carnival will give you an extra percentage of the first-time deposit which means you will get up to ₹500 bonus on the first time deposit of your friend. But this is exclusively open to the Partners of BalleBaazi registered under the New Refer and Earn Programme.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the New Refer & Earn Programme now and take your fantasy gaming experience to a whole new level. The earlier you join, the better chances of you being successful.


New Refer & Earn is a next-level refer and earn programme where a user gets an extra income source via referring his friend on the BalleBaazi app. The first-time deposit of every new referral will get you up to ₹500.

It’s as simple as:

You refer a friend ->You get ₹50 bonus -> Your friend does a first-time deposit -> You get ₹450 in your BB wallet as affiliate cash -> You can transfer your affiliate cash to unused cash wallet -> Now, you can use this unused cash to join more leagues on BalleBaazi and win big!

Yes, that’s the best part of the New Refer & Earn. Become a partner once, and reap benefits of it for a lifetime. Refer anyone anytime and you will receive the first time deposit benefit regardless of you joining the New Refer & Earn.

When you refer a friend you receive a ₹50 bonus in your wallet. When your friend makes a first time deposit, you get up to ₹450.

You can refer to as many friends as possible. There is no limit to the maximum number of referrals.

Yes, you can refer your friends by sharing your referral code via any social media platform.

The real cash you earn via the New Refer & Earn will be credited as ₹50 in your bonus account which can be utilized in bonus leagues. You’ll get ₹450 after your friend’s first-time deposit. This amount will be credited as your affiliate cash. You can transfer affiliate cash to unused cash and then utilize this real money to join more leagues on BalleBaazi. The more you refer, the more real cash you get, the more you join, the more you win!

This is your extra real cash kitty which will consist of the real money you make by making maximum of your friends play on the BalleBaazi fantasy sports platform. The more you refer, the more you earn.

Yes, all you have to do is transfer your affiliate wallet earnings to your unused wallet. From the unused wallet, you can now join leagues and play fantasy sports on BalleBaazi.

No, the amount credited in your affiliate wallet is non-withdrawable and can only be transferred to an unused wallet in order to be utilized for joining upcoming matches on BalleBaazi.

Yes, you are eligible to join the New Refer & Earn by playing any kind of a contest including private league, freeroll league, cash contest, practice contest, etc.

Get 50 Joining Bonus!