How to Earn Money Online on BalleBaazi

How to Earn Money Online on BalleBaazi App

From online lottery to stuffing envelopes at home, there are lots of popular get-rich-quick money-making ideas that always pop up. Do they work? Not really. Will you make money doing it? Maybe. But you’d probably make more money from your 9-to-5 job. At least then it’s a guaranteed paycheck.

The truth is there are many ways to make money online —millions of people are doing it each day. From freelance digital nomads to savvy marketers to rising entrepreneurs, there are plenty of business ideas you can try at home using your laptop or a mobile device and a solid internet connection. One such way to make money online which is fast gaining popularity among a wide community in India and is a side hustle for many today: “Fantasy Game”.

So, let’s break down how you can use the power of information to your advantage and earn money online.

How Can I Make Money Online on BalleBaazi?

Earning money on apps such as BalleBaazi has become easier owing to the vast amount of knowledge meted out by different players from across the country. Users can earn money online via BalleBaazi through research and analytical ability to read a team and to be able to build them. By building a strong team on the BalleBaazi app, you’ll be able to strengthen your squad and make sure your players are getting you the points you need to accumulate towards winning the game.

Your journey starts by signing up on our website and validating a profile. After a quick research and analysis, you can create your team and start entering various tournaments and challenges that are available to you. These tournaments come in different shapes and sizes. Each has its criteria and payout values associated to them. The probability of your winning increases with the number of tournaments you take part in.

In this regard, registering your account is important so we can send your winnings to your account which you can withdraw to your favorite bank or wallet anytime, free of charge. Now it’s that simple to earn money online from the comfort of your home, office, bathroom, metro, and anywhere else you can think of.

Here are a few ways to earn money online on BalleBaazi.

Fantasy Games

BalleBaazi is home to a comprehensive online gaming experience comprising several online fantasy leagues, monthly promotions, a fantasy game points system, referral bonuses, top rewards and monthly leaderboards. Get in the act with a better show of your skills and passion for the sport that you love the most. Be it Fantasy Cricket for all you diehard cricket fans, Fantasy Kabaddi for some of the contact sports enthusiasts, or Fantasy Football for league fans – BalleBaazi has something for everyone.

It all starts with picking the playing XI. Choose the best players to build your team. Paying special attention to your captain and vice-captain will help you as they give you more points. BalleBaazi offers a plethora of data – Stats, Figures, Records, Match info and more, to formulate your strategy based on your analysis of the game. Your fantasy game team will score points on the leaderboard based on the performance of the players of your fantasy team in the actual match and earn money on the fly. 

Card Games

While you sit back, relax and wait for your players to perform and earn money for you, Ballebaazi gives you a chance to become a player yourself and dominate the leaderboards. BalleBaazi is host to a selection of assorted games that are sure to enhance your online gaming experience. Games like Poker, Rummy, Call Break and Dehla Pakad come packed with tons of new features, fun elements and cash prizes that will definitely give you a run for your money.

To participate in these card games through the Ballebaazi app all you have to do is sign-up and login, select your favourite arcade game, join a running or upcoming game, raise the stakes, outwit your opponent and viola! You have won your first hand. Now full disclosure, it might not be as easy as it sounds, but after a couple of tutorials offered in the app and some practice games, we’re sure you can definitely make bank at our tables.


With a minimum buy-in as low as INR 10 and 8 million players playing with us, you’re sure to find a Poker game that fits your bill. BB Poker offers 2 main game types: Texas Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha. Players can choose from Cash games, tournaments and Sit & Go depending on the time and focus they want to dedicate to the game.


With 3 tables per day, you can enjoy the fun game of Rummy on Ballebaazi during the afternoons, over an evening tea, or while working that graveyard shift. Join cash games with minimum buy-ins or private tables where the stakes are high. Not sure about any? You can join a practice game to sharpen your skills and dominate the leaderboards today.

Call Break

It’s not necessary to be numero uno to win cash, Call Break gives you an opportunity to win real cash even if you rank 2nd. Only 4 individuals can play a game at the same time. The number of rounds can vary from 2-5 and entirely depends on the stake of the table you choose to play on. Higher the stakes, higher the number of rounds.

Dehla Pakad

Dehla Pakad is a four-player game played in partnerships. The card game is similar to Whist. The goal of the game is to win kots by catching a maximum number of 10’s.  The origin of the game is believed to be from Iran, India, and Pakistan. The game bears many names, such as Court Piece (Coat Peace), Pees, T’rup Chaal, Troefcall, Hokm (Hok), Chakri (Chokri) and Rung (Rang).


Humans have always loved prophecies, foretelling and predicting the future. For eg, Michel de Nostredame published Les Prophéties in 1555, allegedly predicting future events, some of which are quite accurate or the Mayan prediction of the end of the world in 2012, which might be off by a huge margin.

While we can’t predict the future of world and its events, we give you an opportunity to make yours in the world of sports. BalleBaazi Predictor is a segment where you can make your predictions on various League matches and cast your votes on polls and win cash rewards.

The BalleBaazi Predictor lets you participate in matches from Cricket, Tennis, Football and Kabaddi. It comprises of simple yes or no questions that a user can select based on their knowledge and analysis of the game. The ranks/winners are decided on the basis of how close your prediction is to the actual result. Players are allowed to make multiple predictions, provided each prediction is unique and not repetitive. The number of entries allowed will be defined on the question card.

Still searching “how to earn money online?” Head over to BalleBaazi and discover a host of games, that lets you use your skills and rake in all the prizes. Step up your game and enjoy the best gaming experience at BalleBaazi today.