La’eeb to be Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot

La’eeb to be Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot

FIFA World Cup Mascots have always been a great source of entertainment, inspiration and celebration for fans over the decades. The FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot follows in the footsteps of Zabivaka (2018), Fuleco (2014), and Zakumi (2010) who have etched their image in the minds of millions.

With Qatar hosting the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East, we are about to witness the birth of a new representative, La’eeb, FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot. Qatar officially unveiled the FIFA Football World cup 2022 Mascot on the night of the draw for the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Doha, Qatar. With qualified countries getting to know their group and opponents during the group stage, besides the draw, the event saw the release of the Qatar 2022 official songs.

Here’s everything you need to know about the FIFA World Cup 2022 mascot.

The term, La’eeb is derived from the Arabic language and translates to a super-skilled player. What at first glance has the appearance of a ghutra and agal, a cloth headdress worn in Qatar and other Arab states, the FIFA World cup 2022 mascot is not meant to have a fixed anthropomorphic identity, according to the marketing team that created it.

“We are delighted to officially unveil La’eeb, FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot for the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East and Arab world,” announced Khalid Ali Al Mawlawi, FIFA’s deputy director general of marketing, communications and tournament experience.

“We are sure fans everywhere will love this fun and playful character.”

He further adds “La’eeb, FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot, will play a vital role as we engage fans young and old in Qatar’s FIFA World Cup 2022 experience.”

As the Metaverse and NFTs continue to grab attention and value amongst the millennials and Genz, to keep up with all the excitement, it was declared that the character comes from “Mascot-verse”, where tournament mascots happen to live.

“The courageous and uplifting La’eeb, FIFA World Cup 2022 Mascot, has attended every previous FIFA World Cup tournament and has contributed to some of the most famous moments in football history, including a number of iconic goals. La’eeb will be known for his youthful spirit, spreading joy and confidence everywhere he goes. La’eeb comes from a parallel world where tournament mascots live. It is a world where ideas and creativity form the basis of characters that live in the minds of everyone,” FIFA stated.

The unveiling happened before the FIFA World Cup 2022 draw with an animated video narrating the story to the crowd in millions watching from around the world. La’eeb was shown flying and soaring in the air as part of the video explaining its origin and how it came to merge with the world of football including a quirky peek into the auditions.

Khalid Ali Al Mawlawi, Deputy Director-General, Marketing, Communications and Tournament Experience, said that La’eeb will play a vital role as we engage fans young and old in Qatar’s FIFA World Cup experience.

According to the FIFA website, in Arabic, the name La’eeb means super-skilled player. The FIFA World Cup 2022 mascot belongs to a parallel mascot verse that is indescribable – everyone is invited to interpret what it looks like. La’eeb encourages everyone to believe in themselves as ‘Now is Alland vouches to spread the joy of football to everyone.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial international men’s football championship contested by the national teams of FIFA member countries. This year, the mega event will be held in Qatar from November 21st to December 18th, 2022. This shall be the first World Cup held in the Arab world, and the second World Cup staged entirely in Asia, following the 2002 tournament in South Korea and Japan.

La’eeb is set to feature heavily at the FIFA World Cup 2022,”welcoming the world, inspiring fans and cheering the action during the tournament” according to FIFA. Fans of the sport can expect the FIFA World cup 2022 Mascot soon to be unleashed in the coming weeks and months across a variety of platforms via downloadable stickers, GIFs, screensavers and filters.

About FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Final Draw

GROUP A Qatar (hosts), Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands
GROUP B England, Iran, United States, Euro Play-off
GROUP C Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland
GROUP D France, IC Play-off 1, Denmark, Tunisia
GROUP E Spain, IC Play off 2, Germany, Japan
GROUP F Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia
GROUP G Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon
GROUP H Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea


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