Have You Tried All Fantasy Cricket Formats on BalleBaazi Yet?

Fantasy Cricket Formats
Have You Tried All Fantasy Cricket Formats on BalleBaazi Yet?

The Indian T20 season is roaring already and on BalleBaazi, our fantasy cricket enthusiasts or Baazigars as we lovingly call them, have been absolutely loving it this season. Fantasy cricket was never so much fun with new features and offers coming up daily on your favorite fantasy cricket app: BalleBaazi. The BB Crew has changed many things along with the user experience on BalleBaazi for our esteemed users so that they can get the most out of this Indian T20 season.

One of our biggest features has been multiple fantasy formats to play fantasy cricket on BalleBaazi. It’s the same game that can be won in multiple ways: Wish to know how? Read on!

Classic Fantasy

The old-school method of making your fantasy teams by choosing your playing 11 has been the most authentic way of playing fantasy cricket on BalleBaazi, since its inception in January 2018. All these years, the performance has only been made better along with huge prize pools that act as a cherry on top. You can choose a maximum of 7 players from one team along with choosing your Captain & Vice-Captain.

Batting Fantasy

The only fantasy cricket app in the entire world where you get to make your team by choosing only & only 5 batsmen is your favorite fantasy cricket app: BalleBaazi. Make your teams now by choosing your favorite 5 batters and let them earn you fantasy points that in turn, will help you earn real cash in the process. For Batting Fantasy again, you have to choose 1 Captain & Vice-Captain.

Bowling Fantasy

Similar to the concept of Batting fantasy, Bowling Fantasy is a format where you get to choose 5 bowlers to form your team that can give you those important scalps in the game and help you bag real cash in the process. Choose your Captain & Vice Captain, join a contest and keep playing to keep winning, only on BalleBaazi.

Reverse Fantasy

In a world that is turning upside down, we decided to turn the game upside down. Make your team of the worst 11 players, choose your Captain(0.5x) & Vice Captain(0.25x) and join contests in reverse fantasy on BalleBaazi to bag loads of real cash daily. This is the Reverse fantasy format that wants you to lose in order to take  the big bucks home. So make your teams now only on BalleBaazi. 

Innings Fantasy

Even if you forget to make your teams in the 1st half, or you wish to play again in the 2nd innings, you can make your teams again before the 1st ball is bowled of the 2nd innings. Make your teams and be a part of the chase and especially during the Indian T20 season, chasing can be really thrilling with the kind of edge-of-the-seat nail biters we have around. Choose your Captain & Vice-Captain and make sure you earn double from a single game of fantasy cricket this Indian T20 season only on BalleBaazi.com.

The Indian T20 Season is back with #CricketMachao ft. Divyenndu on BalleBaazi. This time we have come up with new and exciting promos like never before. Winnings up to 50 crores, gadget leagues, daily exciting bonuses, there’s so much to play for! . So download the BalleBaazi app now and play the Indian T20 fantasy cricket season only on one of the best fantasy games app: BalleBaazi.

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