Why Fantasy Cricket is So Popular?

Why Fantasy Cricket is So Popular

Being able to recreate sports teams and enjoy what it feels to be on the ground during a real game is something that every sports fan wishes for. This is a fantasy that has been made possible by the emergence of ‘Fantasy Sport’. Fantasy Cricket in India is hugely credited to the exponential popularity of modern cricket. The adaptation of the sport in the virtual realm has taken the country by storm and has further expanded the fan-following of IPL. Cricket, in India, is more than just a sport. It is a religion, a part of our culture, where players become gods and fans become worshippers.

India is witnessing the rise in participation of users and followers of fantasy cricket every year. About 67% of the 18 crore cricket fans in India are familiar with the concept of fantasy cricket. The growth rates of 30%-50% per year indicate that fantasy cricket platforms are going nowhere.

FICCI-EY report said the online gaming segment was worth Rs 6,500 crore in 2019 and it would touch Rs 18,700 crore in 2022. The IPL fantasy league in itself will be worth $1 billion, says KPMG.

If you are pondering about how to get involved in the virtual sport and what’s in it for you, we shall look at a few reasons why fantasy cricket has become so popular over the years.

Exceptional entertainment value

We can all agree that cricket is a super fun and highly indulging game. Modern cricket has the ability to immerse fans in its unique gameplay and exciting formats. Diehard fans even sit out through the 5 days of a test match. Therefore, with fantasy cricket, you have the ability to participate in gruelling matches and stay invested in the game 24*7. that’s non-stop entertainment in your hands.

Stabilizes Mood

Gaming, in general, can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Playing your favourite games with your friends help foster feelings of social connection, a sense of achievement, and emotional regulation, among other benefits. When done in the right balance, fantasy cricket can have a wonderful effect on your mental health.

Sharpens the mind

Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and may strengthen a range of cognitive skills such as spatial navigation, reasoning, memory and perception, according to several studies. The constant analysis of stats and figures keeps your brain working and sharpens your skill-set which may affect your general awareness and productivity in daily life.

Knowledge is the key to success

For a total beginner, this is an opportunity to learn a lot about one of the most played games en masse in India, if not the world – Cricket. Fantasy cricket is also a platform for the newbies and Pros alike to bring on their A-game. Fantasy cricket is a game of skill and every decision needs to be calculated and well thought of in advance on the basis of a user’s homework in the sport and sense of perception.

Apna sapna money money

Let’s not forget that fantasy cricket credits its core popularity to the fact that everyone has a chance to win huge rewards and incrementally increase their earnings. On the BalleBaazi app, you get to play practice games as a new user and then, step up to explore a variety of cash games and league contests. Since the major efforts are your time and skills, the initial monetary investment is very less compared to the amount of rewards you win in the long run.

To summarise, Fantasy cricket is a form of entertainment where fans gather together to compete against one another creating virtual teams of real players, teams by applying strategies of a real sports league.

Fantasy cricket is a variation of a fantasy sport where instead of using real-world players, you instead use players from a fictional cricket league. The rules and format of fantasy cricket are similar to traditional cricket but with an additional set of fantasy rules and points system. The best  part is, instead of playing on the field, you compete from the comfort of your home. This form of virtual cricket is available to everyone because even if you don’t have access to a cricket pitch, owning a team was never this easy.

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