All Things Good This January With BalleBaazi’s FreeRolls

All Things Good This January With BalleBaazi’s FreeRolls

Ballebaazi is every cricket fantasy player’s dream come true. Ballebaazi will be completing a year of functioning and having the best customer service this January. You can also win & enjoy many amazing leagues & contests.

The newest and also pretty exciting addition is the FreeRolls. What is FreeRoll is you ask, FreeRolls are where you have to deposit no money yet you stand a chance to earn!! The FreeRolls on Ballebaazi is a new exciting way to play and also earn a lot of cash. There are different kinds of FreeRolls up for grabs. The following are the freerolls.

The 1K FreeRoll, which will be held daily, is where you play without depositing any amount and rank 1 to rank 20 will earn INR 50 in their accounts.

The 5K FreeRoll will be held weekly and INR 50 to be won by ranks 1 to 100. 10K FreeRoll will be held monthly and the ranks 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will get INR 500, 250 and 150 respectively. The ranks 4 to 185 will get INR 50 each!! So much to win and nothing to lose! Not signing up would be a mistake, you do not want to commit!!!

The cherry on the cake is the 20K depositor’s FreeRoll which will also happen monthly, to be eligible all you have to do is to have made a deposit once two months prior to the contest.

Ballebaazi has been revolutionary in the way it has reached out to its players. The introduction of Batting Fantasy and Bowling Fantasy has been it’s biggest achievement.

In its entirety, Ballebaazi has sky-rocketed to where it is in under a year.

Do not wait & join the upcoming FreeRoll now! Click here to join!