Fantasy Cricket Paathshala: How To Win a Grand League

Fantasy Cricket Paathshala
Fantasy Cricket Paathshala: How To Win a Grand League

How often do you play a grand league in your favorite upcoming matches and end up losing or winning marginally perhaps a little more than your buy-in amount? Fantasy cricket or fantasy sports, in general, has created a huge wave among sports enthusiasts over the country for numerous amount of years now and there are certain myths that are yet to be uncovered in this huge industry of online gaming. While skills can give you safety there’s an element of risk in every game that makes it fun and is usually the difference between a winner and a Champion!

Welcome to BalleBaazi Fantasy Cricket Paathshala, as we give you simple tips and tricks to ace your game in the Grand Leagues contests:

  • Choose a Single and Simple Research Tool

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    Too many fantasy cricket gamers search for the right medium or tool to get their analysis perfect before the game. So if your question is where to get your tips and tricks from, well we have a very simple suggestion. Doing your own research over following a random YouTube influencer is any day a better tip but if you are willing to not spend enough time then simply go for FanBlaze YT channel and application that’ll do the job on your behalf.
    Some self-learning simple tools include howstat & statsguru where you can make your desired combinations like head to head, player vs player, players vs venue queries, and get the minutest detail elements.

  • For Match-Ups, Consider the Last 5 Games

    Image Credits: Latestly

    Whether it is taking the current player form into consideration or head-to-head match-ups between teams or individual players, always look at the past 5 encounters. These will help you choose more players from 1 team if there’s a clear domination of 4-1 or 5-0 or a balanced squad if it’s 3-2.
    Match-ups such as Wagner v/s Smith or Ashwin v/s left-handers in their previous 5 encounters will help you choose one of the two in order to avoid any redundancy within your playing 11.

  • The One Thing that Makes the Difference

    Image Credits: IndiaTV

    Specifically to grand leagues, it is very important to take the risk of choosing a combination of players that have a low selection percentage and selecting an uncommon captain. Why? You ask… simply because in a grand league, most players tend to choose the obvious combination that is in form and expected to perform. In that case, choosing an uncommon player and making him your Captain or Vice Captain gets you way past the huge competition that exists in these grand leagues.
    A classic example: In an RCB game, someone like Shahbaz Ahmed tends to be the dark horse with only 7.5 or 8 credits. An all-rounder like him can change the game with both bat & bowl as he once did in a game against Sunrisers Hyderabad where he picked back to back scalps to derail the opposition and win the player of the match award

  • Multiple Teams and Deposit Hack

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    There’s a reason the BB Crew consistently gives away deposit codes every month so that you get 100% value of your money when you join a grand league that’s worth 49/- bucks. In order to ace the grand league game, we advise you to make multiple teams: the more, the better! Make different combinations keeping the gameplay in mind and making different scenarios in your mind after the toss is won by one of the Captains.

    Here, the BalleBaazi deposit codes such as JULY20, JULY30 come into play in order to save you money and get you some extra bonus. The 100% bonus BalleBaazi codes get you bonus cash that helps you join leagues where the bonus is applicable. This not only helps you contest with multiple teams but also helps you save your cash.

  • Watch the Live Coverage over Highlights

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    We all have this habit of coming back from work, having our meal, and just before bed get a hang of what happened throughout the day. The 10-minute slot to this activity is religiously given to the ‘highlights’ (God bless the broadcasters!). While as engaging as it can be, highlights usually don’t show you the whole picture of the game. Majorly in a scenario where the ball is doing the talking in a test match.

    For instance, in an innings where Cheteshwar Pujara scores 77 (200), the highlights will show you the drives and cuts that he was able to pull off, whereas the ball that troubles him leaves him or reverses in where he struggles to block is usually missed out. If you see what troubles a batsman, you’ll be able to make a better selection the next time if the bowler he is uncomfortable with is in the opposition team.

A better example of this would be: James Anderson running in with the Dukes ball under overcast conditions: Does Pujara make it to the XI? Not really, it’s Jimmy after all!

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