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The invisible Enemy

As of now, 20000+ people have been affected with Covid -19 in our country. In comparison with other countries like Italy and the United States of America, we have been largely successful at flattening the curve. The government ruled a nationwide lockdown from 25th march to 14th April 2020 but because of the severity of the issue, the lockdown has been extended till 3rd may 2020. It can be extended further to make sure that each and every citizen of the country stays safe and healthy. Citizens all around the country are following the rules and are quarantined. The recovery rate has also been consistent and people are positive for the coming future. None of this would have been possible without the people on the frontline who have been working tirelessly for the ones who are affected.

GiveIndia x BalleBaazi

One of the conglomerates which has been helping the less fortunate of our country since a very long time, is GiveIndia. The good people of GiveIndia run many initiatives in order to help people of all ages around the country. If you’d like to sponsor monthly or yearly education of a child or if you’d like to help cancer patients by donating some money then you can go to their website and help people in need. Similarly with the current situation regarding Covid -19, BalleBaazi and GiveIndia have joined forces to make sure that the people in need get the necessities they require. We have decided to donate masks and meals to people who are in dire need of protection and food and we would like our Baazigars to help us with it.

How can you Help?

By staying inside your home and by being quarantined you have been doing a great service to your community and to our nation. If you want to take it a step further then you can donate your BB coins and help other communities and families. If you tap on the reward button of your updated BalleBaazi application then you’ll be able to see the option of donating a mask or a meal to 1 person. By donating your BB coins for this cause, you’ll be impacting the lives of many. For 1 mask you’ll be donating 240 BB coins and for 1 meal you’ll be donating 400 BB coins. Afterall, a ‘hero’ in need is a ‘hero’ indeed.

BalleBaazi has always followed a ‘Baazigar’ first rule and right now we need all our Baazigars to lend a helping hand to us and to people who are less fortunate than us. Your little act of kindness will be appreciated and encouraged by all of us here in the Baazi Games family. Lastly, be safe and do not break the rules of quarantine. Stay tuned for more on BalleBaazi.