BalleBaazi 2.0: The Latest Rage in Fantasy Cricket is Here!


You know, someone very intelligently once quoted: “Change is the only constant.” Must have been a very wise man we reckon and so the all-excited #BBCrew decided to inculcate this philosophy in fantasy sports.

As you already know, we keep listening to your feedback and make important notes on the most important concerns making sure that our ‘delivery’ is on point. So, you came up with certain valuable suggestions over the course of time & after multiple brainstorming sessions, the #BBCrew has come up with an out of the box, enhanced and an ‘Oh my God, What?’ version of your most loved BalleBaazi App.

Yes, you heard that right. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you with BalleBaazi 2.0, the online fantasy sports platform which has got the latest, the best and is the one-stop solution to all your gaming concerns. Oh, and did we mention the best fantasy gaming experience?

Well, let’s just put it in a simpler fashion as to what you asked us to offer & how we read the conditions and put our best squad on the pitch to play it the high way:

Faster Login with OTP

India might want to know a lot, but we just need your OTP!

We understand that the age-old method of signing up/logging in was a bit too tedious. Like, username, password, facebook id, gmail id, password, mobile number, otp and by the time you’re in, our beloved deadline makes it’s presence felt and builds the pressure on the players. The sooner, the better and that is why after listening to your concern we came up with the user just putting in their mobile number, verifying the OTP and bam! Make your teams and let the deadline-jitters go for a ‘toss’.

New Team Preview

Don’t worry about the 30-yard circle, though!

Yeah, we understand how can you play cricket without a stadium/ground/gully? To make fantasy cricket all the more real and exciting, we have come up with our all-new team preview to give you a better feel of the position of each player you choose in your playing 11. The UI has been made after receiving multiple feedbacks from your end and thus we decided to put it to work and… Your wish, as always, is our command!

Cleaner and Smoother Look & Feel

Hain Na? Bole Toh Makkhan!

After reading multiple comments, going through surveys, and of course our own water cooler conversations, we thought to put this one right in the blockhole and damn, have we nailed it! Well, that’s for you to decide as we present to you a fresh, better-looking user interface to soothe your eyes as you concentrate on the screen thinking hard on the game strategy.

More & Diverse Leagues

Match Ek, Leagues Anek!

“Leagues Badhao, Leagues Badhao!” is what you said and thus here we are with a far more diversified structure of leagues so it’s our turn to tell you “Aur Khelo, Aur Jeeto!” That’s right, one match and multiple stadiums, that’s one thing you can’t do in real cricket but fantasy cricket gives you that feel. Also, a handsome chance to win real cash across formats.

We hope and believe that you will continue to shower your love and affection for BalleBaazi as you have always, and help us in making it better by giving your valuable feedback on Hang on for more breathtaking updates, who knows we might just do something more than cricket <winks>. Also, let us know in the comments below as to which enhancement is your favorite?

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