PBKS vs KKR IPL 2023 Live Score Updates

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Tata IPL 2023 PBKS vs KKR Live Score Updates: Arshdeep guides PBKS to Win by 7 Runs


IPL 2023 PBKS VS KKR, Live cricket score updates, Punjab Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders

After the umpire’s decision and as per DLS Method, PBKS have defeated KKR by seven runs. Arshdeep Singh was named Player of the Match for bagging 3 wickets and conceding only 19 runs.

PBKS started off strong and displayed a stellar performance both in batting and bowling. However, the fate did not seem to favour KKR today as they struggled against PBKS, which led to their defeat subsequently. It will, however, be interesting to see how both the teams progress in the tournament from hereon.

With that, we are done for today. Let’s catch up tomorrow as SRH vs RR and RCB vs MI clash occurs at Hyderabad and Bengaluru, respectively.

PBKS vs KKR IPL 2023 Live Updates

After a delay due to issue with the floodlights, KKR started their innings and currently stands at 146/7. However, due to heavy downpour on the field in Mohali, Match has been delayed.

KKR scores 10 runs from this over at the loss of 1 wicket. At the end of 17th over, KKR 147/7 with Sunil Narine 7 (2b) and Shardul Thakur 8 (3b)

Arshdeep bowls a good length ball on stumps and Narine lofts it over long on for six. 

Two runs from the last two deliveries (1, 1)

Narine comes in as the seventh wicket down.

Arshdeep bows a bouncer. Iyer tries to hit the ball but fails and lands the ball to Rahul Chahar. 

Venkatesh Iyer c Chahar b Arshdeep Singh 34 (28b) SR: 121.42

Arshdeep Singh comes back for the 16th over.

KKR scored 18 runs off this over. At the end of 15 overs, KKR 136/6 with Shardul Thakur 6 (1b) and Venkatesh Iyer 33 (26b)

Thakur smashes Curran over deep square leg

Shardul Thakur comes in as the sixth wicket down. 

Curran bowls a short ball with an offcutter. Russell hits the ball but the balls finds midwicket. Andre Russell c Sikandar Raza b Curran 35 (19b)

Curran bowls and Russell hits it between point and short third! 

Curran bowls a low full toss and Russell smokes the ball away over wide long-on!

Sam Curran replaces Rahul Chahar for the 15th over. 

KKR scores 18 runs in this over. At the end of 14th over, KKR 118/5 with Andre Russell 24 (15b) and Venkatesh Iyer 32 (25b)

Russel hits the ball but this time for a six over the Ellis’ head! But this was a no ball as well.

Ellis to Russel, Russell hits the ball to deep point, No ball 

Russel hits the ball over the mid off for four runs. 

Ellis balls a good length ball to Venkatesh Iyer, 1 run

Ellis comes back to bowl the 14th over of second innings.

KKR scores 9 runs of this over. At the end of 13th over, KKR 100/5 with Andre Russell 16 (10b) and Venkatesh Iyer 24 (22b)

Chahar b to Russell smashes the length ball over the long off for six runs.

Misfield leads to 1 run.

Rahul Chahar comes in to ball the 13th over. 

KKR scores 8 runs of this over. At the end of 12 overs, KKR 91/5 with Venkatesh Iyer22 (20b), Andre Russell 9 (6b)

Brar bowls to Iyer, Iyer goes for the switch hit but ball pinch a bye off the keeper’s pad 

Harpreet Brar to Venkatesh Iyer, no run

Brar bowls short ball to deep midwicket to Russell, 1 run

Harpreet Brar to Russell drives the ball past the boundary for Four runs after hammering the ball just over the bowler’s raised hands.

Harpreet Brar bowls short ball to Russell, no run

Brar bowls around the wicket, Russel flicks the wicket to long leg for 2 runs

Hapreet Brar comes in to bowl the 12th over.

At the end of over 11 KKR: 83/5; Venkatesh Iyer22 (18b) Andre Russell 2 (2b)

KKR scores 3 runs and loses 1 wicket in this over.

Rinku Singh 4 (4b) 

Chahar bowls an out swing and the balls ends up right into Raza’s hands. 

Rahul comes in to bowl the 11th over. 

At the end of 10th over, KKR 80/4 with Rinku Singh 4 (3b), Venkatesh Iyer 21 (15b)

KKR scores 5 runs in this over and loses 1 wicket. 

Raza bags the wicket of Rana as Chahar takes the catch. Nitish Rana dismissed after 24 runs (17b).

Sikandar Raza comes in to bowl the 10th over.

At the end of 9 overs, KKR is at 75/3, Venkatesh Iyer 20 (14b), Nitish Rana 24 (15b)

KKR scores 15 runs from this over. 

After a dot ball, It is Iyer who sends Dhawan over the boundary of long-on.

Dhawan bowls slow ball and Rana takes a single

Rana slams Dhawan for a four. 

Rishi Dhawan comes in to bowl the ninth over of the second innings. 

At the end of eighth over, KKR scores 10 runs from this over and stands at 60/3 with Nitish Rana 13 (12b) and Venkatesh Iyer 16 (11b) 

Rana lofts the ball from Raza over short third for a four. 

Five runs from the last four deliveries in this over (2, 1, 1, 1).

Sikandar Raza comes in to bowl the eighth over.

At the end of seventh over, KKR stands at 50/3 Venkatesh Iyer 12 (8b), Nitish Rana 8 (9b) 

Just four runs in this over. A successful over in all terms, especially as compared to the last over.

Elis comes in to bowl seventh over. 

At the end of sixth over, KKR stands at 46 for 3 with 11 runs from this over. Venkatesh Iyer 10 (6b), Nitish Rana 7 (5b)

Iyer slams Raza again and this time between cover-point and extra cover! 

Iyer gets a chance and hits the ball for four between short fine and square leg!

Sikandar Raza comes on the pitch to bowl the sixth over of second innings.

At the end of fifth over, KKR stands at 35/3 with Nitish Rana at 6 (4b) and Venkatesh Iyer for 1 (1b).

KKR scors 6 runs at the loss of 1 wicket in the fifth over. 

Rana sweeps Ellish to a four on long leg. 

Nitish Rana comes in as the third wicket down. 

Nathan Ellis bowls a beautiful delivery with a change in pace and bolds Rahmanullah at 22 for 16. 

Nathan Ellis comes in to bowl the fifth over of the innings.

At the end of 4th over, KKR stands at 29/2 with Rahmanullah Gurbaz at 22 (14b) and Venkatesh Iyer at 1 (1lb)

Rahmanullah slams Arshdeep for a four off  short third!

Arshdeep comes in to bowl the fourth over of the second innings.

At the end of 3rd over, KKR stands at 24/2 with Rahmanullah Gurbaz at 17 (8b) and Venkatesh Iyer at 1 (1lb)

Curran concedes 7 runs off this over. 

Sam Curran comes in to bowl the third over and Rahmanullah drives the ball to four over the mid-off.

At the end of 2nd over, KKR 17/2; Rahmanullah Gurbaz 11 (3b); Arshdeep takes two wickets in single over. 

Arshdeep bowls a short delivery. Anukul tried to hit the ball but failed as ball finds its way in c Sikandar Raza’s hands. 

Roy lifts Arshdeep over mid-on for a four

Anukul Roy comes in at first wicket down. 

Arshdeep bowls at the middle and off, rising sharply on off stump and while Mandeep tried to hit the ball, he got caught at the deep square leg.

Arshdeep Singh comes in for the second over.

At the end of one over, KKR 13/0 with Rahmanullah Gurbaz at 11 (3b) and Mandeep Singh 2 (3b).

Rahmanullah  flicks the ball to deep midwicket for four runs. 

Rahmanullah launches the ball into sky over long-on for a six.

Mandeep hits the ball to right of mid-on for a single. 

Rahmanullah hits the ball and the batsmen suffer some mix up. However, both the players get back to the crease safely after a single. 

Mandeep flicks the ball to midwicket for 1 run. 

After a delay of 30 minutes, the match has started with Sam Curran bowlingthe first over of 2nd innings and Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Mandeep Singh starting off the as the opening batsmen. 

PBKS vs KKR, 2nd match of IPL 2023 has been currently delayed due to the floodlight failure.

PBKS  have scored 191 for 5 wickets after KKR won the toss and invited the host to bat first. PBKS had a good start but lost their first wicket in the form of PrabhSimran Singh at the end of 2nd over. 

A 86-run partnership for the second wicket helped the team build a solid foundation to which the middle-order batsmen successfully helped the team set a target of 192 runs for 20 overs for the visitors. Will KKR be able to successfully chase the target score is the only thing running on the mind of their fans’ currently.

PBKS finishes at 191 for 5 wickets in 20 overs. Sets the target of 192 in 20 overs for KKR. 

With this, the first innings of the match has come to an end. PBKS scores 15 runs off this over. Sam Curran 26 (17b) M Shahrukh Khan 11 (7b) 

Southee balls good length slower ball. No run. 

Southee balls full ball and curran swings the ball to deep midwicket. Takes two runs. 

Curran sends to ball to square leg for two runs 

Sam Curran hits a powerful shot to send the ball over wide long on for a six

Shahrukh Khan takes a single run 

Shahrukh Khan smashes the full ball for four in front of square

Tim Southee comes in for his fourth and last over. It is also the last over of first innings.  

At the end of 19 overs, 176 for 5 wickets. M Shahrukh Khan 6 (5b),  Sam Curran 16 (13b)

Shahrukh drives the ball as a drive shot around the tram-lines to boundary for Four runs

Shardul Thakur comes in for his fourth over and to bowl the 19th over of the innings. 

At the end of 18th over, PBKS PBKS: 168 for 5 wickets. M Shahrukh Khan 0 (1b), Sam Curran 14 (11b)

Shahrukh Khan comes as fifth-wicket down for PBKS. 

Narine bows to Raza with a bit more air on off. Raza tries to lift it off for six but ends as an easy dismissal. 

Four runs off the past four deliveries ( 1, 2, 1 and 0) 

Narine comes in for his fourth over. 

11 runs from this over. PBKS 164/4 in 17 overs. Sam Curran 11 (9b), Sikandar Raza 15 (10b)

Sam Curran smokes Varun’s full ball  over long on for a successful over on the last ball of the over. 

Varun Chakravarthy comes in for the 17th over. 

10 runs off this over; At the end of 16 overs, PBKS 153/4, Sikandar Raza 13 (8b), Sam Curran 3 (5b) Time for another strategic timeout 

Raza hits a massive six on Shardul Thakur. Thakur bowls full ball outside off. Raza smacks the ball for six through off side. 

Sam Curran takes a single after flicking the ball to midwicket. 

Thakur to Sam Curran, Curran successfully takes two runs of the ball after sending the ball to cover.

Raza takes a quick single to keep the scoreboard moving 

Shardul Thakur comes in for 16th over. 

At the end of 15th over, PBKS 143 for 4, Raza 6 (3b), Curran 0 (3b)

Sam Curran comes in as the latest batsman 

Shikhar Dhawan goes for 49 (28b)

Bows good length ball on leg side and sends Dhawan to pavillion

Chakaravarthy comes in for 15th over.

At the end of 14th over, PBKS 142 for 3, Sikandar Raza* 5 (2b), Shikhar Dhawan 40 (28)

Raja sends South for a four on to fine leg.

Sikandar Raza comes in as the fifth batsman 

  • PBKS 135 for 3 in 13.3 overs

Southee uses his experience and tricks Sharma with a slower ball. Sharma tries to hit it over the leg side,but leads to a simple catch for Umesh Yadav at the short third

Jitesh Sharma lifts the ball for Six  over long off. 21 (10b)

Tim Southee comes in for the 14th over. 

At the end of 13th over, PBKS 129 – 2; Jitesh Sharma 15 (8b), Shikhar Dhawan 38 (27b)

A slow delivery to Jitesh Sharma. Jitesh moved to the off side and hit a pull shot to send the ball towards backward square leg for a four

Umesh Yadav comes in for the 13th over. 

PBKS 121 – 2 at the end of 12 overs. Got 12 from Narine’s over; Jitesh Sharma 9 (4b), Shikhar Dhawan 36 (25b) 

Jitesh Sharma lifts the last delivery straight for six. 

Narine comes in for 12th over; 

PBKS 109 – 2 at the end of 11 overs. Jitesh Sharma comes in as the new batsman Shikhar Dhawan 34 (23b)

Rajapaksa gets out after lifting ball too high on  long on. Rinku Singh easily catches the ball, dismissing RajaPaksa successfully. Bhanuka Rajapaksa (cSingh bYadav 50 (32b) SR: 156.25 

50 for Bhanuka Rajapaksa in 30 deliveries. A significant knock at a much-needed time.

Umesh Yadav comes to ball for 11th over

At the end of 10th over, PBKS 100 – 1; Shikhar Dhawan 29 (21b), Bhanuka Rajapaksa 46 (28b)

Dhawan drives the ball for four on the first delivery of the over after Chakaravarthy  bowls length ball outside off.

Varun Chakaravarthy  comes in for 10th over from the Yuvraj Singh end. 

At the end of 9 overs; PBKS 91 – 1, Bhanuka Rajapaksa 45 (26b), Shikhar Dhawan 22 (17b)

Shardul bowls a no ball and Dhawan lifts him for a four over point; 5 runs off this delivery

Rajapaksa drives the ball through midwicket for a single

Rajapaksa finds a gap between keeper and short third and hits the ball for four, PBKS  85 – 1

Dhawan takes a comfortable single

Shardul Thakur for 9th over. 

PBKS 79/1 at the end of 8 overs. Bhanuka Rajapaksa 40 (23b), Shikhar Dhawan 16 (13b)

Rajapaksa gets 2 runs off the final delivery of the over, 

Sloppy fielding from Chakaravarthy  as Rajapaksa drives the ball at short fine leg for four runs; PBKS 75/1

Narine replaces Chakaravarthy  

13 runs off this over; At the end of seven overs; PBKS 69 -1 Bhanuka Rajapaksa   31 (18), Shikhar Dhawan 15 (12); The umpire signals for strategic timeout. 

Rajapaksa   on fire as he sends delivery past the boundary but this time as a six over fine leg.. 

Bhanuka Rajapaksa   sends the ball for four 

Varun Chakaravarthy  replaces Narine for sixth over.

At the end of 6 overs; PBKS 56 for 1 wicket after Dhawan sends Varun Chakaravarthy  for four on the last delivery through the off side. 

PBKS 50 – 1 at the end of 5 overs. Shikhar Dhawan 10 (8), Bhanuka Rajapaksa   17 (10) 

RajPaksa hits the bowl for six

Rajpaka again flicks the bowl over extra cover for four 

Rajapaksa  makes a lofted shot over mid off and sends Narine for four .

12 runs off this over;  PBKS 36 for 1 at the end of Over 4.0; Shikhar Dhawan 10, Bhanuka Rajapaksa   3 

Southee to S Dhawan, 1 run

Good length ball outside off, and Rajapaksa   gently taps a cut towards cover point for a single

S Dhawan comfortably flicked ball off his pads to deep midwicket for two runs.

Another four from Dhawan in the short gap of only 9 m between point and cover point. 

Southee bowls to Shikhar Dhawan and Dhawan drives the bowl for four

Umesh Yadav bowls his second over; Only one run off the over; PBKS 24/1 in 3.0 overs Bhanuka Rajapaksa   0 (2b) Shikhar Dhawan 1 (4b)

Bhanuka Rajapaksa   comes as one down. 

Prabhsimran caught behind the wicket at 23 at the last delivery of second over. 

Prabhsimran Singh lifts Southee’s short ball in front of square magnificently for SIX runs

Southee to Prabhsimran Singh, FOUR runs

Good length ball outside off. PrabhSimran comes forward, and directs the ball past the mid off this time!

Southee to Prabhsimran Singh, FOUR runs

Full ball around middle and leg. PrabhSimran flicks at ball in deep fine leg for a boundary!

At the end of Over 1, PBKS 9/0. Prabhsimran 9; Shikhar Dhawan

Prabhsimran lifts the ball off his pads for six beyond the deep backward square leg; 

Umesh Yadav starts the bowling lineup for KKR; Shikhar Dhawan and Prabhsimran Singh opens for PBKS

Critics’ Analysis

Cricket pundits believe that KKR might benefit from the Impact Player rule because of Umesh Yadav, who happens to be a powerplay specialist. As per their opinion, KKR can use Yadav to bowl in the first 7 overs and then replace him after that. 

Overseas Players

While Bhanuka Rajapaksa, Sam Curran and Nathan Ellis are the overseas player for PBKS, Andre Russell, Sunil Narine and Tim Southee are the overseas player for KKR. 


Shikhar Dhawan, the veteran Indian batsman, will be leading the PBKS squad for today’s match and Nitish Rana will be leading the KKR squad. Both the squads look solid on paper. However, both teams will be looking to start their IPL 2023 journey on a positive note as PBKS and KKR finished sixth and seventh in last IPL season, respectively.

Kolkata Knight Riders have won the toss and skipper Nitish Rana have chose to bowl first. With a successful toss, it will interesting to see if the moisture from the past few days of rain will impact how the match progresses.

IPL 2023 PBKS VS KKR, Live cricket score updates, Punjab Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders: Both the teams have geared up for what fans expect to be a thrilling match in Mohali at 03:30 pm while weather forecasts indicate chances of rain being a party pooper. 

IPL 2023 PBKS VS KKR: Full Scorecard

PBKS (Punjab Kings)

BATTING Run Ball M 4s 6s SR
Prabhsimran Singh c †Rahmanullah Gurbaz b Southee 23 12 10 2 2 191.66
Shikhar Dhawan (c) b Varun 40 29 75 6 0 137.93
Bhanuka Rajapaksa c Singh b Yadav 50 32 47 5 2 156.25
Jitesh Sharma † c Yadav b Southee 21 11 13 1 2 190.90
Sikandar Raza c Rana b Narine 16 13 22 1 0 123.07
Sam Curran not out 26 17 27 0 2 152.97
M Shahrukh Khan not out 11 7 11 2 0 157.14
Extras (lb 1, nb 1, w 2) 4
Total: 20 Ov (RR: 9.55)

KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders)

BATTING Run Ball M 4s 6s SR
Mandeep Singh c Curran b Arshdeep Singh 2 4 7 0 0 50.00
Rahmanullah Gurbaz † b Ellis 22 16 26 3 1 137.50
Anukul Roy c Sikandar Raza b Arshdeep Singh 4 5 5 1 0 80.00
Venkatesh Iyer c Chahar b Arshdeep Singh 34 28 66 3 1 121.42
Nitish Rana (c) c Chahar b Sikandar Raza 24 17 23 3 1 141.17
Rinku Singh c Sikandar Raza b Chahar 4 4 5 0 0 100.00
Andre Russell c Sikandar Raza b Curran 35 19 24 3 2 184.21
Shardul Thakur not out 8 3 8 0 1 366.66
Sunil Narine not out 7 2 4 0 1 350.00
Extras (b 1, lb 2, nb 2, w 1) 6
Total: 16 Ov (RR: 9.12) 146/7


PBKS PLaying 11

Shikhar Dhawan (c) Opening Batter
Prabhsimran Singh
Wicketkeeper Batter
Bhanuka Rajapaksa Top order Batter
Jitesh Sharma †
Wicketkeeper Batter
Sam Curran Allrounder
Sikandar Raza
Batting Allrounder
M Shahrukh Khan Batter
Harpreet Brar Bowler
Rahul Chahar Bowler
Arshdeep Singh Bowler
Nathan Ellis Bowler

KKR Playing 11

Rahmanullah Gurbaz †
Wicketkeeper Batter
Mandeep Singh Allrounder
Nitish Rana (c)
Middle order Batter
Rinku Singh
Middle order Batter
Andre Russell Allrounder
Shardul Thakur Bowler
Sunil Narine
Bowling Allrounder
Tim Southee Bowler
Anukul Roy Allrounder
Umesh Yadav Bowler
Varun Chakravarthy Bowler