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Card games are one of the best therapies to boredom, feeling rusty or just having a bad day. You may have had a taxing day, you need to chill out, you haven’t been having much fun lately, you look for options. Your brain feels rusty doing the same set of activities, you need stimulation. What could be a healthy option to settle these mixed emotions? How about online card games?

Believe it or not, choosing to play online card games is one of the best choices you can make to not just give yourself a break but also get socially involved with a new set of people, learn new skills and keep your neurons on fire!

And things get even better today. You can play free card games, especially the most popular card games online and get to make some extra load of cash when you play well, so it's a win win anyhow! This page is dedicated to those of you who haven’t spent a lot of time playing online card games but are curious about them and wish to know what’s out there.

From free card games as well as those you can play for real money, the best card games are in here.

Know A Little Before You Play Card Games

This question has too many answers. The fact is there are thousands of free card games out there, and the first one of all, dates back all the way back to the 9th century to a leaf game played by then Princess Tongchang in 868 with the members of the Wei Clan. The first record book, Yezi Gexi, on playing card games was written by a Tang-era woman and that was discussed by Chinese writers of the following dynasties.

For the earliest attempts to play card games, ancient Chinese dynasties came up with four suits that had coins, string of coins and myriads of strings and of coins. The 11th century of the best card games saw domino cards being printed during the Tang Dynasty. Card games reached Europe in the late 14th century perhaps from Mamluk Egypt. The suits of those playing cards were similar to the tarot suits of Staves, Swords, Coins and Cups.

Online Card Game Rules

The crux of the matter being that the journey of the best card games have crossed centuries, so it is natural that playing cards came up with thousands of card games that include the likes of online card games too. The rules of popular card games of all kinds vary from game to game. There are shedding based free card games that require players to shed all their cards first among all to be the winner.

One of the most popular card game types are trick taking card games where you must collect a maximum number of hands to win the game.

Then, other popular card games include rules that require you to score the highest or the lowest number of points to become the winner. When you play card games that have been with us for a while now, you’ll see that as per the standard rules of the game, there is a dealer, the players and a standard deck of 52 French playing cards. The dealer shuffles the deck, asks another player to cut the cards and then, distributes the cards to all players in the game.

Here are some of the key rules to follow when you play online card games:

  1. In live games, there’s a dealer who shuffles the deck and deals the cards to the players. In online card games, this process is automated and reduces the amount of time and lets you play online card games without much delay.
  2. When you play card games with your friends at home, you need a pen and paper to keep track of scores. When you play online card games, scoring accumulated points by players is automated in the apps.
  3. The general rules of popular online card games include assigning points to every card of each suit. The common values carried by cards of each suit are typically face values assigned to the numbered cards. Cards numbered 2 to 10 carry 2 to 10 points each and face cards typically carry 10 points each. These values may change if you choose to play card games of other variations.

Types of Online Card Games

Shedding card games

When you play card games of this type, players play hands and shed their cards. The 1st player to shed all his cards wins these free card games. Popular card games include UNO, President and Crazy Eights.

Trick Taking card games

Trick taking games are the best card games you can have fun playing with your friends! Players need to collect a maximum number of tricks that are hands played in each round to win in these online card games. Popular card games are Call Break, Dehla Pakad, and Hearts.

Matching or Melding games

When you play card games of melding type, like shedding games, you need to match a certain type of cards before your opponent does and discard them before your opponent does.

Patience games

Also known as Solitaire, Patience online card games include are mostly single player. Here, you need to make card sequences of each suit in either ascending or descending order. You must create tableaus of these card sequences and discard them all to the foundation pile in order to win when you play card games of Patience.

Examples of free card games of Patience or Solitaire include: Spider, Klondike, Freecell and Pyramid games.

Vying games

Vying card games refer to those where players compete to have a superior hand than his opponent’s based on standard hand rankings. Players aim to make the strongest hand combination that ends in a showdown. Popular card games of this kind include skill-based online card games like Poker and a few gambling games as well. The fun part is that you can play online card games of Poker today and earn money online.

Banking games

Popular card games of banking type are typically played between the dealer (banker) and the player. The goal of banking card games is to have either an equally valuable hand like that of the dealer or have a better hand than this. The dealer represents the house or the casino here.

The best card games of banking kind are Blackjack and Baccarat and are purely based on luck.

Staking Card Games

When you play online card games of the staking type, you are betting your stakes purely on luck most of the time. That’s because you bet your stakes on the chances of turning up or hitting a certain card on the table.

Let’s Play Online Card Games to Earn Real Money Online

Now, if you love to play card games, why not just earn money with them? It's a great move if you choose to do so because in the changing times today, online card gaming apps have upped the ante for avid players. You can ditch the hunt for live rooms or the best possible occasion to get your friends together to play card games you really like. Online card games literally run round the clock, so no matter the time, place or occasion, you can always steal time and play card games of your choosing on your terms and join the online community of players and battle it out!

We got an option for you today and the best one at that.

Play Online Card Games on BalleBaazi

All this time, you must have known BalleBaazi for the best assortment of fantasy sports leagues and matches. Well, we bring you much more today. BalleBaazi acknowledges the increasing vigour and love for online card games amongst Indian players and introduces the best card games that can help you win real money.

Now, on our platform, fantasy players can play online card games too. You can play free card games and cash card games and top the leaderboards and win real money. Curious about the kind of games we got in our kitty?

  1. Community Card games

    Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker

  2. Trick Taking card games

    Dehla Pakad, Call Break, 29 Card Game

  3. Melding card games

    Pool Rummy, Points Rummy and Deals Rummy

If you are an absolute beginner, kick off with free card games on the BalleBaazi app and sharpen your skills by playing with real players in real time. When you see your rank improving on the game leaderboards, that means you are acquiring the skills to win these card games. This is the time when you can dial it up and test your skills in the live battlefield and play card games with experienced players to earn real money online in real time.

Benefits You Get When You Play Online Card Games on BalleBaazi

If you are wondering why you should choose to play card games online on BalleBaazi, here are a few reasons you should prefer us over the crowd.

  1. 100% legit, safe and secure app
  2. We strictly adhere to Responsible Gaming protocols to keep obsession at bay
  3. We offer a complete assortment of online card games in a single app
  4. Enjoy free card games to learn and the best card games to earn
  5. RNG certified app to execute fair play
  6. Best Refer and Earn Bonus program
  7. Invite your friends over, earn bonus and double the fun
  8. Best Loyalty Rewards on cash games
  9. 80lak+users and +400Crore winnings distributed, join the party!

Download BalleBaazi app to Play Card Games & Win Money

To get the BalleBaazi app on the device of your choice and play online card games, simply visit our official website, Then follow these steps in the mentioned order.

  • To get the app link, enter the 10 digit phone number on the white space bar
  • When you get the app link, click on it to install the app
  • When download is complete, enter your phone number to sign up with a free account
  • Log in with your credentials, and pick any online card game
  • Make a quick deposit on your BalleBaazi account if you wish to play for stakes
  • When the money reflects in your app, pick a game as per the stakes you like
  • Play card games round the clock to win real money!

Card Games FAQ

You can play card games of various kinds on the BalleBaazi app. Play community card games such as Hold’em Poker and Omaha Poker or melding card games such as 13 card Rummy and also play online card games of trick taking kind like Call Break and Dehla Pakad. Download the BalleBaazi app and play card games for stakes to win real money daily.

The free card games you can play online include vying card games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker. Play the best card games such as Dehla Pakad and Call Break for free with your friends and earn real money.

The best card games can be not just one but too many. They especially include the ones that can earn you plenty of money if you have the skills for it. Some of the best card games could be as per our judgment include: Texas Hold’em Poker, Omaha Poker, 13 Card Rummy and Call Break.

The most common free card games that you can play online are Texas Holde’m poker, Omaha Poker, Solitaire, Call Break and Indian Rummy. You can play card games online, all the ones mentioned above, on the BalleBaazi app with your friends and win real money.

Simply send the invite code to your friends. Let them install the app on their smartphones and sign up with a free account. When they deposit a minimum amount, both of you can go to the lobby, pick your favourite online card games and play live battles to win real money.


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