Fantasy Formats on BalleBaazi

BB Fantasy Cricket App offering classic fantasy, bowling fantasy, batting fantasy, reverse fantasy and Innings Fantasy

BalleBaazi offers its Baazigars several different fantasies that the Baazigar can enjoy. Ballebaazi offers classic fantasy, bowling fantasy, batting fantasy, and reverse fantasy, and Innings Fantasy. All the formats are different from each other and offer exciting matches. Let us learn more about these fantasy formats. 

BalleBaazi allows the user to make 25 teams per match

There are major 4 cricket fantasy that BalleBaazi offers:


A classic fantasy cricket team is a near match of a real-life cricket team. One significant distinction is that, unlike the latter, you may choose players from both playing sides. This is a simple form of online cricket fantasy game. 

  • Make a team of 11 players
  • Select 1 to 4 wicket-keepers
  • 1 to 6 batters
  • 1 to 6 All-Rounders
  • 1 to 6 Bowlers


This BB cricket fantasy game type is ideal for gamers who wish to play the game with only the top batters. This game type entails forming teams of five of each team’s best batters. The emphasis is on assembling a well-balanced team that can withstand pressure and consistently performs well.

  • Select 1 to 5 players


This cricket fantasy game style is ideal for individuals who are confident in their bowling squad’s ability to take them to the top. This game type entails forming fantasy league squads with the best bowlers from each club. At least one strike bowler in top form should always be present.

  • Select 1 to 5 players except for Wicket Keepers


In Reverse fantasy, the team with the least fantasy score will be the winner. If you choose a non-playing player, you will get the fantasy points of the player who scores the maximum fantasy points from the team.

  • Make a team of 11 players
  • Choose 1-4 Wicket Keepers
  • 1-6 Batsmen
  • 1-6 All Rounders
  • 1-6 Bowlers
  • Use up to 100 Credits to create a team
  • Maximum of 7 players from one team


Innings Fantasy is a unique idea in fantasy sports, where BalleBaazi 2nd innings allows you to form your teams after the first innings has been completed in any type of cricket matches, including one-day, test, and T20 cricket matches. 

  • Choose ongoing match
  • Tap on the Innings Fantasy tab
  • Make your team
  • Selection criteria:

 -> Choose 1-6 players from different categories

-> Max 10 players from one team

  •  Choose Captain & Vice-Captain
  • And now you are ready to go

Go and download the BalleBaazi app and enjoy these Fantasy formats!!!!