Making more money is easier on BalleBaazi!

Making more money is easier on BalleBaazi!

Ballebaazi has yet another exciting league format on hand for all the fantasy cricket players. The new Double-up, Triple-up and Quads! These leagues help the players to get much more than their deposit amounts.

The Double-up allows the players to get 4 times the real cash applied by them. For instance, if you have an entry fee of INR 50; INR 25 will be applied from real cash and INR 25 from the bonus. The INR 25 real cash becomes 4 times & it becomes INR 100. Imagine that! The amount only becomes bigger!!

Triple up is where the players get 6 times the real cash put in by them. Imagine you put in INR 100 and the real cash is INR 50 and INR 50 is bonus. The real cash INR 50 becomes INR 300 and that is 6 times the actual amount.

The same applies in the quad concept, you get back 8 times the real cash. These are amazing ways to build your money and also get back more in less amounts. Your playing should not have to stop. Online fantasy gaming is a growing space. It helps people use their mental, mathematical and also logical reasoning skills for getting the best teams. These help people in keeping in touch with their own hobbies and also help in helping sharpen their brains.

BalleBaazi is your one-stop shop for all things fantasy cricket. With batting and bowling fantasies, which are relatively new and unique, the player has some exciting ways of interpreting a team. The need for fantasy gaming is big because it also helps a lot people earn some real money with very minimal investment.

Visit today to know what more can you do to feed and enjoy your passion for cricket.