Player to Hit Most Hundreds in T20 World Cup

Most Hundreds in T20 World Cup

Since the initiation of the ICC T20 World Cup in the year 2007, a lot of batsmen have been able to successfully record three-figure runs in their career T20I and T20 World Cup career. West Indies batsman Chris Gayle was the first person to reach the century mark in Johannesburg in 2007.

It took him 10 sixes and 7 boundaries to reach the three-figure mark in the first T20 World Cup. He scored 117 runs off just 57 balls in this match. So far, a total of nine centuries have been recorded in seven ICC T20 World Cups with Chris Gayle scoring two centuries alone. 

Another star-studded batsman of this limited overs format is Brendon McCullum. In the 2012 edition of the ICC T20 World Cup, Brendon scored 123 runs off 58 balls against Bangladesh and is currently holding the record for the highest individual scorer.

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List of Players that Hit Most Hundreds in T20 World Cup

Name of the player Country 100s Matches Strike Rate Average Runs
Chris Gayle West Indies 2 28 146.73 40 920
Suresh Raina India 1 26 130.17 25.16 453
Mahela Jayawardene Sri Lanka 1 31 134.74 39.07 1016
Brendon McCullum New Zealand 1 25 128.42 28.95 637
Alex Hales England 1 14 134.84 27.38 356
Ahmed Shehzad Pakistan 1 9 126.9 31.25 250
Tamim Iqbal Bangladesh 1 23 113.46 24.47 514


Chris Gayle

Chirs Gayle is one of the best batsmen T20 or limited overs format has ever seen. He is a left-hander Jamaican batsman who played his first senior match against England in the year 2000. Chirs Gayle is literally a giant in the Twenty20 format and specializes in hand-eye coordination with which he can send even the best deliveries to the boundary.

As mentioned earlier, he is the first batsman to smash a century in the ICC T20 World Cup and he also did it in the very first edition of the tournament (2007). The impact of Chris Gayle in the Twenty20 format is exceptional and no other batsmen have been able to come close to him. No wonder, the fast and furious World Cups have been extremely exciting due to his contribution to the game.

Suresh Raina

If there is someone who has represented India efficiently as the new-age Indian cricketer, then the name of that person is Suresh Raina. He is a left-arm all-rounder and the most athletic fielder the Indian team has ever seen. All the short balls directed at Raina are exploited mercilessly.

Right from the under-19 level, Suresh Raina was a prodigious all-rounder. Later on, he became a limited overs specialist with a special contribution to Twenty20 cricket. Furthermore, Raina is the only Indian batsman who has scored a century in ICC T20 World Cup.

In the 2010 edition of the ICC T20 World Cup Raina scored 101 runs off 60 balls against South Africa. India was able to win this match by 14 runs. In the ICC T20 World Cup, Raina scored a total of 453 runs with a 130.17 strike rate.

Mahela Jayawardene

Mahela Jayawardene is one of the most classy and prolific batsmen Sri Lanka has ever produced. He has captained Sri Lanka on many occasions including a World Cup final. While playing a match against Zimbabwe, Jayawardene his finest T20 century in the ICC T20 World Cup 2010. He scored 100 off 64 balls and also won the player of the match.

In this T20 World Cup match, Sri Lanka won against Zimbabwe by 14 runs. Mahela Jayawardene also has 1016 runs in total which he scored by playing 31 World Cup matches. The strike rate of Jayawardene is 134.74.

Brendon McCullum

If we are describing the batting of Brendon McCullum, then we would have to use words like brilliant, vicious and brazen. McCullum has been a wicketkeeper-batter for New Zealand and has batted in multiple orders. Additionally, he is the second batsman to score a century in ICC T20 World Cup after Chris Gayle.

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2012, the fifth match was played between New Zealand and Bangladesh. In this game, McCullum scored 123 runs off 58 which also earned him the right to become the player of the match. New Zealand won the game by 59 runs.

Alex Hales

Although Alex Hales has been the center of attention for his conduct outside the cricket world, he is also on the list of players who have scored centuries in the ICC T20 World Cup. Hsles is the first and only player from England to score a century in this tournament.

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2014 edition, Alex Hales scored a prolific 116 runs (not out) off just 64 balls. England won this game beating Sri Lanka by 6 wickets and 4 balls remaining. 

Ahmed Shehzad

With the arrival of Ahmed Shehzad, plenty of fans and critics thought that Pakistan’s search for a long-term opener was over. He is also regarded as the first T20I century-maker of Pakistan. In an ICC T20 World Cup against Bangladesh, Ahmed Shehzad scored an unbeaten 111 runs off 62 balls and Pakistan won this game by 50 runs.

Tamim Iqbal

Tamim Iqbal is one of the finest batsmen Bangladesh has ever produced. He was already at a prodigious level when he scored 112 from just 71 balls in an Under-19s match against England. Iqbal is also the only batsman from Bangladesh who has scored a century in ICC T20 World Cup. 

In 2016, Tamim Iqbal played a T20 World Cup match against Oman where he scored an unbeaten 103 runs off 63 balls.  

The next edition of the ICC T20 World Cup is already knocking at our door. ICC T20 World Cup 2022 is going to start on the 16th of October, 2022 and 16 teams are participating in this tournament including new entrants such as Namibia and the United Arab Emirates.  

With a 1.6 million prize money guaranteed for those who lift the trophy and half the amount for the runner ups, the stakes are high and fans can expect an absolute thriller for a month!