Mohammed Shami: The ‘New Zeal’ of Indian Cricket!

Image Credits: DNA

Born in Sahaspur Village in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, Mohammed Shami came across as an embodiment of cricket first by his father. His father, Tousif Ali took up the role of being the initiator of his cricket career. After a few crucial years in Uttar Pradesh, he was sent to Kolkata by his coach and this became the starting point of his career.

Shami’s ODI debut threw light on his grit and talent. He bowled more than four maiden overs on his debut. He practically exploded all over his Test debut in two-match series against West Indies by taking down 11 wickets at an average of 16.54!

Nothing is predictable in the world of cricket and life! Shami played during the World Cup with a knee injury and a road accident became temporary obstacles in his journey. However, he never found himself bogged down by the hindrances he faced and rose back like the Phoenix! It came as a pleasant surprise for the world when he recovered back and joined with all the vigour.

Shami played a crucial role in the recent series against Australia and New Zealand, sweeping the ground off their feet! He took down five wickets across three ODIs against Australia at an average of 30.20. During the New Zealand Tour, he had a nine-wicket haul across four matches at an average of 15.33!

According to cricket writer, Chetan Narula, he has the ability to move the ball both ways, utilizing reverse swing and have a peek-a-boo moment with the batsmen with a bouncer.

Apart from taking the onus from Jasprit Bumrah and adding value to Team India, Shami received praises vehemently. Team India’s Coach, Ravi Shastri said that he has been a “stand out” player for the team over the past five months.

Shami’s career trajectory is inspiring and motivational for every child who aspires to become a professional player. From travelling 22 kilometres from his house to train and then moving to Kolkata to enter the national level cricket circuit, it has indeed been phenomenal. He is now deservingly winning awards such as Man of the Match and a Player of the Series! A specimen of a true-blue Indian, increasing the zeal and making the country proud!