Indian Cricketers Records That Are Impossible to Break

20 Unbelievable Indian Cricketers Records That Are Impossible to Break

India is easily the 2nd most successful team when it comes to ODI format of cricket given their achievements in major ICC tournaments. One of the reasons for their dominance at this level has been individuals who have grown up to be  superstars with various records in this format.

From the dog years, Indian players have performed some extraordinary feats that registered their names in the hall of fame.

Here are 20 unique records which are held by the Indian gentlemen that are impossible to break:

Ravichandran Ashwin : Least balls for 200 wickets

Ravichandran Ashwin became the fastest bowler to claim 200 wickets when he ended up accomplishing the milestone in just 10291 balls.

Most matches as a Captain: MS Dhoni 331 out of the 331 Matches

MS Dhoni has captained 300 T20 matches during his illustrious career, registering 177 wins, suffering 118 defeats, playing out two ties while three matches ended with no result, earning him a place in the Indian Cricketers Records. He has a healthy win percentage of 59.93.

Record of highest Stumpings: MS Dhoni, 195

MS Dhoni is always known for spontaneity and sharpness behind the stumps. A career that spanned nearly 15 years, Dhoni holds the Indian Cricketers Records for most stumping in international cricket history. Apart from this record, Dhoni also holds the special feat of inflicting the fastest stumping in cricket followed by Kumar Sangakkara, 139 and Romesh Kaluwitharana, 101.

Most deliveries faced by a batsman in Test Cricket

This Indian Cricketers Records was set by none other than “The Wall” Rahul Dravid. India’s former captain and the current head coach has played many “longer innings in cricket” and has also been behind some of the greatest moments in Indian cricket. Rahul Dravid has played 164 tests for India and has faced 31,258 balls to score 13,288 Test Runs at an average of 52.31 with 36 centuries.

Only player to take a hattrick in the first over of the match

Indian pacer Irfan Pathan is the only bowler to take a hat-trick in the “first over” of a Test match against Pakistan in 2006, becoming the first and, to date, the only bowler to do so. This also makes it the most aggregated average of the three batsmen and gets an entry in the Indian Cricketers Records hall of fame.

Most Sixes to Finish a Game Off

MS Dhoni makes another appearance in the Indian Cricketers Records with this record. He played like a slog player and made fast runs when he entered cricket. In 2005, Dhoni won the match for India after hitting a six and post this, it became his trademark. Even in the 2011 World cup final, MS Dhoni again won the match for India after striking a six on the last ball. Dhoni performed this move 12 times where he would finish a game off with a six on the last ball and to date, no one has broken this record.

Fastest Hundred in a Test Debut

Previously held by Dwyane Smith who pulled off a hundred in 93 balls against South Africa in 2004. This Indian Cricketers World Record goes to Shikhar Dhawan, who managed to strike a century in 85 balls during his test debut against Australia, in 2013.

Most Runs as Opener

Virender Sehwag ended up being the first batsman to ever score 7,500+ runs as an opening batsman in ODIs. He scored 8207 runs in Test and 7518 runs in ODI cricket as an opener, earning him a spot in the Indian Cricketers Records.

Two triple hundreds in test and one double hundred in ODI

Virender Sehwag shows up once again in the Indian Cricketers Records with this record. Virender Sehwag took just 278 balls to hit his second triple hundred (vs SA in Chennai, 2008) – the fastest ever triple hundred in terms of balls in Test cricket.

World record of bowling 21 consecutive Maiden overs

Bapu Nadkarni is well known for his economical spell during the 1964 Chennai Test against England where he delivered a record 21 consecutive maiden overs. This is also a record when it comes to first-class cricket as Nadkarni’s 21 overs are the most consecutive 6-ball overs bowled by any player in this format. A brilliant addition to the Indian Cricketers Records.

World record for most 200 Run partnerships

It’s fair to say Virat Kohli has had quite an impact on cricket in India and on the world stage. He is also in Indian Cricketers World Records for most double hundred partnerships that he made with various players on 10 occasions.

World record for most catches in test cricket

Former India cricket team captain, Rahul Dravid holds the Indian Cricketers Record for the most catches in Test history. Dravid grabbed 210 catches in 164 Test matches, followed closely by the legend Mahela Jayawardene at 205.

Most Centuries in International Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar is the only cricketer who has scored 100 centuries in the cricket world. Ricky Ponting of Australia is in the second spot with 71 centuries and incumbent Indian captain, Virat Kohli is in the 3rd spot in terms of the overall highest number of centuries. Interestingly, Sachin has scored 100 centuries in his 24-year cricket career, while Ricky Ponting has scored 71 centuries in 17 years and Virat Kohli has scored 69 centuries in only 11 years career.

Only player to take 400 wickets and score 5000 runs

Kapil Dev is the first and only player in Test history to complete the double of 5,000 runs and 400 wickets, achieving the feat during a Test match against England on February 12, 1993. Dev, who was the first Indian to take 400 Test wickets, reached the milestone against Australia in 1992 and completed 5,000 runs during the Chennai Test. Instilling him in the Indian Cricketers Records.

Took his 1st wicket without balling a legal delivery

In 2011, against England, Virat Kohli became the only bowler in the world who got a player out before bowling a valid ball in T20 International cricket. That is, he got a wicket on the ball which the umpire did not consider valid, settling with a spot in Indian Cricketers Records.

Six consecutive sixes in a single over

Yuvraj Singh holds the world record of hitting six consecutive sixes in a single over against England’s fast bowler Stuart Broad and is remembered and celebrated even to this day making it to our list of Indian Cricketers Records.

Highest number of bowled dismissals for a batsman

With great numbers comes great dismissals. Rahul Dravid takes this record home, getting bowled in a total of 55 times throughout his career. This set him to a bowled percentage of around 20%, earning this spot in Indian Cricketers Records.

Three double hundred in ODI

Rohit Sharma has scored two double hundreds against Sri Lanka and one against Australia in ODIs. The right-handed batsman is the only cricketer in Indian Cricketers Records to smash three double hundred in ODI history. Legendary batter Sachin Tendulkar was the first cricketer to score a double hundred in ODI cricket

Played 21 matches and India won in all of them

Cricket is not just about numbers and stats; luck and chance play a major factor in this game too. And talk about luck, we think of an instance where Rajesh Chauhan played a total of 21 test matches in his career for India and India won all of them. Safe to say Rajesh has been a lucky charm.

100 international centuries and 34357 runs

Sachin Tendulkar etched his name in stone when he transformed the game and made a significant contribution to the world of cricket. In his career, Sachin has scored 100 international centuries and made 34357 runs in total. These numbers prove that there’s no doubt that Sachin is the complete athlete to have ever played the game of Cricket on this planet and rightly titled the God of Cricket!

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